Spice of Life Achievement/Trophy Guide -Death loop


Spice of Life Achievement/Trophy Guide -Death loop

In this guide, you’ll learn how to grab the spice of life achievement/Trophy and there are 10 ways to die. You’re gonna die by all of them. You can drown, fall, choke on gas, depressurize, blow up, be shot, stabbed, ground up, be killed by a rocket, and obliterated by a reactor.

#1 Death by Drowning

Start with the easy one by going to Carl’s Bay during the morning, and drowning by just jumping into the water off the side of the cliff.

#2 Death by Falling

In the second one, you can pretty easily die from fall damage. You will need to hop up on a tall building and then jump it, might take you more than one jump depending on how high you jump. Once you fall hit the ground hard, it will be a fall damage death.

#3 Death by Poison

Once you spawn back after taking the fall damage you can die of poison. The best and easiest way to do this is to just choke on the gas inside of hanger 2. You will find Harriet there and some poisonous gas near the bottom of the base. You can also eliminate Harriet and grab the pistol and poison yourself but this one’s probably the fastest and easiest way if you’re just making natural progress through the game. It’s recommended that you sneak into the base just to make sure enemies aren’t shooting at you but make sure you die of the poison.

#4 Death by Depressurization

Next up, you can succumb to fatal depressurization, it is easily possible in the complex during the afternoon. You’ll need to go to the wengie lab and if you get spotted by a camera, it will start an alarm that will depressurize the area around the reactor. You just have to wait near the bottom as long as enemies aren’t shooting at you, you will naturally take damage over time eventually dying of depressurization.

#5 Death by Explosion

Next up you can die from an explosion. You just need to cook a grenade in your hand and do it to yourselves. You can also do it by an enemy but it will be the fastest and easiest way to do it. If you just hold a grenade in your hand and cook it till it explodes.

#6 Death by Getting shot

This one’s easy. You can do it by accident if you play the game enough but just let enemies kill you and make sure they kill you with a weapon.

#7 Death by Getting stabbed

Next up is that you’ll need to go to updom during the evening and get stabbed. In the evening time, there will be a couple of different enemies running around with melee weapons. You’ll need to alert them and make sure that they kill you via a melee. Also, make sure you’re working your way towards the comedy club though that’s where you’ll need to be for the next one. You will find a couple of different enemies with melee weapons to die from.

#8 Death by Getting Ground in a Meat grinder

Next, you’ll need to get ground up by going through the meat grinder, it is inside the comedy club. You need to go into the comedy club and activate the button to open up the trap door on the stage and then you can jump into the meat grinder. You have to be kind of quick to make sure you can do it on time but once you are in the meat grinder, you will die.

#9 Death by Getting Fried by rocket

The next one’s a little bit involved though, it’s for getting Fried by rocket and this is available in updaam during the noon. You’ll need to head to the condition Detachment where you can take out Charlie and go to the second floor. You’ll need to be stealthy because you have to overhear a conversation between two eternalists.

The goal here is to overhear a conversation between these two enemies and it will allow you to unlock a new command for two bits, which is the robot that is available in this area.

As shown in the picture, these are the two enemies that will have a conversation and will reveal the crucial information that you need to know to do the rest of this strategy to your advantage.

At the end of the conversation, you’ll get a notification that you can activate the rocket and you can take out the two enemies. After that, go to two-bit and choose to activate the rocket.

You won’t be able to do it quite yet but this is an important step. You don’t have to remain stealthy but you definitely want to take out some enemies and doing so with the least amount of resistance is probably best. You don’t need to waste your time and accidentally die of a gunshot. But just keep taking out the enemies and working your way through the base.

Once you find the two-bit door, you can activate it to go inside, then speak to the robot and try to activate the rocket.

You won’t be able to because you don’t have the batteries you need. So it’s going to be the next part.

There are a total of three batteries and you’ll need to insert all three of the batteries into the rocket. After that, come back to two-bit to launch the rocket and you can get fried by that rocket once it’s launched.

Having the base cleared of enemies will make this easy. By the way, you’ll be able to just run around and sprint everywhere you need, the batteries are pretty easy to find as well.

Once the three batteries are placed, the machine will be ready. After that, you need to head back to two-bit and you can now activate the rocket. Once the rocket is successfully activated, you have to run straight at it and it will begin to take off. If you are close to it when it takes off, then it will fry you up.

It will also unlock the game over the achievement Trophy for killing Charlie within the rules of conditioned attachment.

#10 Death by Getting Obliterated by a reactor.

Next, you need to go to Fristad rock at noon and this one’s pretty easy, you have to get obliterated by the reactor. You need to make your way into FIA’s bunker and once you alert enemies inside the bunker, it will trigger a reactor meltdown. You want to hide and make sure that you don’t die from any of the enemy attacks and you’re waiting on a timer for the reactor to explode. You also have the option of actually going up to the reactor itself and cutting the wrong wire and then you’ll notice that the progress on the reactor starts moving. That means it’ll explode. It’s pretty obvious when it’s about to explode and when it does it will kill you and hopefully unlock the achievement or trophy.

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