TechyHint Gaming Tennis Elbow 4 – Controls Guide

Tennis Elbow 4 – Controls Guide


Tennis Elbow 4 is the most realistic tennis simulation ever. It is the sequel to Tennis Elbow 2013 that provides a completely rehauled ball and player physics system for the best tennis experience. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Tennis Elbow 4.


Action Keys Description
Up Up Arrow Press Up Arrow to Move Up
Down Down Arrow Press Down Arrow to Move Down
Left Left Arrow Press Left Arrow to Move Left
Right Right Arrow Press Right Arrow to Move Right
Normal Strike / Normal Serve Left Alt Press Left Alt to Normal Strike / Normal Serve
Short Strike Left Alt + Up Arrow Press Left Alt + Up Arrow to Short Strike
Top Spin Left Alt + Down Arrow Press Left Alt + Down Arrow to Top Spin
Slice / Safe Serve Left Ctrl Press Left Ctrl to Slice / Safe Serve
Drop Shot Left Ctrl + Up Arrow Press Left Ctrl + Up Arrow to Use Drop Shot
Defensive Lob Left Ctrl + Down Arrow Press Left Ctrl + Down Arrow to Use Defensive Lob
Acceleration / Strong Serve Left Atl + Left Ctrl Press Left Atl + Left Ctrl to Accelerate / Strong Serve
Short Acceleration Left Alt + Left Ctrl + Up Arrow Press Left Alt + Left Ctrl + Up Arrow to Short Acceleration
Aggressive Lob Left Alt + Left Ctrl + Down Arrow Press Left Alt + Left Ctrl + Down Arrow to Use Aggressive Lob


Action Keys Description
Actions Left Alt Press Left Alt to Use Actions
Back Left Ctrl Press Left Ctrl to Go Back
Lower X Press X to Get Lower
Raise C Press C to Raise
Open Enter Press Enter to Open


Action Keys Description
Gesture 1 X + Left Arrow Press X + Left Arrow to Use Gesture 1
Gesture 2 X + Up Arrow Press X + Up Arrow to Use Gesture 2
Gesture 3 X + Right Press X + Right to Use Gesture 3
Gesture 4 X + Down Arrow Press X + Down Arrow to Use Gesture 4


Action Keys Description
Modifier 1 Right Shift Press Right Shift to Use Modifier 1
Modifier 2 Right Ctrl Press Right Ctrl to Use Modifier 2
Escape Esc Press Esc to Escape
Replay F1 Press F1 to Replay
Change Side F2 Press F2 to Change Side
Kmh/Mph F3 Press F3 to See Kmh/Mph
Match Statistics F4 Press F4 to Open Match Statistics
Player 1 Statistics F5 Press F5 to See Player 1 Statistics
Player 2 Statistics F6 Press F6 to See Player 2 Statistics
Player 3 Statistics F7 Press F7 to See Player 3 Statistics
Player 4 Statistics F8 Press F8 to See Player 4 Statistics
Change Level of Details F9 Press F9 to Change the Level of Details
Screenshot Print Press Print to Take a Screenshot
Server Impacts F9 + M1 Press F9 + M1 to Get Server Impacts
Skip to Next Point F10 Press F10 to Skip to Use Next Point
Skip to Next Important Point F10 + M1 Press F10 + M1 to Skip to Use Next Important Point
Skip to Next Game F10 + M2 Press F10 + M2 to Skip to Move to the Next Game
Skip to Next Set F10 + M1 + M2 Press F10 + M1 + M2 to Skip to Next Set
Send Bug Reports Scroll Lock Press Scroll Lock to Send Bug Reports
Save to 2d Court Print Screen + M1 Press Print Screen + M1 to Save to 2d Court
Hide GUI F12 + M1 Press F12 + M1 to Hide GUI
Replay: To Start Home Press Home to Replay: To Start
Replay: To End End Press End to Replay: To End
Replay: Speed x-2 Alpa 1 Press Alpa 1 to Replay: Speed x-2
Replay: Speed x-1 Alpa 2 Press Alpa 2 to Replay: Speed x-1
Replay: x-1/2 Alpa 3 Press Alpa 3 to Replay: x-1/2
Replay: x-1/4 Alpa 4 Press Alpa 4 to Replay: x-1/4
Replay: Paused Alpa 5 Press Alpa 5 to Replay: Paused
Replay: Speed x1/8 Alpa 6 Press Alpa 6 to Replay: Speed x1/8
Replay: Speed x1/4 Alpa 7 Press Alpa 7 to Replay: Speed x1/4
Replay: Speed x1/2 Alpa 8 Press Alpa 8 to Replay: Speed x1/2
Replay: Speed x1 Alpa 9 Press Alpa 9 to Replay: Speed x1
Replay: Speed x2 Alpa 0 Press Alpa 0 to Replay: Speed x2

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