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Monster Sanctuary: Best Shielding Monsters


Monster Sanctuary Best Shielders Terradrile Promethean Polterofen

While they aren’t necessary for the opening few areas of Monster Sanctuary, monsters that can shield your team become increasingly more so as the game progresses. Many Champion battles and Keeper Duels will have monsters that can quickly whittle down the health of your team if you aren’t careful.

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For the most part, monsters that can shield your team have a high Defense stat to get the most out of their shielding skills. However, some of the more unique variations on shielding skills require the use of other stats instead, which should be taken into account when choosing a shielder for your team.

Updated July 11, 2022 by Ryan Bamsey: With the release of the free Forgotten World DLC, your options for shielding have never been stronger. We’ve taken another look at this guide to shielders and made sure we’re recommending the best.


11 Steam Golem

The first dedicated shielder you are likely to come across, as well as one of the absolute best in the game, is Steam Golem. This monster can be obtained after defeating it for Old Buran as a Champion or as a regular encounter later in the game in Mystical Workshop.

While Steam Golem doesn’t have the highest defense of all monsters with shielding skills, it is the highest with the base Shield skill, which is arguably one of the most useful. Not only can Steam Golem create some of the more powerful shields, but it also has the Shield Burst attack that can deal serious damage if your team has high enough shields and its Light Shifted form has a flat damage reduction buff attached.

10 Targoat

Unlike Steam Golem, Targoat’s Defense stat is relatively average, especially when compared to most other shielders in Monster Sanctuary. However, what it lacks in Defense it more than makes up for with its ability to use Shield, Protect, and Full Protect, as well as its passive skill, Attack Powered Shield, allowing it to create shields for the whole team when it attacks as well.

While lacking in the offense department, the Targoat’s ability to draw single-target attacks and protect the entire party with its shields makes it as versatile in defensive measures as it can possibly be, especially when you add the Sustain buff into the mix.

9 Fumagus

The Fumagus has not one, not two, but three different ways to support the party with shields. Encapsulate is great for healing up a damaged ally, while Restoring shield will remove pesky debuffs, and Weakening Shield manages to shield the entire party at once while inflicting Weakness on some enemies at the same time.

What’s more, a Fumagus can inflict multiple stacks of Weakness and remove buffs from enemies, making it great for reducing the overall amount of damage being pumped out by opposing parties. Add to that Buff Corruption and Dominance and you’ve got the perfect shielder for a debuff-heavy setup.

8 Ucan

This cool crab was apparently specifically engineered by the Elderjels at some point in the distant past, which is probably why they are so hardy. With great offensive and defensive stats, Ucan isn’t held back by its rather simple shielding kit, which consists of Buffing Shield and Sheltered.

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Ucan also has access to both the Restore healing skill and Critical Break passive skill, which inflicts Armor Break with every critical hit. Combined with its Pinch, Slash, and Long Slash attacks, which all have a chance to inflict Bleed as well as Armor Break, this makes Ucan a decent choice for a shielder on any team.

7 Salahammer

While it looks like quite the offensively-based monster, the Salahammer is ostensibly a full support. It has access to a full host of stat buffs with both Glorycast and Teamplay, and its Forge ability is one of the best shielding skills in the game.

It provides a shield to the entire party at once, while also granting them Glory. Pair a Salahammer with a monster that has Multi Glory and you’re sorted, especially since using its other skills synergizes well with its Improved Barrier and Heroic Party auras.

6 Beetloid

Like Steam Golem, Beetloid is a Champion monster that can be found again in later areas, specifically the final area, the Abandoned Tower. It has a great deal of defense, especially when Light Shifted, but lacks some offense options, relying on Wind damage and Shock.

That being said, the support Beetloid can give is very good, as it can learn both the Enchantment and Enlighten buffing skills to grant Sorcery and either Regenerate or Barrier respectfully. As far as actual shielding goes, it has the basic Shield skill as well as Arcane Shield, making it a perfect companion to a high-value Magic Damage Dealer.

5 Polterofen

Found in the Mystical Workshop alongside Steam Golem, Polterofen is a possessed kiln that is strangely good at shielding, just not while using the standard Shield skill. Instead, Polterofen has access to Fire Shield, which not only draws on both Defense and Magic stats for the shield itself but also inflicts the Burn status onto randomly chosen enemies.

This is fantastic when combined with its Multi-Burn passive skill, allowing Burn to be stacked up to three times on enemies, as well as its offensive moves which can also inflict Burn. Its shielding moves can also be used offensively with the Volatile Shield passive skill, which drains shields by 50 percent when attacking to deal 175 percent more damage with each attack.

4 Frosty

At first glance, Frosty doesn’t look like it would be great at shielding, however, its Light Shifted form has a relatively high Defense stat. When combined with the Ice Shield skill and Multi-Chill, it can be a serious threat. Like Fire Shield, Ice Shield casts a shield on the entire party while inflicting Chill debuffs on one or two enemies as well, making it a great opening move in most scenarios.

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While Frosty doesn’t have access to Congeal or Fatal Upkeep to take full advantage of its Chill debuffs, it can keep other monsters that do have those skills fairly healthy while they do all the work.

3 Terradrile

Found in the deepest reaches of the Forgotten World, the Terradrile is a pretty difficult monster to acquire. Once you have it, though, you have a great monster that can inflict Tether and Shock, deal a ton of damage with Piercing Lightning, and use Shield to boost the party’s survivability.

Playing Terradrile as a Shielder is a perfect way to take advantage of its Load Up passive. Many of its skills revolve around building up and then spending a ton of Charge stacks at once, and you can reach some terrifying damage numbers with the right preparation.

2 Promethean

Of all the alternative shield skills in Monster Sanctuary, none are as good as Forge, which grants both a shield and the Glory buff at the same time. Promethean, the irritating monster that loves to inflict several stacks of Shock in one attack, is also one of the best Forge users.

Unlike other shield skills, Forge only draws from the user’s Attack stat, meaning you should boost its attack to improve your shielding ability. Add to that its ability to act as a Tank with Protect and you’ve got one efficient, protective beast.

1 Diavola

Diavola’s Defense may not be that high, but, like Targoat, it has enough supporting skills to make up for this, as well as being the only monster with the Weakening Shield skill in the game. This shield, much like Fire and Ice Shield, grants the team a shield while inflicting Weakness on the opposition, making it a great way to ensure that your side is taking far less damage.

Diavola also has the Multi-Weakness skill that allows it to inflict this debuff multiple times, making enemies hit like feathers. Give it all three levels of Combo Shielding and you’ve got one heck of a Shielder.

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