Origins Lead Writer David Gaider Wants A Remake


Dragon Age Origins, Alistair fighting the Ogre from opening of the game.

Almost 14 years since release, David Gaider shares what he’d like to see in a Dragon Age: Origins remake.

To many fans, Dragon Age: Origins is the best of the bunch. However, recommending it to friends over its glossy threequel, Inquisiton, is incredibly difficult. I mean, just look at it.

Lead Dragon Age writer and former BioWare dev David Gaider is only all too aware of this. From awkward character models to even more awkward character animations (especially in romance scenes), there’s no shortage of areas that could be improved with modern tech. Because of this, Gaider has put Origins forward as the perfect candidate for a remake or remaster, saying that he’d love to see this 2009 RPG get shown some love.

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“If we’re on a kick re-mastering games from the aughts, what about Dragon Age Origins?” says Gaider. “Its graphics were behind the curve even at the time of release… can you imagine it with brand new PS5-era bells and whistles?”

This has sparked a discussion on what a remake or remaster could improve – and Gaider himself has no shortage of ideas. Replying to a fan, he says, “All I want is for Morrigan to not have the shoulders of a linebacker and for the sex scenes to not look like someone bashing marionettes together and shouting ‘now kiss!'”

Overall, fans love the idea of Origins getting a current-gen facelift. Even if that would include the creepier aspects of the game that might be better off left with the limitations of Xbox 360 graphics – like the Broodmother. Gaider ponders this too, asking fans to imagine the boss with “extra-realistic slimy nipple textures.” I think I’ll pass.

Of course, others would just be happy to see their favourite Dragon Age: Origins companions remastered and given the Inquisition treatment. I think we can all agree they looked better in later games – with the exception of Zevran, who sadly hasn’t appeared since his weird Dragon Age 2 appearance. Give the man his nose back, you monsters.

It would also be an excellent opportunity to unify the designs across the games, with elves and qunari looking much more human-like than we see in the other two games. With the qunari we were at least given an in-universe explanation for Sten’s lack of horns, but it still doesn’t make sense that his physique just makes him look like a slightly larger than average human.

Speaking of consistency, there is no way that Dragon Age: Origins intended for Alistair to be a redhead. An NPC literally called him “Blondie”. A remaster or remake could finally put this debate to bed, settling on one of the three different Alistair designs once and for all (and hopefully the Inquisition one.)

Sadly, there’s nothing to suggest that an Origins remake is on the way. While it would make sense given the upcoming release of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, it seems that this game is also being made with newcomers in mind, making playing the 2009 release not particularly essential.

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