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Here is a complete walkthrough for Sohr Khai, a level 60 dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV.

Sohr Khai is a level 60 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward. Originally added in patch 3.3, this dungeon continues the Main Scenario Quests. In order to stop Nidhogg, you and your allies seek out Hraesvelgr, the great wyrm’s brother, who resides in Sohr Khai.

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Far above Sohm Al in the Churning Mists, you will enter Sohr Khai. In this domain of dragons, you’ll need to pass Hraesvelgr’s trial and win his aid in the fight against Nidhogg. Below, we’ll take a look at each boss you’ll fight in Sohr Khai, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

Updated January 19, 2023: Patch 6.3 has significantly changed the final boss of Sohr Khai, Hraesvelgr. Most noticeably, this fight no longer takes place on multiple platforms that you must maneuver around. With these changes, we’ve updated this guide with each of Hraesvelgr’s new attacks and mechanics, as well as other small changes to the dungeon.


How To Unlock Sohr Khai

Sohr Khai is unlocked through the following quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest ‘Winning Over the Wyrm’
    • NPC Location: Alphinuad – The Dravanian Forelands (X:16.7, Y:23.3)

Dungeon Walkthrough

In the first section of Sohr Khai, you will encounter sleeping rocks that you’ll need to destroy to continue. When attacked for the first time, the rocks will stay asleep for around ten seconds, giving you a head-start on destroying them. You will also encounter wind fan enemies in this area, which will summon a wind cloud when defeated that will launch you forward slightly. These are not necessary to use, but can make traversing this area a little faster.

As you near the end of the dungeon, you’ll need to defeat each group of enemies as they appear to open the next path and continue further.

Chieftain Moglin

chieftain moglin, first boss of sohr khai dungeon

The first boss of Sohr Khai is the Chieftain Moglin. This boss is very similar to the level 50 King Mog Trial, so expect to see some familiar mechanics. Throughout the fight, Moglin will summon members of the Mogsguard, which will use attacks reminiscent of their Trial versions.

Attack Name





  • As mentioned above, members of the Mogsguard will be summoned throughout the fight. They will each use attacks like Pom Flare and Pom Cure, making them dangerous if left alive for too long. However, when defeating a Moogle, rather than leaving the field, they will instead enter a down-state in which they can be revived later.

Captain Mogsun


  • The most troublesome Moogle that Moglin summons is Captain Mogsun. This add will tether to the boss, making him invulnerable. Focus on defeating Mogsun first.

Pom Praise


  • When enough Moogles have been downed, Moglin will cast Pom Praise and attempt to revive them. This attack will place a purple circle AoE below each downed Moogle, which will revive them after a few seconds. To avoid this, use attacks on the downed Moogles to knock their bodies out of the purple AoE. If any Moogles are still in the AoE after a few seconds, they will be revived and their maximum Health will increase.

Pom Holy


  • Deals damage to all party members. Use AoE heals to recover.

Demoniacal Mogcane


  • Chieftain Moglin will toss his staff somewhere on the arena. After a short delay, the staff will use an untelegraphed cross-shaped AoE that inflicts vulnerability up. Stay away from the staff when Moglin throws it.

Chieftain Moglin will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. This fight can get overwhelming as more Moogles are summoned, but be sure to focus on Captain Mogsun before the other Moogles.


poqhiraj, second boss of sohr khai dungeon

The second boss of Sohr Khai is Poqhiraj. This fight will take place in a narrow arena with destructible walls on either side.

Attack Name



Burning Bright


  • Poqhiraj will turn towards a random player and fire a line AoE at them. If any walls are in the area of this attack, they will be destroyed, and a puddle of lightning will form at the location. This puddle will inflict Electrocution, which deals high damage over time.
    • To deal with this attack, all players should stand directly in the center of the arena, to either the front or back of the boss. This will make it so that when Burning Bright is used, the AoE won’t touch any of the walls.



  • Poqhiraj will fly into the air before landing on one edge of the arena, creating a proximity AoE that side. Run to the opposite side of the arena to reduce damage taken.



  • Poqhiraj will use this attack immediately after Touchdown. Gallop is a line AoE that covers the entire arena, and will knock back from the center of the line. If you are in the middle of the line, you will instead be knocked into the air and be inflicted with the vulnerability up debuff. Instead, position yourself on either side of the line to be knocked into the walls on either side of the arena. This also means you will want to position yourself so that you aren’t knocked into any of the Electrocution puddles.

Cloud Call


  • Targets a random player with a purple marker that summons a Dark Cloud on their position. This Cloud will strike the area with lightning, dealing damage and inflicting vulnerability up. The targeted player should move away from the rest of the party to place the cloud, then quickly move out of the area to avoid getting hit.

Poqhiraj will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. Remember to stay directly in the center line of the arena to avoid Burning Bright, and move to the sides of the arena to correctly deal with Gallop.


hraesvelgr, final boss of sohr khai dungeon

The final boss of Sohr Khai is Hraesvelgr. This fight will take place on a number of small platforms that you can move between using the wind jump pads. Hraesvelgr’s attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

Attack Name





  • Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate this damage.

Hallowed Wings


  • Deals damage to one-half of the arena, according to which wing is glowing. Move to the opposite side of the glowing wing to avoid taking damage.

Holy Storm


  • Deals damage to all party members. Recover with AoE healing.

Hallowed Dive


  • Hraesvelgr will fly to one side of the arena before charging down the center in a large line AoE. Move to either side of the line AoE to avoid, but prepare to dodge Holy Orb, which is used at the same time.

Holy Orb


  • While Hraesvelgr is using Hallowed Dive, circle AoEs will explode on either side of the line AoE in sequence. After moving out of Hallowed Dive’s AoE, move back into the center of the arena to avoid the exploding Holy Orbs.

Akh Morn


  • Targets one player with a stack marker that deals repeated damage on their position. All players should group up on the stack marker to spread out the damage of this attack, while the Healer continuously restores the party’s health.

Holy Breath


  • Targets all players with a circle AoE. Spread out to avoid overlapping this AoE with another player.

Diamond Storm


  • Deals damage to all party members and covers the arena in Thin Ice, making the ground slippery. On Thin Ice, any movement will slide you in that direction for a short duration.

Frigid Dive


  • Similar to Hallowed Dive, Hraesvelgr will fly to one side of the arena before charging down the center, dealing damage in a line AoE. Minding the Thin Ice, slide out of the line AoE and prepare for the next attack, Frosted Orb.

Frosted Orb


  • At the same time as Frigid Dive, Frosted Orb AoEs will appear around the arena. Slide along the Thin Ice to move out of the circle AoEs, but only move if you are in an AoE, as the uncontrollable nature of Thin Ice can make repeatedly avoiding these difficult.

Hraesvelgr will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. Be sure to group up for Akh Morn, and avoid both sets of AoEs during Hallowed Dive and Frigid Dive. After defeating Hraesvelgr, Sohr Khai will be complete.

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