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Moonbreaker: 10 Beginner Tips


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Moonbreaker released in early access on September 29th and is already quickly growing in popularity. The whole concept behind the game is exciting. Mixing a tabletop Warhammer-style experience with gaming is proving to be a great cocktail. The game has a great vision, and it’s set in an original universe created by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

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That seems very exciting but starting this new adventure could be daunting if you’ve never played a tabletop strategy game. But worry not, as we’re here to give you tips and tricks on starting on the right foot.


10/10 Don’t Stop At The First Tutorial

The tutorial for Moonbreaker is a great way to get acquainted with some of the game’s basic mechanics. Still, we don’t think it will be enough for you to entirely understand how to play the game. Therefore, in the game menu, you’ll find tutorial videos covering other aspects of the game.

Don’t be afraid of the Introduction video’s length. For some reason, that video comprises all the ones you see below it. So, buckle up and watch it all to discover all the other steps you need to enjoy the game.

9/10 Season Track Is Totally Free

multiple units on the field in moonbreaker

With Moonbreaker being a multiplayer strategy game, it must keep its player focused on the prize. Furthermore, that prize comes in the format of the Season Track, this game’s equivalent of a battle pass. So even though it might look like a battle pass at first glance, it is free of cost.

There is no second, paid track, don’t worry. You’ve already paid. The team isn’t trying to get any more money out of you, at least not as yet. By progressing through the Season Track, you’ll receive various customization options and a new Captain skin in the last stage.

8/10 Model Painting

miniature painting in moonbreaker

One of the nicest aspects of Moonbreaker is its painting section. You can pick up the models you use in battle and paint them in-game as you prefer, just like actual tabletop miniatures. As you progress further through the Season Track, you’ll also unlock more paint styles to use.

Suppose you want to sit down and paint your models meticulously. In that case, the game offers a selection of Lore Audio Recordings to listen to as you paint. They are usually around 30 minutes long, so they’ll keep you company, and in the meantime, you’ll find out more about your favorite characters.

7/10 Game Modes

captain riding froglike creature in moonbreaker

The game offers three different modes of play: first off is online multiplayer, but we would advise you to get used to the game offline first; second, there are AI battles, where you go up against an AI roster and practice some of your strategies; and finally you can play Cargo Runs, which are a bit more challenging, but still offline.

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In Cargo Runs, you’ll have to take down waves of enemies and various bosses. Some will make you want to rage-quit, so it is hard to recommend starting here when playing. But if you can take them down, the rewards are well worth it.

6/10 Pick Your Team

units closeup in moonbreaker

If you want to rush into battle, there is one thing you need to do: pick your roster. You can either create one from scratch or use a pre-made one like the one you used in the tutorial battle. Early on in the game, it’s advisable to use a pre-made roster to get to know all the mechanics better, but it is up to you if you want to start micromanaging your team early.

Remember, you will need one Captain and ten units to bring to the battlefield if you want to create your own roster, and it can take a while get your balancing just right.

5/10 Captain’s Role

ranged captain miniature closeup in moonbreaker

Now that you’ve picked your Captain and your other units, it’s time for you to finally get on that battlefield and fight off some of your enemies. If your Captain dies, it’s game over, and your opponent wins. But here’s the catch: your Captain is also your strongest unit, so you will want him fighting the enemy almost at all times.

Just be careful where you place him and understand his abilities to maximize damage done to the enemy and protect himself.

4/10 Picking Assists

moonbreaker arena

When a battle commences, you’ll be allowed to pick two Assists. These perks are a great addition to your battle efforts, with some offering extra walking distance to your units. Others allow you to tarnish your enemy’s armor and inflict additional damage when attacking. Others let you summon your strongest unit to the battlefield.

As these assists are random for each encounter, don’t go building your roster around your favorite assist. Instead, you should pick the assists based on what roster you brought to the battlefield.

3/10 Don’t Waste Your Cinder

captain miniature close up in moonbreaker

Cinder is the equivalent of action points in any other game. With it, you’ll be able to summon extra units, activate your unique abilities, and so on. The only thing is that you can receive a top of three Cinder per end of turn. So, the idea is not to start spending it every single chance you get.

You might have enough Cinder to use your Captain’s special attack, but what if you’re missing one Cinder to add to your best unit?

2/10 Line Of Sight

line of sight line in moonnbreaker

With many troops in the game being ranged units, you will want to always keep an eye out for the enemy’s line of sight. As a result, you’ll notice a red line when you’re about to move one of your units. That is the line of sight.

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Now, if you’re moving a ranged unit, you’ll see the same line of sight toward the enemy units on the field. Pay attention to the numbers you see. Those indicate how much accuracy you’ll lose. Friendly models also cause a percentage drop.

1/10 Block Movement

unit closeups in moonbreaker

One of the best strategies to implement in Moonbreaker is blocking enemy movement. However, you’ll find out that this will often send your opponent toward an inevitable defeat. You can do this by placing mines if you have that ability available or using your troops to corner the enemy.

Just be careful of the mines you place, as all area damage causes friendly damage in the game, and the last thing you want would be to take down your teammates.

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