TechyHint Gaming Silence your PC with the latest be quiet! components

Silence your PC with the latest be quiet! components


Silence your PC with the latest be quiet! components


Anyone who owned a base PS4 will know the pain of unreasonably loud fans. It’s not uncommon for hardware-intensive games to push a gaming machine to its limits, and it’s when these high-end games get booted up that your PC’s components begin to struggle. This can cause fans to speed up, spinning so fast that they begin to emit an annoying whirring sound – it can get so bad that it starts to resemble an aircraft taking off.

When you’re trying to get immersed in a story game or outperform your opponents in an online match, the last thing you want is loud fans distracting you. This is also incredibly irritating for anyone you happen to share your gaming space with. Luckily, there is a solution for gamers who want some peace and quiet. Meet be quiet!

German parts manufacturer be quiet! specialises in components that emit as little ambient noise as possible. Starting out as a distribution company for PC components under the name Listan GmbH, the firm soon noticed a gap in the market for silent components. In 2002 the be quiet! brand was launched. The company has continued to innovate throughout its history, expanding from power supplies to water coolers and PC cases.

The be quiet! range features custom-developed fans like the Silent Wings, which are equipped with a variety of noise-reducing features such as special bearings, optimised airflow, smooth-operation motors, and anti-vibration decoupling. Thanks to this unique formula, these fans are able to provide effective cooling with virtually inaudible operation.

20 years on from its humble beginnings, the brand is still going strong, and has some exciting new products to share for this milestone anniversary. With its new range of products, be quiet! has embraced ARGB lighting, so your PC can look great while staying silent.

Pure Base 500 FX

Every PC owner wants a stylish case to house the parts they’ve put together, and the Pure Base 500 FX is certainly a stylish solution. This is an improved version of one of be quiet!’s most popular products, with added ARGB light effects, lending a dazzling look to your setup. This new version also adds additional cooling fans by replacing the three Pure Wings 2 140mm fans with four Light Wings ARGB fans. With a well-rounded feature set and easy installation options, this case is a great option for anyone looking to build a high-end PC. You can pick up a Pure Base 500 FX for $149.90 / £146.99.

Pure Loop 2 FX

be quiet! has improved on its AIO water cooler, adding ARGB LEDs to the cooling block. The Pure Wings 2 PWM high-speed fans on the radiator add higher static pressure and better visual effects. Additionally, the pump is now PWM-adjustable, allowing better fine-tuning of the performance/noise balance. The water cooler is also top-of-the-range, including an ARGB and PWM fan hub. The Pure Loop 2 FX is available in three models in various sizes, ranging from $129.90 / £123.90 to $154.90 / £144.99.

Pure Rock 2 FX

Looking for an air cooler that looks as good as it performs? One of be quiet!’s most popular products, the Pure Rock 2, is a great option. Add to that the stylish ARGB lighting, and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable component. The Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan has been replaced with a Light Wings 120mm PWM high-speed for better performance and ARGB support, making this cooler an attractive option for PC builders everywhere. You can pick up a Pure Rock 2 FX for $52.90 / £46.99.

All products in the FX range are available online and in stores now. To give you a little extra incentive, throughout August and September, select partners will be offering these products at up to $30 below the suggested retail price. Check out the be quiet! site for more information, and to see its full range of products.


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