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SUPER PEOPLE is a multiplayer virtual reality game that puts you in the shoes of a super-soldier and lets you battle against other players. You’ll have unique skills and special abilities to take on your opponents, but it won’t be easy: you’ll need to survive until the end to win or be the last squad standing.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Super People.

Move ForwardW / Up ArrowPress W / Up Arrow to Move Forward
Move BackS / Down ArrowPress S / Down Arrow to Move Back
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
WalkLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Walk
RunLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Run
Jump / ParkourSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump / Parkour
CrouchCPress C to Crouch
Lie ProneZPress Z to Lie Prone
Lean LeftQPress Q to Lean Left
Lean RightEPress E to Lean Right
InteractFPress F to Interact
Change ViewVPress V to Change View
Look AroundLeft AltPress Left Alt to Look Around


Swim UpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Swim Up
DiveCPress C to Dive


FireLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Fire
Aim / Scope ModeRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Aim / Scope Mode
ReloadRPress R to Reload
Next WeaponMouse Wheel UpPress Mouse Wheel Up to Next Weapon
Previous WeaponMouse Wheel DownPress Mouse Wheel Down to Previous Weapon
Primary Weapon1Press 1 to Use Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon2Press 2 to Use Secondary Weapon
Sidearm3Press 3 to Sidearm
Special Equipment4Press 4 to Use Special Equipment
Throwables5Press 5 to Use Throwables
Use Active SkillsGPress G to Use Active Skills
Holster WeaponXPress X to Holster Weapon
Cancel SkillFPress F to Cancel Skill
Change Firing ModeBPress B to Change Firing Mode


Change Throwing StanceRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Change Throwing Stance
Pull Safety PinRPress R to Pull Safety Pin

Scope Mode

Scope Zoom-InMouse Wheel UpPress Mouse Wheel Up to Scope Zoom-In
Scope Zoom-OutMouse Wheel DownPress Mouse Wheel Down to Scope Zoom-Out
Increase Zeroing DistancePage UpPress Page Up to Increase Zeroing Distance
Reduce Zeroing DistancePage DownPress Page Down to Reduce Zeroing Distance
Hold BreathLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Hold Breath


Use Healing ItemGPress G to Use Healing Item
Use Emergency Kit7Press 7 to Use Emergency Kit
Use First Aid Kit8Press 8 to Use the First Aid Kit
Use Compression Bandages9Press 9 to Use Compression Bandages
Consume Energy BarPress to Consume Energy Bar
Consume Power Energy BarF1Press F1 to Consume Power Energy Bar
Consume Defense Energy BarF2Press F2 to Consume Defense Energy Bar
Consume Speed Energy BarF3Press F3 to Consume Speed Energy Bar
Use Super CapsulePress ‘ to Use Super Capsule
Energy Bar PaletteT / 0Press T / 0 to Energy Bar Palette
Custom Item PaletteYPress Y to Custom Item Palette
Craft Item 1Alt + 1Press Alt + 1 to Craft Item 1
Craft Item 2Alt + 2Press Alt + 2 to Craft Item 2
Craft Item 3Alt + 3Press Alt + 3 to Craft Item 3
Craft Item 4Alt + 4Press Alt + 4 to Craft Item 4
Craft Item 5Alt + 5Press Alt + 5 to Craft Item 5
Craft Item 6Alt + 6Press Alt + 6 to Craft Item 6
Craft Item 7Alt + 7Press Alt + 7 to Craft Item 7
Craft Item 8Alt + 8Press Alt + 8 to Craft Item 8
Craft Item 9Alt + 9Press Alt + 9 to Craft Item 9
Craft Item 0Alt + 0Press Alt + 0 to Craft Item 0


AccelerationWPress W to Accelerate
Brake / ReverseSPress S to Use Brake
Turn LeftAPress A to Turn Left
Turn RightDPress D to Turn Right
Hand BrakeSpacebarPress Spacebar to Use Hand Brake
BoostLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Boost
Honk HornHPress H to Honk Horn

Change Seats

Move to the Driver’s SeatsCtrl + 1Press Ctrl + 1 to Move to the Driver’s Seats
Move to Seat Number 2Ctrl + 2Press Ctrl + 2 to Move to Seat Number 2
Move to Seat Number 3Ctrl + 3Press Ctrl + 3 to Move to Seat Number 3
Move to Seat Number 4Ctrl + 4Press Ctrl + 4 to Move to Seat Number 4
Move to Seat Number 5Ctrl + 5Press Ctrl + 5 to Move to Seat Number 5


SpeakUPress U to Speak
Toggle Master VolumeCtrl + MPress Ctrl + M to Toggle Master Volume
Master Volume UpCtrl + Num+Press Ctrl + Num+ to Master Volume Up
Master Volume DownCtrl + Num-Press Ctrl + Num- to Master Volume Down


World MapM / Alt + MPress M / Alt + M to Open World Map
Expand Mini-mapNPress N to Expand Mini-map
InventoryTab / IPress Tab / I to Open Inventory
SettingsPPress P to Open Settings
Show UIAlt + UPress Alt + U to Show UI
Display Control GuideAlt + KPress Alt + K to Display Control Guide

Smart Ping

Mark My LocationInsertPress Insert to Use Mark My Location
Remove PingDeletePress Delete to Remove Ping
Display Smart Ping / Open PaletteMiddle Mouse Button / F4Press Middle Mouse Button / F4 to Display Smart Ping / Open Palette
Agree to PingFPress F to Agree to Ping

Display Smart Ping (World Map)

Remove Loot PingAlt + DeletePress Alt + Delete to Remove Loot Ping
Show Loot Ping (Cannot be changed)Alt + Right Mouse ButtonPress Alt + Right Mouse Button to Show Loot Ping
Display Smart Ping (World Map)Right Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Display Smart Ping
Open Smart Ping Palette (World Map)Middle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Open Smart Ping Palette
Ping my Location (World Map)InsertPress Insert to Ping my Location
Remove Ping (World Map)DeletePress Delete to Remove Ping
Confirmation Ping (World Map)FPress F to Confirmation Ping


Spectate Next PlayerPage UpPress Page Up to Spectate Next Player
Move to Previous PlayerPage DownPress Page Down to Move to Previous Player


Increase Camera Movement SpeedMouse Wheel UpPress Mouse Wheel Up to Increase Camera Movement Speed
Decrease Camera Movement SpeedMouse Wheel DownPress Mouse Wheel Down to Decrease Camera Movement Speed
Reset Camera Movement SpeedMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Reset the Camera Movement Speed
Play / PauseSpacebarPress Spacebar to Play / Pause
Free CameraFPress F to Free Camera
Return to Recorded PlayerBPress B to Return to Recorded Player
Increase Playback SpeedUp ArrowPress Up Arrow to Increase Playback Speed
Decrease Playback SpeedDown ArrowPress Down Arrow to Decrease Playback Speed
Move to BeginningHomePress Home to Move to Beginning
Move to EndEndPress End to Move to End
Follow Player (Person Mode)Right Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Follow Player (Person Mode)
Follow Player (Spin Mode)Left Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Follow the Player
Timeline On/OffJPress J to Turn Timeline On/Off
Player List On/OffTabPress Tab to Turn Player List On/Off
Perks / Gear InfoIPress I to Perks / Gear Info
Move Free Camera ForwardWPress W to Move Free Camera Forward
Move Free Camera BackwardsSPress S to Move Free Camera Backwards
Move Free Camera LeftAPress A to Move Free Camera Left
Move Free Camera RightDPress D to Move Free Camera Right
Move Free Camera UpEPress E to Move Free Camera Up
Move Free Camera DownQPress Q to Move Free Camera Down

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