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Ready or Not – Controls Guide


Ready or Not is a first-person shooter that pits you against the opposition in a thrilling, fast-paced game. The SWAT police units are called to defuse hostile and confronting situations. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play RC Ready or Not.

Actions Keys Description
Forward W Press W to Move Forward
Backward S Press S to Move Backward
Left A Press A to Move Left
Right D Press D to Move Right
Jump Space Press Space to Jump
Crouch Left Ctrl Press Left Ctrl to Crouch
Walk Left Shift Press Left Shift to Walk
Lean Left Q Press Q to Lean Left
Lean Right E Press E to Lean Right
Free Lean Left Alt Press Left Alt to Free Lean


Actions Keys Description
Equip Primary Weapon 1 Press 1 to Equip Primary Weapon
Equip Secondary Weapon 2 Press 2 to Equip Secondary Weapon
Equip Grenade 3 Press 3 to Equip Grenade
Equip Tactical Device 4 Press 4 to Equip Tactical Device
Equip Long tactical 5 Press 5 to Equip Long tactical
Equip Miscellaneous 6 Press 6 to Equip Miscellaneous
Equip Nightvision N Press N to Equip Nightvision
Drop Chemlight C Press C to Drop Chemlight
Equip Multitool Numpad 9 Press Numpad 9 to Equip Multitool
Equip Pepper Spray Numpad 8 Press Numpad 8 to Equip Pepper Spray
Equip Tablet Numpad 7 Press Numpad 7 to Equip Tablet
Equip C2 Numpad 6 Press Numpad 6 to Equip C2
Equip Wedge Numpad 5 Press Numpad 5 to Equip Wedge
Equip Breaching Shotgun Numpad 4 Press Numpad 4 to Equip Breaching Shotgun
Equip Optiwand Numpad 3 Press Numpad 3 to Equip Optiwand
Equip Flashbang Numpad 2 Press Numpad 2 to Equip Flashbang
Equip CS Gas Numpad 1 Press Numpad 1 to Equip CS Gas
Equip Stinger Numpad 0 Press Numpad 0 to Equip Stinger


Actions Keys Description
Fire Left Mouse Button Press Left Mouse Button to Fire
ADS Right Mouse Button Press Right Mouse Button to Use ADS
Quick Throw G Press G to Throw Quickly
Interact / Yell for Compliance F Press F to Interact / Yell for Compliance
Melee B Press B to Melee
Fire Select X Press X to Select Fire
Reload / Check Magazine R Press R to Reload / Check Magazine
Toggle Low-Ready Home Press Home to Toggle Low-Ready
Toggle HUD F3 Press F3 to Toggle HUD


Actions Keys Description
Open Swat Command Interface Middle Mouse Button Press Middle Mouse Button to Open Swat Command Interface
Issue Default Command Z Press Z to Issue Default Command
Cycle Next Element Mouse Wheel Up Press Mouse Wheel Up to Cycle Next Element
Cycle Previous Element Mouse Wheel Down Press Mouse Wheel Down to Cycle Previous Element
Select Gold Element F5 Press F5 to Select Gold Element
Select Blue Element F6 Press F6 to Select Blue Element
Select Red Element F7 Press F7 to Select Red Element
Hold Command Left Shift Press Left Shift to Hold Command
Command Key One 1 Press 1 to Use Command Key One
Command Key Two 2 Press 2 to Use Command Key Two
Command Key Three 3 Press 3 to Use Command Key Three
Command Key Four 4 Press 4 to Use Command Key Four
Command Key Five 5 Press 5 to Use Command Key Five
Command Key Six 6 Press 6 to Use Command Key Six
Command Key Seven 7 Press 7 to Use Command Key Seven
Command Key Eight 8 Press 8 to Use Command Key Eight
Command Key Nine 9 Press 9 to Use Command Key Nine
Command Key Back Tab Press Tab to Use Command Key Back
Team View Cam T Press T to Open Team View Cam
Push to Talk VOIP V Press V to Push to Talk VOIP
Cycle Voice Channels L Press L to Use Cycle Voice Channels
Chat J Press J to Open Chat
Team Chat K Press K to Open Team Chat


Actions Keys Description
Pause Menu Esc Press Esc to Pause Menu
Spectate Next Player Right Arrow Press Right Arrow to Spectate Next Player
Spectate Previous Player Left Arrow Press Left Arrow to Spectate Previous Player
Multiplayer Menu M Press M to Open Multiplayer Menu
Vote Yes Page Up Press Page Up to Vote Yes
Vote No Page Down Press Page Down to Vote No

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