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Terraria: Best Vanity Items, Ranked


Terraria Rabbit Perch Floret Protector Monokuma Vanity Set Clothing

Within Terraria, there are plenty of incredibly useful armor sets that can provide you with boosts to your defense, as well as different modes of attack or stealth. But something much more important than functional clothes is the vanity items that can be placed over the top, providing a chance to dress up and be unique.

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Vanity items can be acquired through purchase from NPCs, dropped by bosses or simply made using materials such as Silk, Thread and living animals. Most can also be dyed for further customization.


10 Gold Fish Bowl

Something you might consider placing on a table to brighten up your home, the Fish Bowl and the Gold Fish Bowl can also be popped onto your character’s head in the vanity slot, or the armor slot if you don’t mind slowly drowning. Have fun defeating the terrors of Terraria with a little fish buddy swimming around your head.

These can be made without a crafting station, so long as you have Bottled Water and a Gold Fish. These are very rare critters that can be caught with a Bug Net and will appear on a Lifeform Analyzer. There are also Pupfish Bowls and Lava Serpent Bowls, but neither of these can be fitted to your character.

9 Timeless TravelerTerraria Player Wearing Timeless Traveler Vanity Set At Night

This is one of many vanity sets came to being through the Journey’s End Vanity Contest, where you’re encouraged to design and submit your own clothing ideas for the game. The Timeless Traveler set is made up of three pieces, a Hood, a Clock and Footwear, and requires materials from the Corruption biome. If your world doesn’t spawn with one, Corrupted Seeds can be bought from the Dryad.

When the full set is worn, three blue globules will surround you, flickering like Mana Boosters. You’ll need Rotten Chunks, Silk, Black Dye and ten Bones to craft this spooky set.

8 Creeper SetTerraria Player Wearing Creeper Vanity Set Inside Hallow House

Between October and November, the seasonal Halloween event will begin in Terraria, affecting visuals and some mob drops, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without some creepy costumes to dress up in. Enemies during this time will drop Goodie Bags that can be clicked on when in your inventory, and provide unique items such as paintings, Pets and vanity sets.

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Minecraft’s own Markus ‘Notch’ Persson gave Re Logic permission to add a Creeper costume set to Terraria, made up of Mask, Shirt and Pants, as a tribute to the much-loved game.

7 Superhero Set

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just a lot of Spandex. If you’ve got a hankering for a cape and maybe some tights, then the Superhero set is perfect as it’s very easy to make. The set can be dyed too, meaning, with enough players, you can form your own dream team group.

With 60 Silk, nine Jungle Grass Seeds, and a Loom, you can make a full, three-piece costume, including a mask to hide your identity. The cape won’t help you fly, but it’ll trail after you as you fall to your doom.

6 Monokuma SetTerraria Player Wearing Monokuma Vanity Costume Fighting Goblins At Night Sawmill and Loom

This adorable monochrome bear outfit is going to require some dedication to acquire. It’s based on the character of the same name from the Danganronpa series, but is only available in Japan an exclusive to WiiU, PS3 and PSVITA.

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5 TV SetTerraria Player Wearing TV Set Vanity Set With Wings Day

This vanity set is the brainchild of Dr. Zootsuit and was one of the Journey’s End Vanity winners. It features a Video Visage head piece, displaying the color test pattern most of the time, as well as a Lazer Blazer and Pinstripe Pants. The suit aspect is crafted with Purple Dye and Silk, whereas the box television obviously needs Glass and Wire.

What really makes this outfit snappy is that the screen displays changes based on your character’s circumstances. During a party or Lantern Night, a purple smiley face will appear for instance, and within the Corruption, Crimson or a Graveyard, the screen will switch off.

4 Floret ProtectortTerraria Player Wearing Floret Protector Vanity Set In The Day In Forest

One of the cheapest vanity sets you can craft while still looking stylish, the Floret Protector was another winner of the Vanity competition, dreamt up by yikescloud. Why be human when you can be a sentient flower, wandering the earth in an astronaut suit?

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While standing beside a Loom, make sure you have some Dirt, Silk, Glass and a Daybloom, and you’ve got yourself a walking plant companion. Despite the Daybloom being yellow, the Floret Protector Helmet features a red flower.

3 The PlaguebringerTerraria Player Wearing Plague Bringer Vanity Set Flying With Dyed Green Twins Pet

Another of the Journey’s End Competition winners, the Plaguebringer set is the counterpart to the Timeless Traveler, requiring Vertebrae from the Crimson to craft. Green flames flicker from the epic shoulder pads, but by equipping a dye you can change the flames’ color.

If you don’t spawn Crimson naturally, then this set will only be available when the Dryad is housed in a Graveyard biome. The Cloak, Skull and Treads are made up of 30 Vertebrae, 20 Silk, ten Bones and two Black Dye.

2 CapricorntTerraria Player Wearing Capricorn Vanity Set Flying On Star In The Sky

The Terraria community is a creative and talented one, as this is the fifth of six winners of the competition. This intricate set features the head of the astrological sign Capricorn, typically a sea goat, which is a mythical creature bearing a fish’s tail.

To incorporate both the astral and marine aspects of its namesake, the Capricorn set is made using ten Fallen Stars and 15 Coral, as well as Silk and Silver Dye. When wearing the full set, right-clicking the leggings will switch them between Hooves or a Tail.

1 Rabbit Perch

Finally, the best yet most useless thing you can decorate your character with, is a color-changing bunny that sits on your head. It will blink and twitch its tiny ears, even readjusting itself occasionally to get a better grip. In its plain form, it can be bought from the Zoologist for 15 Gold when 40 percent of the Bestiary is completed. The game specifies that is it indeed a real rabbit.

Equipping a dye makes this whole experience ten times better, as does holding a Finch Staff, as the rabbit will happily sit among the summoned Finches in their nest. Color the bunny with Rainbow Dye so it can stand out among the birds.

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