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Get the latest Sea Piece codes, a Roblox One Piece Game, here and redeem them for beli, stat resets, and other boosts.

Sea Piece is the latest Roblox One Piece game to arrive on the platform. The premise is the same: explore the Seven Seas, meet characters from the much-beloved One Piece anime and manga, and collect powerful Devil Fruits that give your character special abilities.

These codes are checked regularly, and we always add new Sea Piece codes when they are dropped on the developer’s Twitter or in the Discord server. You can redeem them for boosts like free Beli (the in-game currency), exp boosts for your character, and much more.

We added a new code on November 6.

All Sea Piece Codes

Here are all the working Sea Piece codes in November 2022.

WORLDS2022!25 candyActive (NEW CODE)
AWAKENEDMERA!30mins double expActive
AWAKENEDMOCHI!25 candyActive
SOUL666,666 beliActive
HappySpooktober666,666 beliActive
fishlolFree boostsActive
caughtemlackin666,666 beliActive
SECONDSEA!15mins double expActive
500milFree boostsExpired
Millionare!Free boostsExpired
Billionare!Free boostsExpired
PawIsABaseMythicGoUseGoroThenRethinkYourOpinionFree boostsExpired
Update8!Free boostsExpired
Update7!5 Mins double exp & Stat resetExpired
Update6!5 Mins double exp & Stat resetExpired
BackToSchoolNerdsBeli & stat resetExpired
SorryAbout10K!250k beliExpired
Big201 mil beliExpired
Update5!1 mil beliExpired
10kLikes!Double xp for 30 minutes and 250k beliExpired
UPDATE4!Double xp for 5 minutesExpired
UPDATE3!1 million beli and free stat resetExpired
1000LikesFree stat reset and double exp boostExpired
cat!Double exp boostExpired

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How To Redeem Codes

Sea Piece Codes Redeem page

It’s easy to redeem codes in Sea Piece.

  • There’s a code button on the bottom of the screen, press it!
  • Enter the code
  • Hit redeem/enter
  • Enjoy!

If the code doesn’t work, it might be because you have entered it incorrectly. Make sure to copy and paste the codes directly from our list on your PC or mobile. If the code still doesn’t work, it could be one of two things: the code is expired, and you’ll need to check back for newer ones, or, the code is being entered on an old server after an update. You need to enter the codes on the latest, updated servers.

As of October 16, 2022, Sea Piece players must be a part of the developer’s Roblox Group in order to claim codes. Joining the Mvngo DEV Group with your Roblox account is free, and lets you discuss the game with the developers and other fans. Scroll down to find the link!

How To Get More Sea Piece Codes

The easiest way to get more Sea Piece codes is to regularly check this page – we check for new codes every day so you don’t have to. For more info on codes, updates, and giveaways, grab the Sea Piece Trello and Discord from the links below.

What Are Sea Piece Codes?

These codes are freebies given away by the developer to mark special events, updates, or milestones being smashed by the community. Typically, this means new codes when a new content update happens, or when the game gets a certain amount of likes. In Sea Piece, you can redeem codes primarily for Beli (the currency used to purchase stuff in the game), exp boosts, and other general rewards.

What Is Sea Piece?

Sea Piece1

Sea Piece is the latest game to enter into the fray of popular Roblox One Piece games. Some of the biggest and most popular games of the year, like A One Piece Game and Blox Fruits, are inspired by the famous anime and manga. The premise is the same for a lot of these games: you basically become Luffy, although you get access to a lot more different devil fruits and abilities as you play. Explore, level up, complete quests – the Seven Seas are yours.

Latest Sea Piece Update

Update 6 for Sea Piece was added on August 22. The biggest new content feature is The Collector, an NPC that can only be accessed by players with over level 1,000, and it appears randomly on the map. Can grant you a Shiny Devil fruit for 2 billion beli or 1700 Robux.

Here’s a look at the other changes:

  • Sea Beast cap now set to 500, and they spawn in different colors
  • Albino Sea beasts now drop 4 different unique legendaries and fruits, they also have a .5% chance to drop a Shiny Fruit
  • Kikoku and Laws hat added as drops
  • Various balancing changes, including tweaks to Mochi, Lunarian, and others
  • New game pass

Want to get more codes or in-the-moment updates from the developer and community? Visit the Discord or Trello board.

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