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When looking for a character to play in MultiVersus you may be overwhelmed by the many options. This is a pretty diverse roster, and some of these characters have some pretty pronounced weaknesses. Thankfully, MultiVersus has you covered and made sure to include the incredibly versatile Superman, who is a character you can’t go wrong with.

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If you are jumping in with Superman, you may be overwhelmed by his seemingly endless options. You are flying around, grabbing people, lighting the ground on fire, breathing out freezing air… There is a lot going on. Thankfully, we are here to help walk you through the ins and outs of this dynamic fighter. We have provided a detailed breakdown of his moves, as well as a section that focuses on his overall strategy. Whatever your question, it should be answered below.


Ability Overview

Superman is categorized as a “hybrid” focused character. Given the fact that he has tools that can knock his opponents out of the arena on any of the four sides, that checks out. We would say that Superman’s absolutely best tools do take his opponents out at the top of the screen. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is extremely versatile and can dispatch his opponents anywhere on the screen. He is a tank class character, so he is pretty tough. This primarily manifests in nearly all his grounded attacks having armor.

However, armor isn’t the only trick up Supes’ sleeve. He can also freeze his enemies, ignite his enemies, and he comes equipped with multiple grabs. It really feels like Superman was service built to be a starter character, as he is essentially good everywhere, comes packing a familiar set of chargeable normal attacks, and doesn’t have any really notable weaknesses.

Grounded Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Super PunchAttackChargeable, ArmoredThis move is a pretty standard chargeable normal attack. It works the way you would expect it to. If you see an opening for a sneaky charge attack, this is the normal you will turn to.
Kryptonian KomboForward + AttackMultiVersus, Superman, Forward AttackThe Kyrptonian Kombo is excellent at pinning people down. This is a great way to line your opponent up for your partner to land a big attack.

More importantly, you can combo this move into his Overhead Strike, which is very dangerous for his opponents, as it means that he can start to lineup Superman’s Go Long! special attack.

Overhead StrikeUp + AttackMultiVersus, Superman, Up AttackChargeable, ArmoredThis is a great charged-up tilt. You will use it in all the typical ways you would use a standard charged-up tilt.

This is another solid tool for launching characters into the air. Its most potent aspect is that you can combo into this off of the Kyptonian Kombo, which is an easy way to get your opponent into the air.

Downward SwingDown + AttackMultiVersus, Superman, Down AttackChargeable, ArmoredComplementary to his up attack and neutral attack, Superman’s down attack is a pretty standard chargeable spike. However, like those other two attacks, it also benefits from being armored.
Ice BreathSpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Ice BreathFrozen, Ice GauntletSuperman’s Ice Breath is pretty fast, and fairly low commitment. So, don’t be afraid to pull it out, especially when your opponent has locked themselves into a move with prolonged recovery.

The Ice Breath is generally pretty good, but it is considerably better if you use it to back up your partner while they combo your opponents. Not only will it apply stacks of the Frozen debuff while they are locked into a combo, but if the Ice Breath passes through your partner it will buff them with Ice Gauntlets, meaning that they will apply Frozen stacks too.

Locomotive ChargeForward + SpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Forward SpecialChargeable, ArmoredThis is a great tool for sniping your opponent. When you charge it a radius will appear indicating the move’s range; you can move a cursor inside the radius to dictate when you want to land the punch. This is great for edge guarding, but it is also good for backing up your partner.
Meteor LiftoffUp + SpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Up SpecialChargeable, ArmoredThe Meteor lift-off is an up smash attack that transitions into a spike. You can cancel the second part with a jump. The armor at the beginning of this attack makes it a pretty solid special.

With the addition of the Flaming Re-Entry signature perk, the potency of the Meteor Liftoff increases dramatically.

Heat VisionDown + SpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Heat VisionIgnite, ArmoredSuperman’s Heat Vision is excellent for popping enemies up at a distance. Its range isn’t huge, but it has armor, and it pops your opponent up if it hits them. This, of course, is the perfect opportunity for you to follow up with your air shenanigans in the form of your Up And Away and Go Long! attacks.

Aerial Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Bullet BarrageAttackMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Neutral AttackThis is a midair combo for Superman. It doesn’t really lead into anything and can’t be jump canceled or dodge canceled.
Flying SwingForward + AttackMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Forward AttackChargeableThis is another pretty basic charged attack. It hits relatively hard and moves Superman forward. It can be useful for finishing opponents off midair.
Up And AwayUp + AttackMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Up AttackChargeableUp And Away is extremely useful for being able to lead into the Go Long! special. Otherwise, it is just a relatively basic chargeable normal attack that hits above Superman.

In order to follow up with Go Long! you will want to jump cancel this attack after it connects. Don’t worry, the timing isn’t tight.

Falling HaymakerDown + AttackMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Down AttackChargeableThis is a potent spike attack with fantastic range. That makes it an excellent tool for edge guarding. However, you need to be directly above your opponent, or it will miss.
Ice BreathSpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Ice BreathFrozenThe aerial version of his Ice Breath is exactly the same as the grounded version. Though, generally, it doesn’t seem nearly as useful in the air.
Ten-Ton TackleForward + SpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Forward SpecialChargeable, GrabThis move sees Superman fly toward the opponent. Once he comes in contact with them, he will grab them and fly them in the direction he is traveling.

In general, this is a great way to get injured characters off the stage and put them in compromising situations. For obvious reasons, this is also a pretty good way of finishing off opponents that are near the sides of the stage.

Go Long!Up + SpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Up SpecialGrabThis is Superman’s most potent move. You can’t land two of these specials consecutively. However, you can land one, then hit them with your Up And Away (which is your up title attack), and then follow up with a second Go Long.

This move is an excellent means of getting opponents out at the top of the screen.

Aerial Heat VisionDown + SpecialMultiVersus, Superman, Aerial Down SpecialIgniteWhile it may seem like this is the same move as the grounded version, it actually feels pretty radically different in practice. For one, using Superman’s Heat Vision in the air gives the move far more range. Also, he loses the armored effect.

If you are struggling with the Tazs and the Finns of the game, the Aerial Heat Vision will be your favorite move. It absolutely destroys those types of attacks. It is also a pretty low-risk option for striking enemies from afar.

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Battle Strategy

As you can probably see from the above section, Superman has an incredibly diverse set of moves. So, there are a number of approaches you can take to combat your enemies. However, there are a few things that are too good to not try to implement during a match. The first of those is popping your enemy up into the air to juggle them with a combination of Up And Away and Go Long! attacks. If you get this sequence right, you can absolutely ring out an opponent who is at a pretty low percentage.

When popping your opponent up to the top of the screen to throw them out of the playfield using the Go Long! attack, be very aware of who their partner is. You yourself will also be pretty close to the top border, so it does mean that a character who has potent vertical attacks could take you out while you are fighting their partner.

Beyond that, harass opponents with your Aerial Heat Vision, and try to scoop up opponents with your Ten-Ton Tackle. While it is an aerial attack, you can do it after a short hop to grab people up who are grounded. Once you have your enemy off the platform, you can use your assortment of chargeable armored attacks to knock your opponent away as they try to recover. Or, if they try to hop over you, you can go back to your potent combination of Up And Away and Go Long! to try to knock them out at the top of the screen.

Team Play Strategy

As already stated, Superman is pretty great at taking people out at the top of the screen. So, you are going to want to capitalize off of your partner popping your enemies up into the air. Beyond that, if your ally is comboing your enemies, back them up with the ice breath. Another thing Superman should do is try to use his Aerial Heat Vision to keep spamming Tazs and Finns honest (your partner will appreciate this).

It is also noteworthy that there is also some really great synergy between Superman and Iron Giant, which will let you keep your opponents engulfed in flames, or with Velma, who will help you keep your enemies frozen.

Superman’s Progression Unlocks

Superman’s Signature Perk Overview

As is typically the case with signature perks, all of Superman’s have some utility. The Flaming Re-Entry, and its ability to ignite enemies, instantly makes his Meteor Liftoff substantially better. It will substantially increase the amount of time your opponents are ignited. Then the Snipe Punch perk makes his Locomotive Charge a better tool for, well, sniping enemies. Which is also great for edge guarding.

Lastly, his Break The Ice perk makes the frozen debuff far more dangerous for your opponents. Stack this with a perk like Kick ‘Em When They’re Down, which helps you do extra damage to debuffed enemies and it is even more potent. Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any of these three signature perks. So, which one you choose is really going to depend on how much use you get out of your Meteor Liftoff, Locomotive Charge, and Ice Breath.

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