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Skellige In The Witcher 3


Geralt lays face-down in the ground, having recently washed ashore.


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The Northern Realms may be vast, but they’re just one part of The Witcher 3’s larger world. In the base game the rest of it is Skellige, a large archipelago populated by warring clans that raid ships and the mainland’s shores. At some point in his story, Geralt will need to return to the islands to meet Yennefer and continue searching for Ciri.

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Thanks to its fearsome reputation, few captains are willing to go anywhere close to its shores. With few options, Geralt will need to find a brave seaman to ferry him through the dangerous waters and survive them.

Finding A Captain And Getting The MoneyA ship sails out of an medieval city as the evening sun bathes the docks in a deep orange glow.

Destination: Skellige will begin as soon as Imperial Audience is completed. Having met both Yennefer and Emhyr, Geralt’s quest to find Ciri begins. Though his search takes him through Velen and Novigrad, he is to meet Yennefer in Skellige at some point. This task sounds simple enough. After all, it’s just a boat ride away, right?


Nope, not in the slightest. Thanks to the Skelligers’ habit of raiding merchant ships, few captains are willing to sail to the archipelago. Those who do, need a hefty coin pouch to even consider it.

You will need 1,000 crowns to pay for passage to Skellige. While you could earn the money through normal means, Geralt can take on a loan from Vimme Vivaldi in Novigrad to embark on the journey early.

This is not recommended. The game expects you to search Velen and Novigrad first. This is more a suggestion than a rule, and you could go to Skellige first, though your enemies will be much deadlier than in other regions.

An annotated screenshot of The Witcher 3's map, with a circle over a quest marker.

The quest will lead you to three ships docked in Novigrad. All of them have the same outcome; their captains will not take Geralt. Not all hope is lost, however. Captain Ligald, based on the southernmost ship, will tell Geralt to look for Captain Wolverstone, the only one who might take the witcher.

This captain is at the Golden Sturgeon, close to the docks. He is by the bar, having done an effective job at getting truly drunk. Despite his state, he does not hesitate to charge Geralt 1,000 crowns for the trip. You will depart as soon as you pay.

The Voyage

Geralt cuts a pirate with his steel sword on the deck of a ship in the middle of a storm.

After a short cutscene, it becomes readily apparent that the other captains were right. Before long, the ship is boarded by Skelliger pirates and the crew put to the sword. Geralt will burst from his cabin fully armed and armored.

The pirates are a combination of archers, swordsmen, and shield-bearers. The archers are particularly annoying thanks to the lack of cover on the ship. There is nothing to hide behind save for the mast. In the beginning, the ship’s crew will fight alongside you, though they will be slain by the attackers.

The lack of space may make it harder for you to avoid their hits, but it cuts both ways. Bombs are especially deadly on the deck, letting you strike multiple pirates easily.

After some time fighting and killing attackers, a cutscene will play. The storm pushes the ship into a cliff, tearing it apart and sending the mast into Geralt’s face, knocking him out.

Getting To Kaer Trolde

Geralt arrives at a costal village with the towering castle of Kaer Trolde high in the mountains in front of him.

Geralt will be washed ashore and woken up by a thief. Congratulations, you have arrived at Skellige. Geralt will question the thief, learning his name and getting situated. During the conversation, the thief insults Yennefer. You may brawl him in her honor if you desire. The conversation will end with him giving Geralt directions.

Before you leave, go south to the wreck of the ship. You can find Captain Wolverstone’s body and the gold you paid him. The washed-up cargo will come with useful items, as well.

You will have a quest marker taking you to Kaer Trolde Harbor, where King Bran’s funeral is taking place. The death of the king brings political upheaval that will define Geralt’s time in Skellige. A long series of cutscenes will play, setting up this conflict and the people involved.

In case you were wondering, the bearded man in red robes is Ermion, an old friend of Geralt’s. He helped raise Ciri and had even witnessed the series of events that intertwined Geralt’s fate with Ciri’s.

You may recognize him as Mousesack from the Netflix series.

Yennefer will arrive before long, giving you the chance to flirt with her. At a funeral, yes, but there is no time like the present. When the ceremony is over, the two of you will share what you have learned about Ciri.

The quest ends after a short conversation with Geralt’s old friend, Crach an Craite. The next step would be to attend King Bran’s wake in The King Is Dead, Long Live The King.

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