Summonwater Village in Elden Ring: Know Everything


Today you are here, it simply means that you want to know about Summonwater Village in Elden Ring. So without disappointing you, let us give you complete information about it. A place called Elden Ring Summonwater Village can be located in the Limgrave Region.

Here we are talking about how we will get them, so let us tell you that a major NPC and an overworld boss may be found at Summonwater Village, which is located in Elden Ring’s West Limgrave region. This Elden Ring Summonwater Village guide will explain where to go, how to defeat the boss, and what kind of loot to look for.

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Summonwater Village

Summonwater Village is the name of a place that is the first point of interest in East Limgrave, where you will find a boss in the whole religion which is the Tibia Mariner. Naturally, if you travel east from Saintsbridge along the main road, you will see this abandoned village.

Elden Ring has the place Summonwater Village. Being to the east of Saintsbridge, which connects to Stormhill to the west, it is situated in the northeastern region of Limgrave.

The area is overrun with Tibia Mariner mini-bosses and Those Who Live in Death. Here is a cellar spot that can only be accessed with a Stonesword Key. A number of non-hostile turtles can be found in this cellar, along with a chest containing the Green Turtle Talisman.

D, Hunter of the Dead, who warns you of the boss, is also present here. If you use Torrent, fighting the Tibia Mariner is rather simple.

If you simply follow him when he teleports, you should be able to quickly take him out. To enter the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid, bring the Deathroot you acquire from the boss to D in the Roundtable Hold.

Make careful to look about the village for more loot. An underground cellar can be unlocked with the use of a Stonesword Key that protects a Green Turtle Talisman.

TypeMinor Dungeon
LocationNortheast of Limgrave, past Saintsbridge
BossTibia Mariner

Summonwater Village Location and Loot

Here we give you complete information that by using the path along Limgrave’s north side, you may get to the village. The graveyard to the west of Summonwater Village is where D, Hunter of the Dead is first discovered.

They will describe the village to you and advise you against visiting it. Take care to turn on the Site of Grace before entering the settlement.

It gets very exciting and tells you when D, Hunter of the Dead, will alert you to the village when you come across them. They will assert the existence of a malicious force that he referred to as “Those who live in death”.

They will advise you to stay away from the village entirely. When you go to the village, the Tibia Mariner will be in the regions that are flooded. After taking down the Tibia Mariner, you can gather something that D will find interesting. return to Roundtable Hold, where their mission would then begin. You can look about the village for additional supplies and stuff.

After that, as soon as you start walking, you will find yourself on the outskirts of Sumonwater village, near the place of grace, to the west of the village, you will meet D, Hunter of the Dead, who will warn you that the village is dangerous which will appear to warn you at that time, as well as alert you about the danger so that you can be aware.

Let’s talk with him now about the other direction where he tells you that few crafting supplies are scattered about the settlement in the village. You can also locate the Green Turtle Talisman in a southwest-facing underground room that needs a Stonesword Key. When you used it, this increases the recovery time for stamina, and because of this your game will last longer, and you will know about the danger earlier.

Summonwater Village Village Boss Fight (Tibia Mariner)

After that, you will be able to see that the boss of this village stays on the boat and he keeps on riding it. Which summons him to attack you with skeletons, he can also kill you with his boat, or by causing a waterfall in the water. At that point riding your horse and chasing him is helpful and it will also help you avoid slow summons.

And you will find that if the boss is defeated, he will drop the Skeleton Militiaman Ashes Spirit Summon on you. And also you can see that Tibia Mariner will also leave a Deathroot behind. D, who is located close to the large tree on the village’s western side, will mark a location on your map where you can take it to advance a Garranq-related quest if you show him this.

Final Thoughts

This game is a very thrilling game, and those who like to play games can play this game. Also, let me tell you that I have shared the information related to Summonwater Village in Elden Ring with you, but if you need any other help related to this, then you tell us. We will provide the best details related to your query.

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