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Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: 7 Best Jobs


Stranger of Paradise Best Jobs


Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin‘s job system comes with quite a few choices to pick from at a whopping 28 jobs. Not all of them can be accessed immediately, as they’re divided into Basic, Advanced, and Expert jobs. Choosing between them can be daunting, but making use of the party’s ability to switch between two jobs on the fly can get you excellent results and make battles easier.

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Every job can use different weapon types and gives the characters different stats and abilities. As well, each job has a unique ability that can easily make the job more or less appealing to use. Regardless, you’ll need to master certain jobs to unlock other ones.


7 Swordfighter

This is a Basic job you can get after acquiring a sword or broadsword, so it’s easy to obtain. It’s also one of the jobs that lets you use a shield. It’s arguably one of the most useful starting jobs in the game simply because of its Interception skill, as the skill not only blocks enemy attacks, but also counterattacks, throwing damage back at them.

As a bonus, you don’t have to manually guard against any incoming attacks to take advantage of Interception. Just cast it, and whatever attack hits you next will be blocked and countered.

6 Black Mage

You unlock this Advanced job by mastering the Mage’s skill tree. Black Mage lets you use mace weapons as well as shields. It’s a good choice to use until you get Sage, as it works similarly, albeit being more limited in skills.

As a Black Mage, you get to use different types of elemental magic, which is very effective against enemies in the game, even bosses. In fact, the Black Mage job might make things a bit too easy, so keep that in mind. However, that does mean that using this job against any bosses you’re having trouble with could be your ticket to beating them.

5 Paladin

You obtain this Expert job by finishing the Knight and White Mage skill trees, as it works like a combination of both. Paladins can use greatswords, swords, broadswords, and maces, as well as shields. This job has the best of both worlds with high offensive and defensive power.

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Its special ability, Holy Fang, deals Holy damage and heals some of your HP on every attack. If your HP is already maxed out, it’ll deal bonus Holy damage, so there’s no loss on that front. The ability does use MP, but you also get MP back with every attack, which evens it out. Overall, Paladin is a great choice for those who want a tank and DPS wrapped into one job.

4 Breaker

You gain this job after maxing out the Samurai, Berserker, and Dragoon skill trees. It has access to greatswords, axes, lances, and katanas, but can’t use shields. If you liked the samurai-aligned jobs, this Expert job is for you. Breaker’s ability, Zantetsuken, unleashes an immensely powerful sword attack after charging up.

The longer you charge, the more damage the attack will do. This job’s ability does need some focus, as you can’t move around while charging the attack, potentially exposing you to enemy attacks. But if you are able to consistently pull it off, Zantetsuken can easily do 9,999 damage.

3 Liberator

Unlock this Expert job by mastering the Dragoon and Warrior skill trees. As a Liberator, you can use every weapon type in the game, as well as shields. Its special ability, Mighty Guard, generates an area of effect that lessens damage to any party members who are within it. It also regenerates their HP as long as they’re within this area.

This job can definitely help in a pinch, and being able to use every weapon opens up many possibilities. If you need to increase survivability, consider giving someone this job. It doesn’t have to be Jack if you’d rather be more offensive, but having it on someone can be useful.

2 Tyrant

You get this Expert job after completing the Thief and Monk skill trees. Tyrants can use swords, daggers, knuckles, katanas, maces, and lances, though they can’t use shields. This job is interesting, as its unique ability, Enchant, gives the weapon you’re using an aura of whatever elemental magic you choose.

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This makes Tyrant a good option if you want to use a variety of magic while still using your favorite melee weapon. It also means you can switch between doing powerful physical and magic damage without having to change jobs, giving you more room to choose for your second job.

1 Sage

The prerequisite to unlocking this job is to finish the White and Black Mage skill trees. Unlike many other Expert jobs, Sages can only use maces and shields. However, the limited weapon type doesn’t do much to hinder them, because they specialize in powerful magic.

As a Sage, using the ability Magic Sigil lets you use both Black and White magic, giving you access to an array of options. On top of that, every time your spells are successful, you get a black or white emblem. Each emblem makes your casting time faster, so the more, the better. As long as you’re able to consistently restore MP, the Sage job is one of the most dynamic and mighty jobs in the game.

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