Preston Arsement Net Worth – How Rich Is the Minecraft YouTuber?


Preston Arsement

Preston Blaine Arsement, better known as PrestonPlayz and TBNRFrags, is a YouTuber recognized for a wide range of gaming channels. He is a member of The Pack, a Minecraft group he formed with his pals. He runs Minecraft servers that players pay to join. As of 2022, Preston Arsement has a net worth of $20 million.


Arsement was born in Dallas, Texas, on May 4, 1994. He has five siblings. Their parents divorced, and when Preston turned three months old, his mother remarried. He was always more interested in games than academics since he was a child.

He went to Travis Academy of Fine Arts in high school. He once worked as a lifeguard. At first, he was planning on going to a university to become a surgeon.

However, during the summer before college, he got involved in unpleasant situations. After this, Preston made the conclusion that college wasn’t for him.

YouTube Career

He finally chose to focus on his YouTube channel, TBNRfrags, after pondering what he should do with his life. “The Best Never Rest ” is what TBNR stands for.

The young man started the channel in 2010, but he wasn’t alone. Preston and his two mates, TBNRKenWorth and ChocoTheChocobo, make up the TBNR squad. They made many gaming-related videos.

As his YouTube channel grew, he began uploading and live streaming more frequently until entertainment network Machinima approached him and offered him a partnership. This gave him the motivation that earned his channel 7.54 million subscribers.

Other Channels

TBNRfrags is not the only channel Preston established. He decided to create other accounts dedicated to his other interests and favorite games. Now, TBNRfrags is centered around Call of Duty and some Fortnite uploads.

In 2012, he made PrestonPlayz, originally PrestonMinecraft. On this channel, he first started uploading Minecraft Pocket Edition gameplay. PrestonGamez is made for Roblox.

He also made PrestonCosmic for his Minecraft server. It featured CosmicPvP and Cosmic Sky videos. However, it is currently inactive. Apart from games, he has an animation-themed channel, PrestonCartoon. He and his wife collaborated on the cartoon animation flicks.


Of all his gaming endeavors, Minecraft is arguably his biggest. With it, he got to join The Pack, which was formed around 2013. He was a core member along with JeromeASF, Lachlan, Vikkstar123, Woofless, and Bajan Canadian. Sadly, they’ve gone their separate ways in 2020.

Still, Arsement has gained a lot of success with Minecraft. He co-owns the CosmicPvP Minecraft server. It was launched in 2014. HCF, Factions, and KitPvP are just a few of the game modes available there.

Personal Life

In 2016, Preston Arsement began dating a fellow YouTuber named Paige. They, unfortunately, split up for an undisclosed reason one year after confirming their relationship.

Preston went on to marry Brianna Barnhart, a nurse. Their wedding happened in May 2018. The couple is currently residing in Dallas, Texas, where they are likely near Preston’s family. Brianna has appeared in many of her husband’s videos, and she has her own channel now.

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