Relatable Things Everyone Does In Stranded Deep


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If you’re an avid Stranded Deep player, you made a couple of clumsy mistakes in your first runs, and it might also be the case that you’re still doing them now. The game pits you against a harsh environment, but the sunny weather and beautiful sunsets probably distract us from our priorities.

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It’s time to get rid of some bad habits when playing Stranded Deep, but once you get them down, they’re funny little memories of your first few days on the island.


10 Eat Too Many Coconuts

Coconuts are your go-to meal when you’ve just landed on your first island and forgot to bring all the necessities to survive comfortably on the first day or so. They are an excellent substitute for meat and veggies; they not only take away hunger but also help quench your thirst.

We all know that eating too many coconuts will be a problem, especially with food poisoning affecting your hydration levels. So let’s pledge to stop eating as many coconuts from now on.

9 Forget To Save

sleep and save menu in stranded deep

Saving is a vital aspect of every survival game out there. Of course, Stranded Deep doesn’t force permadeath on you; maybe we all forget about saving because of it. Nothing beats having to go back a couple of days of harvesting.

If you’ve played a game like Long Dark, you’ll know how important it is to save every chance you get. Especially if you do decide to turn on permadeath, saving whenever you get the opportunity is an absolute necessity.

8 Eat Raw Meat

raw meat in stranded deep

Munching on a piece of raw meat in the game is a mistake we all make. That’s simply because of the key bindings in the game. Sometimes you’re starving and forget to press the right button to “attach” the meat to the fire, and instead pop it in your mouth and feel sick. It’s happened oh too many times, and you can’t deny it.

Adding a smoker to your cooking setup might slow down the crab sashimi, but we won’t stop you if you’re into raw meat.

7 Forget To Check Durability

a well developed settlement in stranded deep

Just about to finish the raft of your dreams, and your last Hammer vanishes? It happens to the best of us, but what will you do about it? Sometimes you’re too engaged in the build to have no time to check the durability.

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You should start checking durabilities more often because there’s nothing worse than running out of tools on an island you’ve already ransacked and needing to cruise across the tropics to find what we need.

6 Take Too Long To Make The Pickaxe

mining some rock in stranded deep

How often did you rely on the rocks found on the ground to get the needed equipment? Without thinking about the fact that rocks do tend to get used up quickly, and yet the pickaxe, for some reason, is the last item we all craft. The only reason you’ll likely remember is that you run out of rocks and stone tools in our inventory.

One of the first things you should be crafting is the pickaxe. You’ll always find a rock to mine, and nothing is more frustrating than not being able to extract the materials.

5 Use The Hammer As A Weapon

building a shack in stranded deep

Crude Hammers as weapons are a no-no, but once you find your first Refined Hammer, you know deep down that it could be a significant weapon – it’s a big, heavy, metal hammer, after all. But, alas, no, the Refined Hammer only helps you build things.

Even though you may have the idea of using the Refined Hammer to help fend off those pesky Giant Crabs, it’s something you can’t do. No matter how many times you try to crack their shell open.

4 Struggle Putting Back The Paddle In The Raft

the life raft in stranded deep

The first struggle we all face in Stranded Deep isn’t the sharks, the hunger, or the giant Hogs, it’s placing that Paddle back into the Life Rafts Hook. It’s too much to handle when you don’t know what is waiting for you on the first island you land on.

It’s happened to everyone: you’re stuck in the ocean, dying of thirst and terrified of the swarming sharks. The last thing you need is to try and fail three times to put the Paddle on the Hook and keep putting it in your inventory instead.

3 Underestimate Hogs

a giant hog ready to be eaten in stranded deep

When you leave your first little haven, you’ll come across one of two islands with at least one hog living on them. Even though they aren’t actively seeking to take you out, they will charge when you get too close to them.

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Sometimes you don’t even realize how close they are, and that’s when you regret setting foot on that land. There is nothing you can do about it. The only hope is that you saved at your last shelter.

2 Break Spears On Giant Crab Shells

refined spear used to fight boss in stranded deep

How many times did you get ready to take out a Giant Crab in a couple of hits with your spear but remembered just too late that you can’t hit their shell with spears on? It’ll break the weapon, just like throwing it against a rock.

Nothing makes us want to rage-quit like having lost a Refined Spear to a Giant Crab. But with your collection of Refined Axes, you can enjoy some sweet vengeance.

1 Start Building A Place Without Enough Resources

shelter, bow and fire in stranded deep

Once you are comfortable with the game’s survival aspects, and feel ready to upgrade your Palm Frond-adorned little shelter, you’ll start cutting down all the wood and Yucca trees you find on your chosen island.

After planning the base for your new house and setting up the walls, stairs, windows, and all, sometimes, you might get a bit excited and forget you’re running low on Lashings. Bummer, but don’t worry, the island across the shark-infested waters is full of leaves for you to harvest. It’s only a short trip, and what could possibly go wrong?

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