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MultiVersus Tom And Jerry bear the mage class designation. This is one of the least populated classes and indicates that they are projectile-focused. But while you may hear that they have an emphasis on projectiles and think you have a general understanding of what that entails, we are here to tell you that you know nothing. Tom And Jerry’s projectile game is as diverse as it is potent. And it is very potent.

Related: MultiVersus: Beginner TipsThe primary quirk at play here is the ability for Tom to set Jerry down and ricochet projectiles between the two of them. Their projectiles can move on diagonals, they can move horizontally, and they can arc. While Tom And Jerry are far from being easy to use, once you start to grasp the full scope of their toolkit, you will see that they are a genuine threat to their enemies.


Ability Overview

Being a mage class character, you are absolutely going to be primarily concerned with keeping your distance and employing a wide range of projectiles. There are two elements that make using this character a little more difficult. Firstly, a truly effective use of Tom And Jerry requires establishing a good setup. This means getting Jerry positioned on the battlefield and getting the trap down in between Tom and his enemies.

The other important aspect for effective Tom And Jerry play is the timing element. It isn’t as easy as just pressing the special button for Tom And Jerry. You need to time your shots in order to effectively ricochet the projectiles between Tom And Jerry. Once again, the more you play this duo, the more naturally the timing will come to you, but you will be whiffing more often than you like in the early going.

Grounded Attacks

Name Command Image Additional Properties Description
Volley! Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Neutral Attack Chargeable This is a chargeable strike. It has reasonable enough range, but its primary purpose is to smack Tom’s tennis balls.
Mallet Time Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Forward Attack This is Tom And Jerry’s combo attack, it has nice range, but it is slow. You are only going to be using this when you are trying to get people off of you, as this is not the range Tom And Jerry want to be in.
Paddle-Paddle-Paddle Up + Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Up Attack Chargeable This is an okay anti-air when it comes to range, but it is very, very weak. It doesn’t have any ability to KO. When possible, you are going to want to rely on your aerial Trash Can Band attack instead. Though this will do in a pinch.
Feline Pounce Down + Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Down Attack Chargeable, Armor Breaking This is a pretty slow attack, but it has decent range when it is charged (you may be sensing a pattern here). If you need to break armor, this is your only choice.
Slingshot Sharpshooter Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Neutral Special Projectile The Slingshot shooter has two purposes. Fire Jerry at an opponent, and then throw tennis balls once he is down. This move is the crux of Tom And Jerry’s gameplay.

Jerry will stay wherever you put him; when you use any of your regular attacks, Jerry will fire a cork. This is a sneaky way to disrupt your enemies.

Goin’ Fishin’ Forward + Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Goin' Fishin' Projectile This is another projectile from Tom And Jerry. This one is pretty interesting in that it has an arch that hits overhead. It is only good for pegging grounded opponents at a great distance. It hits hard, and helps control the space above Tom And Jerry.

If you charge the Goin’ Fishin’, then the line will stay out; if you then release the charge you will pull the line back and hit whoever was standing on top of it. This is a good way to get some sneaky KOs.

Goin’ Fishin’ does not have a hitbox when being reeled in.

Rocket Mouse Up + Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Up Special Projectile This is a projectile that you can direct AND once it lands it places Jerry down. This is a fantastic way of getting Jerry in position.

If you use the rocket when Jerry is already out, it will arch toward him. This makes it an ideal move to use if your opponents are clustered around Jerry.

Snap Trap Down + Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Down Special Projectile If your opponent steps on this trap, they will be shot upward and take damage. Place this trap near you to help you get out of sticky situations when an opponent decides to rush your down.

If your opponent has taken enough damage, you can follow up with your Track Can Band aerial up-attack to potentially ring them out.

Aerial Attacks

Name Command Image Additional Properties Description
Volley! Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Neutral Attack Armor Breaking This is the same attack as the grounded version. However, hitting balls, or other projectiles, in midair will obviously deliver a completely different angle.
Scratch Cat Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Forward Attack This move is quick and hits twice, but it is also pretty stubby.
Trash Can Band Up + Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Up Attack Trash Can Band is another example of a ranged character getting an excellent attack that hits above their head. This attack hits hard and has good range. It is Velma all over again.

This one also has a sweet spot, so, if you hit them directly between the trash can lids you will do extra damage.

Notably, Tom And Jerry have more than a few attacks that will pop your enemies up in the air, such as their Look Out Below and their Goin’ Fishin’. Follow up these moves with this attack and you will score kills.

Cast-Iron Crusher Down + Attack MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Down Attack Cast-Iron Crusher is Tom And Jerry’s spiking attack. It is, much like Velma, unreasonably good. It hits hard, has a nice hitbox, and can be charged for extra damage. Good lord.
Slingshot Sharpshooter Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Neutral Special Chargeable, Reflects Projectiles The aerial version of his neutral grounded special attack. It is the same exact attack.

However, when you are using Slingshot Sharpshooter to fire tennis balls, it will send them in an upward arc, which will make the timing easier for hitting them with the racket.

Goin’ Fishin’ Forward + Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Goin Fishin Projectile This move is the same in the air as it is on the ground. You will probably mostly use this attack to get back to the platform, as it pulls you forward a little.

However, you may use it to snipe someone who is close to the top of the screen.

Rocket Mouse Up + Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Up Special Projectile This is similar to the grounded version, but it isn’t controllable. Instead, Jerry’s rocket will arc downward.
Look Out Below Down + Special MultiVersus, Tom And Jerry, Aerial Down Special Projectile This is one of Tom And Jerry’s most potent projectiles. You can drop it in the air, and then quick fall to hit the dynamite with your racket on the ground. Or, you can smack it as you descend. Your choice.

If you use Tom And Jerry’s perk that is associated with this move, hitting the dynamite with your racket will send three sticks flying. With this perk, this is Tom And Jerry’s best move for controlling space.

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Battle Strategy

So, first and foremost, you need to get Jerry set. If you are on a single platform stage, a good way to do this is to fire Jerry from the air. However, if you mangle the shot then you will fire Jerry into the void and lose him for a while. You may want to practice the timing a little in the lab. Next, you are going to want to get the trap down. Ideally, you place it right in front of Tom. Now, with Jerry on the other end of the map, and with the trap giving you a little insurance policy, it is time to start dealing damage.

So, you are going to want to first, throw a tennis ball to Jerry using your Slingshot Shapshooter, then jump up and drop a stick of dynamite with your Look Out Below attack. Now, you should bat the dynamite and the ball toward your opponents. The order you hit these projectiles in will change depending on how far away from you Jerry is. Keep in mind that the dynamite will bounce once. So, you can absolutely fast-fall, hit the ground, and then hit the dynamite after the first bounce for a more horizontal projectile (as it will be on a diagonal if you hit it in the air).

You are going to want to repeat that step and fill the battlefield with tennis balls and dynamite sticks. If your enemies are close to Jerry, mash the attack so that he hits them, and send a rocket their way (if Jerry is out, the rocket will fly toward him). The rocket is also great to use if your opponents are in the air, as its arc travels upward quite a bit. If your enemies start trying to approach you from above, which they often will, use your Goin’ Fishin’ attack to bat them out of the air. This attack is also super effective if they are on the opposite end of the platform.

Getting used to the timing of hitting the tennis ball and the dynamite consistently is pretty important, you want to loop this sequence as much as possible, so you may want to head into the lab to get the timing down.

You can also put Jerry closer to you, which will keep him safer, and allow you to get a more steady stream of projectiles out there, but it will also diminish the Jerry cork shenanigans. It is a legitimate strategy, especially if your opponents are good about taking out Jerry, but it does have downsides.

If your opponent lands on the Snap Trap, make sure to follow up with your Trash Can Band aerial attack, as they will be popped up in the air. This is also true for the Goin’ Fishin’ attack at certain ranges. You are going to constantly have to set Jerry up, and you are going to run low on projectiles; just try to stay clear until it all recharges.

Tom And Jerry have excellent edge guarding abilities. If people are below you, you can hit them with the frying pan or drop dynamite on them. The Goin’ Fishin’ will kill enemies who are above you on an angle, and Trash Can Band will get them if they are immediately above you. Tom And Jerry can literally cover every option.

Team Play Strategy

Here the primary thrust isn’t what you can do for your partner, but what your partner can do for you. Tom And Jerry are going to spend most of their time dealing damage and creating havoc on the battlefield. Your partner’s primary job is to try and keep the enemies off of you.

However, Tom And Jerry can help their partner in one big way, if your partner picks Jerry up, they get a buff that increases their damage output and their speed. This does make it a little more difficult for Jerry to ricochet projectiles back at Tom, but if your partner doesn’t get too jumpy it is totally doable.

Tom And Jerry’s Progression Unlocks

Tom And Jerry’s Signature Perk Overview

When it comes to the Signature Perks for Tom And Jerry, we are going to veer from the typical course. Nearly all the signature perks in MultiVersus seem to aim your character toward emphasizing a slightly different build. However, we can not imagine a scenario where you wouldn’t want to go with Tom And Jerry’s Dynamite Split Signature Perk.

This perk makes it so that Tom And Jerry’s dynamite splits into three projectiles when it is hit. They fire out in a spread shot-esque pattern. It makes the Look Out Below attack an extremely powerful tool. The Fly Fishing Signature Perk, on the other hand, weakens your Goin’ Fishin’ attack and makes it better for getting back to the platform. It feels like a very easy choice to make…

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