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Noble Fates – Controls Guide


Noble Fates - Controls Guide


Noble Fates is a role-playing game that invites the players to explore a vast, fantastical world of mortals and the gods. The collection of gods oversees the plane and lends its powers to those they see fit in pursuit of balance.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Noble Fates.

Noble Fates Controls


Actions Keys Description
Open Pause Menu / Back Esc Press Esc to Open the Pause Menu
Auto Save Ctrl + R Press Ctrl + R to Auto Save


Actions Keys Description
Move W A S D Press W A S D to Move
Rotate Middle Mouse Button (Hold) + Drag Press Middle Mouse Button (Hold) + Drag to Rotate
Rotate Alt F (Hold) + Drag Press F (Hold) + Drag to Rotate Alt
Zoom In/Out Mouse Wheel Press Mouse Wheel to Zoom In/Out


Actions Keys Description
Toggle Pause Spacebar Press Spacebar to Toggle Pause
.5x Speed 1 Press 1 to .5x Speed
1x Speed 2 Press 2 to 1x Speed
3x Speed 3 Press 3 to 3x Speed
10x Speed 4 Press 4 to 10x Speed


Actions Keys Description
Place One Left Mouse Button Press Left Mouse Button to Place One
Place Multiple Left Mouse Button (Hold) + Drag Press Left Mouse Button (Hold) + Drag to Place Multiple
Cancel Right Mouse Button Press Right Mouse Button to Cancel
Rotate Left Q Press Q to Rotate Left
Rotate Right E Press E to Rotate Right

Character Tactics

Actions Keys Description
Toggle Enlisted T Press T to Toggle Enlisted
Push Enemies P Press P to Push Enemies
Hold Position L Press L to Hold Position

Take Control

Actions Keys Description
Toggle Ruler Control C Press C to Toggle Ruler Control
Toggle Mage Control M Press M to Toggle Mage Control

While Controlling

Actions Keys Description
Toggle Command Mode ~ Press ~ to Toggle Command Mode
Cycle Targets Mouse Wheel Press Mouse Wheel to Cycle Targets
Interact E Press E to Interact
More Interactions E (Hold) Press E (Hold) to More Interactions
Drop All R Press R to Drop All
Sprint Left Shift (Hold) Press Left Shift (Hold) to Sprint
JumpLeft Spacebar Press Spacebar to JumpLeft
Attack Mouse Button Press Mouse Button to Attack
Defend Left Mouse Button (Hold) Press Left Mouse Button (Hold) to Defend
Aim Ranged Right Mouse Button (Hold) Press Right Mouse Button (Hold) to Aim Ranged
Fire Ranged Left Mouse Button + Aim Press Left Mouse Button + Aim to Fire Ranged
Use Ability 1 1 Press 1 to Use Ability 1
Use Ability 2 2 Press 2 to Use Ability 2
Use Ability 3 3 Press 3 to Use Ability 3
Use Ability 4 4 Press 4 to Use Ability 4


Actions Keys Description
Toggle Layered View Tab Press Tab to Toggle Layered View
Navigate Between Layers Left Alt + Mouse Wheel Press Left Alt + Mouse Wheel to Navigate Between Layers


Actions Keys Description
Activate Tool 1 Left Alt + 1 Press Left Alt + 1 to Activate Tool 1
Activate Tool 2 Left Alt + 2 Press Left Alt + 2 to Activate Tool 2
Activate Tool 3 Left Alt + 3 Press Left Alt + 3 to Activate Tool 3
Activate Tool 4 Left Alt + 4 Press Left Alt + 4 to Activate Tool 4
Activate Tool 5 Left Alt + 5 Press Left Alt + 5 to Activate Tool 5
Activate Tool 6 Left Alt + 6 Press Left Alt + 6 to Activate Tool 6
Activate Tool 7 Left Alt + 7 Press Left Alt + 7 to Activate Tool 7
Activate Tool 8 Left Alt + 8 Press Left Alt + 8 to Activate Tool 8
Activate Tool 9 Left Alt + 9 Press Left Alt + 9 to Activate Tool 9


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