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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Best Familiars


Stagthorn, Dinoceros, and Bunnybot familiars

When it comes to the world of Ni No Kuni, familiars are one of the best things about the series and they’ve become one of the most discussed topics in the community. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is no exception, as the game consistently receives updates, and new familiars are added with each new event.

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But, while it would be easy to say that any four-star familiar upgraded is the best the game has to offer, that isn’t always necessarily true. Some can only work as part of a team and some only individually, but the best of the best will be able to work in most situations for both. From the familiar arena to grinding and PvP, these familiars will get the job done.


10 Prince Of Whales (Water)

Undoubtedly one of the most useful three-star familiars, the Prince of Whales, is a defensive water-type familiar. Now, what makes the Prince of Whales so popular among the community is that it’s one of the few helpful water-type familiars in the game and has a great skill set for any battle.

This familiar has defensive capabilities against fire, which is typical of a water familiar, but it also has a skill called bubble shield, which is an extra health bar created based on attack damage. On top of this great skill, it also has an area-of-effect attack that does a large amount of damage and decreases an attacker’s damage to you or your familiar. As Prince of Whales is a three-star, it can be acquired through the summoning shop or hatching reasonably quickly.

9 Molten Lion (Fire)

The legendary four-star familiar called Molten Lion is an incredibly strong defensive fire-type familiar. This fire familiar is popular among the community in the PvP aspect of the game, although it can still be used in battle.

The main reason it’s used so much in PvP and the familiar arena is that its skill set is devastatingly overpowered when alone or in a team. These main skills are called “Eternal Flame” and “Final Flame,” which effectively grant immortality for a few seconds to the familiar when low on HP, and then heals afterward while increasing damage output. But, because it’s a rare four-star, Molten Lion can be difficult to obtain in the summoning shop or by hatching.

8 Whambat (Darkness)

The lowest-tier familiar in the darkness-type category is the three-star attack type familiar called Whambat. However, although it’s the lowest tier, it’s also one of the best familiars to use in the darkness category in battle and in PvP.

Whambat has a skill called “Ultrasonic” that can travel through multiple enemies, inflicting a high amount of damage. It also has a 30 percent chance to do an extra 100 percent damage if its target gets corrupted by the attack. A similar skill called “Ultrasound” does the same thing, except it’s an area-of-effect attack. Whambat can be acquired through the summoning shop or hatching easily because of its three-star rating.

7 Oroboros (Earth)

Oroboros is the most commonly acquired four-star familiar because the game typically gives it out in the summoning shop early on. However, that isn’t the only thing that makes it powerful; you can buy this familiar with real money and hatching, allowing for this familiar to be awakened to the maximum easily.

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All of that alone makes Oroboros one of the top familiars to use, but its skill set isn’t bad either. It has an attack called “Spin Attack,” in which the familiar runs at an enemy and deals massive damage, while poisoning 100 percent of the time. Plus, its other skill knocks down the enemy and then hits them with area-of-effect damage.

6 Firelynx (Fire)

When choosing familiars to fight with in PvP, Firelynx has to be the automatic choice due to its powerful abilities that almost no other familiar can currently match. It also has abilities that would even help in battles against monsters and bosses.

What makes Firelynx so powerful in PvP is its skill set that, when attacking a player or familiar, lowers the amount of healing that the targeted enemy can recover. Whether it be through potions or passive healing, this familiar can reduce healing between 15 percent and 25 percent. Firelynx can be obtained in the summoning shop or through hatching familiars.

5 Suiryu (Water)

Water familiars in Cross Worlds are knownfor being the wors t in the entire game, with only one out of three four-star familiars being genuinely useful in combat and PvP. Suiryu is the best out of them all, and even one of the best familiars in the game due to its high attack power and boosts.

Every familiar comes with three skills they use automatically in battle: one passive and two active. Suiryu’s passive skill boosts its own attack power, and then deals two devastating attacks that each do over 200 percent damage (it always does extra damage on top, too).

4 Stagthorn (Earth)

Another legendary defensive earth familiar is Stagthorn. What’s unique about Stagthorn is not necessarily its individual powers, but the fact that it works so well with other earth familiars. Usually, this wouldn’t make a familiar the best of the bunch, but getting earth familiars is easy, and they’re also some of the best in the game, like Oroboros.

Stagthorn’s passive skill is instrumental in situations against strong attacking familiars because of the resistance it gives for damage and things like getting pushed back, subdued, and knocked down. Stagthorn’s other two skills work in harmony by not just reflecting damage, but also pulling targets closer and stunning them. Stagthorn is more difficult to get than Oroboros, but you can still get it in the summoning shop or by hatching.

3 Ebon Taurex (Darkness)

If Stagthorn was the best defensive familiar in the Earth category, Ebon Taurex would be the best in darkness. The most ironic and best thing about this familiar is that it’s the polar opposite of Stagthorn.

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Ebon Taurex doesn’t rely on other darkness familiars to team with it, so its passive skill instead decreases light damage and damage from enemies rampaging. But what makes this familiar extra special is that it has two extraordinary abilities: a shield that decreases all damage taken, and a charge attack that can knock down multiple enemies. Because the game has periodic events, Ebon Taurex is often a reward for completing tasks, but you can also get it in the summoning shop and by hatching.

2 Dinoceros (Darkness)

Dinoceros is the most powerful darkness attack-type familiar in the game by far. Like an actual dinosaur, it crushes its enemies with powerful attacks that even other four-star familiars don’t have a chance to fight.

Dinoceros increases his damage output with his passive skill of increasing damage. Then, it attacks the enemy with its horn, cursing them, and knocking them down. To finish it off, he roars, does 400 percent damage, and then breaks their formation. You can get this familiar by purchasing it with money, hatching it, or summoning it from the summon shop.

1 Bunnybot (Light)

The light category of familiars has some of the better familiars in the game, providing plenty of good bonuses that can help in each situation. With Thumbelemur and Flutterby being especially good, the best though, without a doubt, has to be the legendary familiar, Bunnybot.

Unlike most passive skills that boost specific elements, Bunnybot increases damage for all attack-type familiars. On top of this, Bunnybot can create two shields with their active skills. One can negate 50 percent of damage while also increasing damage to stunned enemies, and the other can negate up to 25 percent of all elemental damage when activated upon another familiar. If you want Bunnybot, it can be obtained in the summoning shop or by hatching.

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