Street Fighter 6 Demo at EVO 2022


Street Fighter 6 Demo at EVO 2022

Capcom will be offering a demo of Street Fighter 6 at EVO 2022. After a private demo was playable for industry and FGC members, it’ll be open to attendees at EVO. The demo will be playable at both the Capcom and Playstation booth. From Aug. 5-7 EVO 2022 will take place in Las Vegas, Nev.

Street Fighter and EVO had a long history, being some of the biggest tournaments at the event and Street Fighter history. “The Street Fighter series is responsible for the origin of Evo…” said Rick Thiher, General Manager of EVO.

This will be the first event where more players can have first-hand experience with the game. Currently, there are no announcements regarding any plans for a downloadable demo for the public. Street Fighter V on the other hand did have a beta that players were able to download and trial the game before release.

Capcom released the same demo for other events, such as Japan Expo 2022. The showcase at EVO will be the first case in the west outside of industry members.

Playable Characters in the Demo

The demo at EVO will feature four characters. Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and newcomer Jaime will all be playable in the demo.  The demo will use the same build the industry members and past trailers used. Despite Guile having his reveal trailer, he will not be present in the playable demo. 

Fans will still be able to experience the new mechanics and feature the game offers.  Despite the small cast of playable characters, many can look forward to understand the flow of the game. They may also

Capcom confirms they will also be sharing Street Fighter 6 announcements during EVO. The tournament is also known for major announcements for fighting games, including new games, updates, and new characters for various games. The next character reveals will likely be the announcement they are referring to.

Announcements and Reveals

There will likely be a new character announcement sometime during the event. A leaked roster has been released, meaning many characters are to be expected. However, as shown with the Guile reveal, new additions and changes to the characters are enough to bring the hype.

Guile’s Sonic Hurricane; If used with a Heavy Punch, the super becomes an anti-air super. Image Credit: Capcom

The leaks showed a larger roster compared to the initial release of Street Fighter V. Many characters were classic and fan-favorite characters from Street Fighter history with new designs. A whole set of brand new characters to the Street Fighter series are present in the leak. 

However, there are no details regarding the size of the roster at launch. Some characters featured in the leak may be future DLC. In the case it is the full roster, it will be one of the largest base rosters the series has seen.

Capcom is Offering a Discount For EVO

To celebrate the demo, Capcom and EVO also offer a discount to attend or participate at EVO 2022. The discount code “streetfighter6” offers $25 off their purchase.

Capcom states the release date for Street Fighter 6 is 2023. EVO 2022 will likely be the last time Street Fighter V will be one of the main major tournaments at EVO. Street Fighter 6 will likely release by Aug. 2023, when EVO 2023 will take place.

Street Fighter V finals will take place in the Michelob ULTRA Arena on Aug. 7.

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