NBA 2K23: Best Point Guards, Ranked


luka doncic, stephen curry, chris paul in NBA 2K23

Achieving success in the NBA requires having a competent point guard. Known as the floor general, point guards facilitate the offense and are typically the players who can dissect an opposing team’s defenses. The importance of having a solid point guard is no different in NBA 2K23.

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In most cases, point guards will first look to create opportunities for their teammates before they try scoring themselves. However, today’s NBA has a bevy of extraordinary athletes in this position who can take over games by themselves. These point guards are among the cream of the crop, and will cause several problems for opposing defenses.

Updated January 31, 2023, by Avery Feyrer: As we cross the midway point of the season, there have been several adjustments to player ratings. We’ve updated the current entries, and also added a few more deserving names to this list.


14 C.J. McCollum – 85

For nearly nine seasons, C.J. McCollum was Damian Lillard’s running mate with the Portland Trail Blazers, but the duo never managed to reach the NBA Finals. Looking for a change, Portland sent McCollum to New Orleans, where he might’ve discovered the fountain of youth.

In his first season with the Pelicans, McCollum averaged a career-high 24.3 points per game and powered the team to the playoffs. At 31 years old, McCollum is nearing the end of his prime, but he’s still capable of making it rain from three-point land (A) and scoring at the rim (A-). Although his perimeter defense (B) is slightly low compared to others, he’s a smart player on both ends of the court.

13 LaMelo Ball – 86

lamelo ball shooting free throw in NBA 2K23

Coming off of Rookie of the Year honors, expectations were high for LaMelo Ball and the Charlotte Hornets. While Ball improved in every statistical category, the team still failed to reach the postseason. But with Ball’s production seeing a nice bump in his second year, Charlotte should be pleased with their investment in the young point guard.

Ball’s an offensive threat, capable of scoring the ball from all levels of the court. His mid-range (B-) shot is his lowest offensive rating, but even then, he’s better than average. The 21-year-old excels at scoring inside (A-) and shooting the deep ball (A-). On the other end of the court, Ball can hold his own on the perimeter (B+) and does a decent job securing rebounds (B-).

12 De’Aaron Fox – 86

de'aaron fox passing the ball in nba 2k23

Although the Sacramento Kings haven’t reached the playoffs since 2005, the team features stellar players — including guard De’Aaron Fox. Selected fifth overall in 2017, Fox has averaged more than 21 points per game in the last four seasons.

He’s one of the better scoring point guards in the league, capable of driving hard to the rim (A), pulling up from mid-range (A-), and launching from deep (B-). On the other end of the court, Fox is also a suitable perimeter defender (A-). Fox and the Kings are in the midst of an amazing season and are in a prime position to finally make it back to the postseason.

11 Chris Paul – 86

chris paul passing the ball in NBA 2K23

Otherwise known as the Point God, Chris Paul has terrorized defenses for nearly two decades. Year after year, Paul orchestrates some of the best offenses in the league, yet, the future Hall of Fame guard has never won a championship. But even if Paul fails to notch that box of his career, he’ll go down as one of the best to play the game.

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For the first time since 2015, Paul averaged double-digit assists per game, leading the league in that category. Naturally, Paul is a tremendous playmaker (A+), trying to slash his way through the defense by using numerous picks and rolls. He’s a master at the mid-range (A+) and is still sneakily good at defending the perimeter (A+).

10 Tyrese Haliburton – 87

tyrese haliburton defending in nba 2k23

One of the best draft picks in recent memory is arguably Tyrese Haliburton. The guard fell to the Sacramento Kings at the twelfth spot of the first round and he instantly emerged as an offensive force. Some analysts wondered if the Kings would move on from incumbent point guard starter De’Aaron Fox, but it was Haliburton who was traded.

The Indiana Pacers acquired Haliburton for center Domantas Sabonis and Haliburton quickly took the reins of the team. The 22-year-old is currently injured and his overall rating was dropped by two points because of it, but when he’s healthy, Haliburton is an amazing playmaker (A+) and long-range shooter (A). Many teams will regret not drafting or trading for Haliburton.

9 Jalen Brunson – 87

jalen brunson dribbling the ball in nba 2k23

Nobody benefitted the most from the Dallas Mavericks reaching the Western Conference Finals last season than Jalen Brunson. The four-year pro had a career season, which secured him a massive contract with the New York Knicks. In New York, Brunson acts as one of the primary scorers and is in the midst of a career season.

He’s truly a versatile offensive force, capable of scoring inside (A), mid-range (A), and beyond the arc (A). The 26-year-old is a phenomenal playmaker (A+) and solid perimeter defender (B), making him one of the best players the Knicks have had in a while.

8 Darius Garland – 87

darius garland dribbling in NBA 2K23

If there’s one player who made a serious leap last season, it was Darius Garland. In his third season, Garland saw massive improvements in his points, rebounds, and assists per game en route to his first career All-Star nomination. With the addition of Donovan Mitchell, Garland and the Cleveland Cavaliers look to make some noise in the Eastern Conference.

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Last year, Garland was a menace for defenses. He was an offensive force at all levels, scoring with ease inside (A+), mid-range (A+), and beyond the arc (A). Garland’s a fair perimeter defender (B), but he makes the most of his new $193m extension on playmaking (A+) and scoring the basketball.

7 Jrue Holiday – 87

jrue holiday driving toward the basket in nba 2k23

One of the most underrated players in the last decade has arguably been Jrue Holiday. Since 2009, Holiday has quietly established himself as a solid point guard who prides himself in locking down his defender and making smart basketball plays.

Holiday was a major factor in the Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA championship in 2021, and continues to be a borderline star point guard, despite only having one All-Star selection. Holiday’s play isn’t flashy like other guards like Ja Morant, but he’s a solid scorer from mid-range (A) and beyond the arc (B+) while also being a superb perimeter defender (A+).

6 Trae Young – 89

trae young shooting in NBA 2K23

While many still fawn over Luka Doncic from the 2018 draft, Trae Young has established himself as an offensive powerhouse for the Atlanta Hawks. Young and the Hawks made a surprise run to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2021 before falling to the eventual champions Milwaukee Bucks. Although the Hawks didn’t make much noise last year in the playoffs, Young had career-high assists per game and the second-highest points per game.

Young’s a versatile offensive force who’s deadly from the inside (A), mid-range (A+), and beyond the arc (A+). He’s one of the best playmakers (A+) in the game, capable of dissecting a defense. But with how amazing Young is on offense, he’s equally disastrous on defense. Point guards are not meant to be good interior defenders (D-), but they should be able to hold their own on the perimeter. That’s not the case with Young, as he will regularly get torched on defense (D+).

5 Damian Lillard – 92

damian lillard shooting three-pointer in NBA 2K23

For a decade, Damian Lillard has been the face of the Portland Trailblazers. The past few seasons didn’t exactly match the magical run to the Western Conference Finals in 2018, and while analysts have wondered if Lillard would leave Portland, the 32-year-old has remained loyal.

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Coming off his worst statistical season since 2014 (mostly due to an abdominal injury), Lillard still aims to be an offensive force for Portland. He’s efficient at all levels, capable of shooting the three (A), drilling a mid-range (A), and scoring up close (A-). At this stage of his career, Lillard shouldn’t be counted on for perimeter defense (B-), but it’s the price to pay for his offense.

4 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – 93

shai gilgeous-alexander shooting three pointer in NBA 2K23

For most of his young career, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander hasn’t known much success. Drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers, Gilgeous-Alexander was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Paul George. The former Kentucky guard has seen his points per game increase each year of his career, as well as maintaining career-high assists per game.

As a two-way slashing playmaker, Gilgeous-Alexander is a maestro at creating plays (A+) and scoring from the interior (A+) to the mid-range (A). His three-point shot (C+) is in desperate need of an upgrade, but he’s one of the best drivers in the game. The Thunder guard is a plus defender both inside (B-) and outside (A-), making him highly valuable on both ends of the court.

3 Ja Morant – 94

ja morant dunking in NBA 2K23

Coming off an injured-plagued season, Ja Morant set his sights on reclaiming the early success he experienced in his rookie season. Behind a career-high 27.4 points per game, Morant lifted the Memphis Grizzlies to the second seed in the Western Conference and tied a franchise record in wins (56).

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Morant’s simply an offensive threat, capable of scoring the basketball from anywhere. He excels in driving to the hoop (A+) and popping it from mid-range (A-). Although he recorded the fewest amount of assists per game, Morant’s still a top playmaker (A+) on the court. He’s had a few scary injuries in his early career, but if he stays healthy, the sky’s the limit.

2 Stephen Curry – 96

stephen curry shooting three pointer in NBA 2K23

When Kevin Durant left Golden State, media and fans began to doubt the Warriors’ ability to remain kings of the NBA. Then, Klay Thompson suffered one devastating injury after another, Draymond Green started showing his age, and even Stephen Curry was proven destructible. But last year, Curry and the Warriors displayed the true hearts of a champion and reclaimed the title of the best team in the league.

Of course, leading the best team in the league is the best point guard in the league. Curry’s the only player at his position with perfect offensive categories (A+), and while his perimeter defense might be a bit generous, he’s no slouch on defense (B+). It’s unknown how long Curry can maintain his high offensive output at 34 years of age, but for now, he remains the greatest three-point shooter in the NBA.

1 Luka Doncic – 97

luka doncic passing in NBA 2K23

In only four years in the league, Luka Doncic is already being talked about as one of the NBA’s best. The talented guard out of Slovenia, Doncic immediately began leaving his impression on the NBA, averaging at least 21 points per game since his rookie season. Last year, Doncic reached new heights by upsetting the top-seeded Phoenix Suns and made his first Western Conference Finals appearance.

The only flaw in Doncic’s game might be that he gets tired, which isn’t necessarily a flaw for him but for the human species. The 23-year-old scores with high efficiency from beyond the arc (A+), mid-range (A), and inside (A+) while also having a solid rating in perimeter defense (B+). At the height of 6’7, Doncic is a bigger-sized point guard who can dominate other smaller players, almost always creating a mismatch in his position. Although Doncici isn’t considered the best player in the NBA, he’ll have to settle for being the best point guard in the game.

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