TechyHint Gaming Teams on the Bubble for COD Champs going into Major 4

Teams on the Bubble for COD Champs going into Major 4


Teams on the Bubble for COD Champs going into Major 4


The CDL Vanguard season is two majors away from ending. However, it is starting to heat up as several teams are about to fight for their lives. Many teams are on the bubble for COD Champs going into Major 4. Teams are starting to get desperate. Here are all the teams and their situations. 

First, let’s start off with the no-brainers. So far, Atlanta and Texas are the only teams to have clinched. FaZe, although having a couple of losses, still looks like the team to beat. However, OpTic, looks like the worst they have ever been going into this major which is scary to see considering they have not really had any positive thing since winning Major 1. Paris, they are out, as usual… so let’s move on.

Teams that are Almost there

London Royal Ravens & Seattle Surge

So far, London has been playing lights out this major. Going into it, they are 4-1 on the stage. They are about a win away from making it. The same could be said for the Seattle Surge. If they both get at least 10 points and four teams below place terribly, they are in. 

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Teams that Could be in Trouble

Boston and Toronto

These two teams could be in trouble if the teams below them do great while they both do not place well in this major. Being that these two teams have been very up and down. These two teams might need to be careful not to lose to the teams they should win against. It could cost them in the standings. However, they are safe to make champs, but at champs, placement in the standings matter. 

Teams on the Bubble

Los Angeles Thieves

Envoy is doing his job. Drazah is doing his job. The other two, who are the most important pieces on the team, are not exactly playing their part. Yes, they may have gotten iced, or bad luck, but the first thing is first. They need to play better. They play great against teams like OpTic but play badly against teams they should beat. All that needs to change if they want to make COD Champs.

Los Angeles Guerrillas

Neptune and Spart, although pretty good additions to the team. The question still remains, can Huke lead this team to the promised land. Yes, he needs help from Slasher and Co. However, he has shown glimpses of his old self these past couple of weeks. If he pops off like that, that could very well clinch their spot to Champs.

Minnesota ROKKR

Attach, Attach, Attach. It is all a question of whether or not Attach and ROKKR gets their piece of the pie. If they do, they are for sure in. If they don’t, it could mean disaster for the ROKKR camp if the other teams below them have better placements. 

Florida Mutineers

Skyz and Owakening are playing their part. As a duo, they are nearly unbeatable. As a team, however, it is a different story. It is truly whether or not the other two would like to step up and play their part. There is only so much they can do on the map to help their chances of winning and going to Champs. 

New York Subliners

It is, by far, a long shot. It would literally have to take a miracle for them to qualify. If they don’t place at least Top 3 or Top 2, they are done. If they win it, they are for sure in. If they don’t, they need all the teams above them to not gain any sort of points. Which is possible. It will take all of the Subliners, in front of the home crowd, to push Crimsix to another straight championship appearance. 

The Conclusion

There are quite literally countless amounts of scenarios for many of these teams to make or not make Champs. All will be decided in a couple of days at Major 4 in New York. This tournament will decide the fate of many of these teams, and for some, it is their only and last hope. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the New York Subliners

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