TechyHint Gaming More Than A Weapon Quest Guide Season 19 Destiny 2

More Than A Weapon Quest Guide Season 19 Destiny 2


More Than A Weapon Quest Guide Season 19 Destiny 2

This guide will let you know how to complete the More Than A Weapon quest in Destiny 2. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions below to complete it.

You will need to complete the Escalation Protocol quest and the Hierarchy Mission to make “More Than A Weapon” quest available in the Helm. To find the hierarchy mission, you have to go to Europa and you will find it in the right side of the of the Bray Exoscience. Complete this mission and then you will be directed back to the Helm.

After that, talk to EXO and you will be able to start “More Than a Weapon” quest. The first steps of the quest will be to speak Mara Sov at the holo projector in the Helm. You have to go to the hollow projector and a little cut scene will start from Mara Sov. Once it’s over, you need to tap on Accept.

The second step of the quest is that you have to complete a Heist Battleground on the moon. So go your Destinations and navigate to the moon. You will find the Heist Battleground Moon Arena there. You need to launch it.

Once the mission starts, you will need to kill everyone around there and then walk through the lassers. After jump jump down and make your way through the vent. Jump across the platforms to reach the middle and use the fire button to destroy the locks.

You have to get the orbs to complete this part of the mission. In the next section, you have to kill the specific enemies with an icon to get the orbs. After that, depoit the orbs into the tower and you will get resonant stems, a data core and some Seraph key codes.

The third step is to collect 500 Seraph Key Codes to open up the locked chest. You can earn them by completing the activities throughout the system and the ritual playlist activities. You have to go to your Destinations and you will have the Vanguard strikes playlist, the Gambit playlist and the Crucible playlist. You will earn a decent amount of resources after completing these activities.

In the fourth step, you will need to unlock the Seraph chest by spending your Seraph key codes. You have to go to the Destination, then navigate to the Helm and you will find the Heist Battle grounds playlist on the right side. Lunch and make your you have unlocked the hand connon first. After that, complete the Heist Battle ground and you will have two chests there. You need to use your Seraph key codes to open the Seraph chest. You will get some extra rewards, energy for this seasona, some stems and an item.

The fifth step is that you will need to complete the mission “Operation Archimedes”. Go to Destinatinos, navigate to the Helm and you will find Warmind Launch Facility on the right side. You have to launch it and just stay on the left hand side and play through all the cave areas. After that, go cross to the right to get to your mission objective. Once there, you need to defeat the enemies there and then head right. Kill the trash mobs to pick up the charge and then use it to recharge this cell.

After that, head forward and you will get a charge at the end. Use it on the tower, then head through the door here and kill all the enemies. You will get the opportunity to place a rally Banner. Now you need to defeat these Knights and stand in the spot where you defeat them. Then shoot through the barricade to damage the Ogre. It will destroy the barricade and then you can battle agasint the Ogre. Just kill him and all the enemeis around him.

He will drop a charge, you need to pick it up and then charge the tower.

After that, reboot the reactor to completed this mission. For sixth step, you will need to talk to Anna Bray at the holo projector in the Helm. Head there and a cutscene will start with Anna Bray. Then you have to tap on Accept.

The seventh step is that you will need to speak to Clovis at the EXO frame and interact with it.

Now look at your quest and it will say that you need to listen the message on the radio near the EXO frame. Go to the radio to listen the message and then you will be contacted by Clovis.

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