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New Warzone Map Arriving in Season 4


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Warzone has been a slowly dying game for the past couple of months. The constant spread of cheating forces streamers like TimTheTatman and Nickmercs to switch games completely, taking their fanbases elsewhere. The community has been itching for them to bring back Verdansk after the release of Caldera. Developers Raven and High Noon studios knew something needed to bring life back into the game. They added a smaller map set in the Mediterranean called Fortune’s Keep. Here is a look at the new Warzone map, Fortune’s Keep.

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What To Expect in The Map?

With this new map being introduced, Raven and High Noon wanted to create something similar to what they have in Rebirth Island. The map is small, action-packed, and just overall fun for the players. But, before loading up and jumping into the Mediterranean, here is some information players will need to know.

Black Market Supply Run: Another addition to the new Warzone map is the Black Market Run Contracts. After accepting one of these contracts, players must reach the Black Market Buy Station before time runs out. Once buying station, whoever started the contract can exchange their cash for a high-tier item. Then afterward, other members of squads can use the buy station, but only for a limited time.

Cash Extraction: To help get cash for the Black Market, try a Cash Extraction event. Mercenaries will start multiple public events called a Cash Extraction. Once the event starts, a helicopter will drop a bag of gold along with mercenaries to fight for it. Players can eliminate these mercenaries and intercept the bag to get the loot filled with cash, armor, and much more.

The event is concluded when the bag is fully looted, the helicopter gets destroyed or enough time has passed.

Why This Could Be a Mistake?

Although this may sound fun on paper, it could be the complete opposite in terms of gameplay. Before the release of Caldera, tons of people were high heading into the release. However, it fell flat with the community and it didn’t retain the same level of enjoyment as Verdansk did. This could strike again with the new Fortune’s Keep map.

Rebirth Island is already a fan favorite so replacing that with something brand new could make a lot of players upset. This is nothing new from Call of Duty though. As mentioned earlier, they removed Verdansk from the playlist before. Despite all the outcry from fans, it still hasn’t been added back.

The last thing players want to see is another Warzone that falls flat with players. Taking away more players and making them turn to other FPS games or other games in general.

When does Season 4 drop?

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 releases at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT / 5 pm BST on June 22.

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