Stronghold: Warlords – Controls Guide


ActionsKeysDescriptionPauseP / BreakPress P / Break to PauseShow MenuEscPress Esc to Show MenuScroll MapWASD / Arrow KeysPress WASD / Arrow Keys to Scroll MapSelectLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to SelectOrderRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to OrderZoomAlt + W / Alt +S / Mouse WheelPress Alt + W / Alt +S / Mouse Wheel to ZoomRotateQ / E / Hold Mouse WheelPress Q / E / Hold Mouse Wheel to RotateRotate BuildingsShift + Q / Shift + E / Mouse WheelPress Shift + Q / Shift + E / Mouse Wheel to Rotate BuildingsPlace Stone Curtain WallZPress Z to Place Stone Curtain WallPlace Stone WallXPress X to Place Stone WallDeleteDelPress Del to DeleterepairInsPress Ins to repairOpen Warlords MapSpacePress Space to Open Warlords MapTop Down ViewAlt + SpacebarPress Alt + Spacebar to Top Down ViewToggle Interface On/OffBackspacePress Backspace to Toggle Interface On/OffIncrease Game Speed+Press + to Increase Game SpeedDecrease Game Speed–Press – to Decrease Game SpeedSelect Lord (Double tap to focus)LPress L to Select Lord (Double tap to focus)Cycle Focus on All LordsShift + LPress Shift + L to Cycle Focus on All LordsSelect Granary (Double tap to focus)GPress G to Select Granary (Double tap to focus)Select Stockpile (Double tap to focus)HPress H to Select Stockpile (Double tap to focus)Select Armory (Double tap to focus)JPress J to Select Armory (Double tap to focus)Select Market (Double tap to focus)Shift + GPress Shift + G to Select Market (Double tap to focus)Select Keep (Double tap to focus)KPress K to Select Keep (Double tap to focus)Select Last Placed Siege Cap (Double tap to focus)NPress N to Select Last Placed Siege Cap (Double tap to focus)Select Barracks (Double tap to focus)BPress B to Select Barracks (Double tap to focus)Select Military Academy (Double tap to focus)MPress M to Select Military Academy (Double tap to focus)Attack MoveCtrl + Right Mouse ButtonPress Ctrl + Right Mouse Button to Attack MoveAttack GroundAlt + Right Mouse ButtonPress Alt + Right Mouse Button to Attack GroundCycle StanceRPress R to Cycle StanceCycle FormationFPress F to Cycle FormationPack/Unpack TrebuchetTPress T to Pack/Unpack TrebuchetPatrolI (Right Mouse Button to set patrol point)Press I (Right Mouse Button to set patrol point) to PatrolPlace Rally Point (Barracks/Military Academy/Siege Camp)Right Mouse Button on icon Unit + Right Mouse Button on GroundPress Right Mouse Button on icon Unit + Right Mouse Button on Ground to Place Rally PointGreatest LordTabPress Tab to Greatest LordPing Mini-mapAlt + Left Mouse ButtonPress Alt + Left Mouse Button to Ping Mini-mapFocus on WarningC / Ctrl + SpacePress C / Ctrl + Space to Focus on the WarningToggle ChatShift + EnterPress Shift + Enter to Toggle ChatToggle Team ChatEnterPress Enter to Toggle Team ChatSelect Unit Group (Double tap to focus)1-9Press 44805 to Select Unit Group (Double tap to focus)Create Unit GroupCtrl + #Press Ctrl + # to Create a Unit GroupAdd Selected Units to GroupShift + #Press Shift + # to Add Selected Units to GroupAdd Units to Current SelectionShift + Left Mouse ButtonPress Shift + Left Mouse Button to Add Units to Current SelectionRemove Units from Current SelectionCtrl + Left Mouse ButtonPress Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to Remove Units from Current SelectionSelect All of Unit Type (UI Panel)Left Mouse ButtonPress the Left Mouse Button to Select All of the Unit Types (UI Panel)Remove All of Unit Type (UI Panel)Right Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Remove All of Unit Type (UI Panel)Create Camera HotspotCtrl + Alt + #Press Ctrl + Alt + # to Create Camera HotspotView Camera HotspotAlt + #Press Alt + # to View Camera Hotspot

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