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MultiVersus is a game packed with intriguing characters. Most of them have some pretty notable weaknesses to accompany some of their incredible strengths. However, there are a few characters that are just sorta good everywhere. They may not be as overwhelming as some of their peers, but they can fight you competently wherever you go. Garnet is an excellent example of that archetype.

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While Garnet is great for people who value versatility, she isn’t the simplest character in the game. By no means will you need a post-doctorate to play her, but she has a few mechanics that are unique to her toolkit. Thankfully, we are here to explain how all of her stuff works and to point you in the direction of her most potent moves.


Ability Overview

Garnet is an all-around effective fighter. While the game classifies her as a horizontal bruiser, we really think she’s more versatile than that. Her vertical kit is pretty potent as well. She has a number of attacks that can effectively ring out opponents on any end of the arena. She is good on the ground, good in the air, and has some potent attacks that will help her buff her allies while debuffing her enemies. She also has great projectiles, and a number of armored attacks as well. Garnet really is the complete package!

And that isn’t even mentioning how she has some of the best aerial spikes in the game. Oh, and did we mention that she has some unique ways to neutralize projectiles? Because she does. Once you learn how to use her moveset effectively, you will be able to efficiently fight your enemies wherever they go.

Grounded Attacks

Name Command Image Additional Properties Description
Gauntlet Strike Attack Chargeable This is one of Garnet’s chargeable attacks. It has a nice, juicy hitbox and very respectable range. All in all, it is pretty standard when it comes to the neutral charge attack.
Crystal Combo Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Garnet, Crystal Combo Armored (for the final hit of the forward sequence) This is Garnet’s combo attack, and it is among one of the best in the game. It is rangy, and it has three different finishers (depending on the direction you press for the final hit).

If you press up for the final hit, you will pop them into the air. Down will be an attack that hits multiple times, and forward is an attack with a large hitbox that is armored. All of these can be good, but when in doubt, go for the armor.

Double Jab Up + Attack MultiVersus, Garnet, Up Attack Chargeable When it comes to her anti-air attack, Garnet has a nice little double jab combo. This hits pretty far above her head and tends to juggle your opponents for a decent chunk of time.

While the uncharged version is good for keeping your opponent in place, it doesn’t have any ring-out potential. However, you can charge this attack to get a potent final upward strike to KO your foes.

Shocking Slam Down + Attack MultiVersus, Garnet, Down Attack Chargeable, Shock Shocking Slam is one of the cornerstones of Garnet’s toolset. A fully charged version of this attack hits any grounded opponents to the left or right of Garnet from a pretty shocking distance.

Not only will this attack hit opponents from a great distance, but it will also shock them. Pretty potent stuff!

Stronger Than You Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Singing Special Stops Projectiles, applies Rhythm This is a pretty interesting attack for Garnet. Not only does it stop projectiles in their place, but it also buffs your entire team by granting you the gift of rhythm.

Rhythm grants a speed boost as well as giving normal attacks armor-breaking properties with two stacks.

When you stop projectiles using this attack’s force field, you can then hit them to send them back at your opponent.

Rocket Fist Forward + Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Forward Special This is a pretty powerful, short-range projectile. It really comes into its own when paired with her “Targeted” signature perk, but even without said perk it is definitely a decent tool.

It is nice for edge guarding especially.

Spark Of Love Up + Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Up Special Chargeable, Shock, and Electrifies allies Here Garnet charges a spark. The longer you charge, the more horizontal the shot will be. So, if you want to shoot it across the arena, you don’t want to charge it at all.

Once down, the Spark Of Love will create a little dome. Entering this dome will harm enemies and can shock them. Your allies, on the other hand, will be given the electrified buff.

One additional element worth noting is that once you have used this attack, and the spark is on the ground, doing the attack again will get you a very fast, and pretty powerful, anti-air attack.

Gem Dash Down + Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Down Special Refresh ally’s This attack sets a gem down. The next time you use the Gem Dash you will dash to the gem (unsurprisingly). As you dash toward the gem, you will scoop up the first enemy you come in contact with. However, be warned: this attack can be interrupted.

You can also zip to your ally, which will refresh their jumps. More than anything, this is a handy way to sneak up on an enemy or get back to the main platform after being knocked away.

Aerial Attacks

Name Command Image Additional Properties Description
Starburst Attack MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Neutral Attack Chargeable This is among the easiest-to-use aerial attack in the game. Its hitbox appears all around Garnet. This means that it hits above and below her. It also charges pretty damn quickly. This is an amazing spike for ringing out opponents underneath you.

The best way to use this attack is to get it pretty close to fully charged in the air, then fast fall on top of your enemy.

It should be noted that this isn’t Garnet’s most powerful attack in terms of damage. But it hits hard enough to kill and has such a generous hitbox that it doesn’t really matter.

Flying Combo Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Forward Attack This is a pretty quick horizontal attack you perform from the air. It is generally useful, but not particularly showy.
Jumping Jabber Up + Attack MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Up Attack The Jumping Jabber attack hits pretty far above Garnet’s head, and it can definitely be effective at ringing enemies out at the top of the screen, but usually, we prefer to use her Flying Crossarm instead.
Meteor Punch Down + Attack MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Down Attack Chargeable This is a pretty juice spike. It hits harder than her Starburst, and it has a pretty giant hitbox. It certainly isn’t hard to land, especially since it has a bit of splash damage.

While we greatly prefer her Starburst attack for spiking opponents who are off the platform, we use her Meteor Punch to get opponents who are grounded.

Stronger Than You Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Singing Special This is the same as her grounded attack. One thing it is useful for is that it slows her descent, so you can mess with your opponent’s timing if they are waiting for you down below.
Rocket Fist! Forward + Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Rocket Punch This move operates the same in the air as it does on the ground.
Flying Crossarm Up + Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Up Special This is Garnet’s go-to move for ringing opponents out at the top of the screen. If you land this attack when you are directly under your opponent it will hit them multiple times.

You can combo into the Flying Crossarm from the Crystal Combo up attack if the enemy is suitably damaged.

Gem Dash Down + Special MultiVersus, Garnet, Aerial Down Special The Gem Dash is the same in the air as it is on the ground. However, this does mean that if your gem is already down you can zoom to it from up above. You can also drop your gem in the air, which is useful for establishing tricky setups for catching opponents who are jumping a little too much.

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Battle Strategy

First and foremost, you are going to want to bust out her Stronger Than You attack at the beginning of the battle. It has no recovery, so if your opponent starts rushing toward you immediately, you can cancel right out of it. Moreover, if they try to toss projectiles at you, it will stop them in their tracks. Throughout the battle, during little down moments, try to keep your rhythm topped up. It will make a big difference for your team if you can keep those buffs active.

Now, what you are going to be looking to do is to engage with your Crystal Combo (use the armored finisher), and get your Spark Of Love down regularly. The spark will help buff you and your partner while giving your opponents shock. So, firing it where your opponents are, is typically pretty beneficial. The armored hit on your Crystal Combo will find its mark more often than not and will rack you up some KOs. If your enemies are teaming up on your ally, charge up a quick Shocking Slam. You can often grab two of them at the same time. Remember that this attack will pop them up and toward you, so follow up with your Double Jab (you probably won’t have time to charge it).

Once your opponent’s health starts getting lower, you will want to stop using the armored followup of your Crystal Combo, and start using the up ender. At a certain point (usually when your enemies are around the 60% point, but this will depend on their weight), the up ender of your Crystal Combo will start to set up your Flying Crossarm. You can get some earlyish kills with this sequence.

When edge guarding, you have a number of pretty great tools. If they have used all their jumps and dashes, and they are floating down to land on the edge of the platform, you can hit them with a well-timed Socking Slam. You can also charge up your Double Jab, which hits well above your head so will often finish them off, or you can meet them in the air with your Flying Crossarm. If they are making their way back and are horizontally aligned with you, you can crush them with your Rocker Punch projectile attack. Finally, if they are clinging to the edge below, your Starburst will absolutely mess them up and spike them to their death.

Team Play Strategy

One of the best parts about Garnet is that she helps her team by just playing her game. When you buff yourself with Stronger Than You, you also buff your partner. When you put down the spark, that will also benefit your partner. You’re going to want to be doing all that stuff anyway! The only specific tool for helping your partner would be the Gem Dash. If your partner holds the star you put down, you can zip over to them and refresh all their stuff.

One other opportunity to help your ally is if they are engaging in a projectile war. Remember, your Stronger Than You attack creates a bubble that will instantly stop every projectile being fired at you, but your partner’s projectiles will sail right through it.

Garnet’s Progression Unlocks

Garnet’s Signature Perk Overview

Garnet has two Signature Perks and both of them are pretty rad. Electric Groove will give you a charge of rhythm when you shock your opponent, and Marker will make it so your Rocket Punch leaves the star marker behind (allowing you to zip to it). Electric Groove is a no-brainer buff. You use a lot of lightning-based attacks when playing Garnet, so this will ensure that you are constantly receiving the potent Rhythm buff. The other is super neat and can be used to create some very tricky setups. It takes any preplanning out of having to use your Gem Dash.

This is another situation where you really can’t go wrong with either, but the constant flow of Rhythm is definitely a huge boon that can be used to make your life easier with zero effort. So, Electric Groove is the easier of the two to implement effectively, though you can do some really tricky stuff with the Market perk, so more creative players will probably favor that one.

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