Pokemon Duel Beginners Guide For Mobile


Pokemon Duel Beginners Guide For Mobile

Get to play with Pokemon Figures on Pokemon Duel. You can choose to duel with other players (just like Clash Royale), search for nearby players to duel or play story mode.

In this article, we will teach you the basics of how to play Pokemon Duel without breaking a sweat.

Pokemon Duel Beginners Guide for Android and iPhone:

Pokemon Duel Gameplay

You will get to choose 6 Pokemon Figures and 6 Plates (defined below) for your deck. You can only have a max of three same Pokemon Types in a deck.

The goal of the match is simple. You have to land on your opponent’s goal. Your “goal” is the one colored Blue. Your opponents will be red. The two of you will go head to head on conquering each other’s “goal”. You have to make sure to block his/her path or battle his/her Pokemon.

Determining who will go first is simple. There will be a spinning board to randomly determine which player is going to play first.

The blue circles with numbers are your Pokemon’s MP. This determines how many tiles your Pokemon can move. If you’re going to go first, MPs are deducted 1 point.

A good example is the Ekans that you can see on the lower left side of the screen. Its MP is 3, if the blue player plays first they will reduce it to 2 for the first move.

As you can see in the image above, in the upper left corner, the Scyther is not able to move forward as Zangoose is blocking its path. You can either battle it or move around the Pokemon.

Pokemon Duel Battles

If you chose to battle a Pokemon, their attacks are based on this spinning data disk. You can tap on it to stop or just let it stop on its own.


• If both attacks (you and your foe) landed on White, whichever attack is higher wins.

• If the attacks are the same color and number, it’s a draw.

• Purple Attacks beat White colored Attacks.

• Purple Attacks are counted based on their ★.

• Gold Attacks beat Purple Attacks.

• You don’t want to land on Red as it means miss.

• Blue colors are for dodging or moves that will save your Pokemon from getting hit.

The image shows the Pokemon Center. This is where fainted Pokemon stays. It can only occupy two Pokemon at a time. Unless there is a new fainted Pokemon, Pokemon will just stay there until the end of the battle.

It’s First In, First Out system, if a third fainted Pokemon comes, the first Pokemon who went in the Pokemon Center will now be put on the bench. The same Pokemon will also miss a turn to recover.

The cards that you will see on the lower right side of the screen are called Plates. These Plates work like an item during Pokemon battles. You can only use them during your turn and not during Pokemon Duel Battles.

As shown in the image above, the Doduo is suffering under a Poison status. There are a total of seven status conditions in the game.

• Poison – Reduces a Pokemon’s damage by 20.
• Paralysis – The attack with the smallest space of the data disk becomes a miss.
• Noxious – Reduces a Pokemon’s damage by 40.
• Confusion – After landing on an Attack, the Confusion status will move the Data Disk clockwise. If it now landed on Miss, your Pokemon will not be able to attack.
• Burn – The attack with the smallest space of the data disk becomes a miss plus an added 10 Damage per turn.
• Frozen – Your Pokemon will not be able to move. During a battle, the only option you’ll have is Miss.
• Sleep – Your Pokemon can still move around the tiles but cannot take action.


Having played Pokemon Duel for a couple of hours, I can say that the game is pretty simple. You just need to understand the basics of how to move and where to go. It will exercise your mind on what strategy will you use. Think about it like a Pokemon-themed Chess board.

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