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Ranking Every Weapon Shot in Cuphead


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In Cuphead, your only defense against the giant bosses and the smaller enemies scurrying around are the shots you can get your hands on. You start with only one. But as you build your arsenal, you’ll be able to take two weapons into battle and switch between them freely. The different weapons, called Shots, can vary in damage, range, speed, and how they travel.

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Each one comes with its own Extra Special move to use as you build the Super Meter. Though you’ll likely grow familiar with a few of them, it’s important to note which ones are better suited to certain bosses based on the hitbox and placement.


9 Crackshot

One of the newer Shots added due to The Delicious Last Course DLC, the Crackshot is easily the cream of the crop among the shots. Not only does it have good damage, and a decent range, but it has an unusual feature. When used at a range, the Crackshot will break into a smaller shot that hones in on boss weak points as well as smaller enemies.

Its Extra Special move takes the form of a spinning planet that lingers and acts as a turret while it lasts. It can also be parried to send it flying towards a target for high damage, and it provides all the perks that come with landing a successful parry. It can also be parried into the boss for heavy damage. You can get the Crackshot from the shop for the price of four Coins.

Effective Against: Ribby And Croaks, The Phantom Express

8 Roundabout

The natural tendency when it comes to shooting is to face your target when you fire, but the Roundabout would beg to differ. Acting as a boomerang of sorts, this Shot launches discs a medium distance before curving back and traveling straight across the screen.

This makes it quite handy in situations where you’re frequently jumping back and forth or being forced to face away from a boss. It also has high damage, a decent fire rate, and a very long range. Its Extra Special move summons a huge buzzsaw which hits multiple times and passes through everything. It costs four Coins at the shop.

Effective Against: Grim Matchstick, Baroness Von Bon Bon

7 Spread

The shotgun is the preferred weapon for those who want to get up close and not worry about precision, which is what the Spread represents. One of the weapons from the base game, this Shot fires triangle-shaped projectiles in a spread at a very fast rate. This makes it a great source of damage and its spread can let you hit targets above and below you when standing still.

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Its main drawback is that it has the shortest range of all the Shots, making it a somewhat risky weapon but super effective against large bosses with minimal movement. Its Extra Special move shoots out an AoE burst of large triangles that travel outwards from the character’s location. You can buy it from the shop for four Coins.

Effective Against: Cagney Carnation, The Devil

6 Converge

Following the Spread, you have the alternative Shot in the form of Converge. Another weapon introduced in the DLC, this Shot has an electrical flair. Like the Spread, the Converge shoots out thin beams of energy in a three-way spread that travel across the whole screen. It has solid damage if it lands all three beams and moderate damage for a few.

Its fast rate of fire combined with its range and spread guarantees you’ll be able to hit something. Its Extra Special move fires a devastating large beam that pierces anything in whatever direction you aim it. You’ll find it at the shop for four Coins.

Effective Against: King Dice, Moonshine Mob

5 Twist-Up

An unusual idea for a weapon that still has its uses comes forth in the Twist-Up. This is a DLC Shot that you can buy for four Coins at the shop. When fired, the Shot sends out a batch of small whirlwind-like projectiles that travel a short distance before curving and traveling up.

This makes it very useful against bosses who you have to aim at from an angle, and it deals nice damage as a result. When aiming up, the projectiles travel horizontal instead of vertical giving you more options. Its Extra Special move fires a large tornado that travels in a loop-de-loop in whatever direction it’s aimed, passing through targets and hitting multiple times.

Effective Against: Captain Brineybeard, Angel And Demon

4 Chaser

For those who aren’t the most precise or consistent shooters, there’s the Chaser. This Shot can be obtained in the base game at the shop for four Coins. This weapon shoots out green glowing projectiles at a nice rate that home in on any targets on screen.

This means you can effectively move freely around the stage keeping your finger on the trigger and still be guaranteed to hit the boss. However, it does have the lowest damage in the game, and it can be less effective at landing direct hits when there are multiple enemies on the screen. Its Extra Special move surrounds you with green projectiles that can protect you from smaller enemies.

Effective Against: The Howling Aces, Glumstone The Giant

3 Peashooter

In many games you’re given a reliable starting weapon that usually stays with you to the end, and that’s what the Peashooter is to Cuphead. This is the first Shot you start with, it’s fairly balanced, and it’s easy to use. It has a high fire rate, great range, and dishes out moderate damage.

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Its main drawback is that it requires precision to use effectively since its projectiles don’t provide a lot of coverage. Even so, it’s worthwhile to master this weapon so that you’ll always have something to fall back on if you don’t feel like experimenting with new Shots. Its Extra Special move shoots a big blue fireball that travels straight and hits multiple times.

Effective Against: Potentially Any Boss

2 Charge

Occasionally when you have a beam or energy-like weapon, it’s natural to get a move that lets you charge your attack. In Cuphead, you don’t have this as an inherent ability as it’s been delegated to the Charge weapon. After buying this Shot for four Coins, you’ll quickly learn that it’s made to be charged.

It has the largest damage of any Shot in the game and long range, but it also has the lowest rate of fire and depends on precise targeting in order to be effective. It’s best reserved for boss forms that have smaller weak points or tricky phases that you want to end quickly. Its Extra Special move fires a large AoE blast which can do massive damage.

Effective Against: Beppi The Clown, Werner Werman

1 Lobber

Sometimes staying low to the ground is the best course of action and that’s where the Lobber shines. This Shot lets you shoot large blobs that bounce along the ground dealing damage to whatever they come into contact with. Though it has strong damage, the fact that it’s limited to the ground and has a slower rate of fire really limits its capabilities.

It’s best used on bosses that frequently line up with you or that hang out below, so you can hit them consistently. Its Extra Special move is also somewhat underwhelming as it just fires a larger blob that bursts with some AoE effects. Buy this Shot at the shop for four coins.

Effective Against: Rumor Honeybottoms, Sally Stageplay

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