TechyHint Gaming Money Locations With Tons of Gold Bars

Money Locations With Tons of Gold Bars


Money Locations With Tons of Gold Bars


In this guide, you will find out ten easy money locations that you can find throughout the world to get gold. Because gold can be sold to fences and in return, make you a lot of money. The treasure hunts and puzzles will be excluded.

Location 1

Starting with the hardest one, this will probably be the one that gives you the most trouble. You need to get inside of a derailed train cart and you can’t just go to the train cart to get inside because the only way to access it is from the top.

So you have to traverse down this little parkour course, you need to look for this hill, as shown in the picture below.

You will need to roll down this hill till you get to this little platform that makes you crouch and it is recommended to crouch walking during this entire thing. It’ll make sure that you don’t just randomly fall off the edge, you have to slide down another hill and you will be presented with your first opportunity to climb up on a little ledge.

Once you climb up on the ledge, you have to do a little bit more walking where you’ll be presented with a very tiny bump. You have to make a jump.

You need to make sure you get a nice running, start here, and make it to the other side. From there, you need to ultimately crouch and then slide down.

Once you slide down, you’ll be presented with another jump.

After that, go inside the train cart and you will find a lot of goodies that you can take. But most importantly, you’ll find two gold bars each worth $500 at the fence. So right there is $1,000 just for getting inside this derailed train cart.

Once you’ve grabbed the gold bars and the other goodies, it’s very simple to get out. You just need to simply climb up the same way you went in and this time you just slide down the edge of the Train.

So super simple stuff right there. The only unfortunate part about this is that it’s just a little bit out of the way towards the northern part of the map.

Location 2

The next easy money location is located at a place called fair whale shanty which is north of the Grizzlies East.

It is going to be an abandoned Shack and it looks like there has been some violence that has gone down here. There are a lot of goodies here including cigarette cards and other things you can take.

You will need to look for a lock box where you’ll find jewelry, a platinum pocket watch, and you’ll also find a gold nugget, the cash, all of that can be sold to a fence.

This is on one of the most northern parts of the map but again if you want to make your way up there for the gold nugget, it’s a super easy way to get some quick money.

Location 3

Location number three is gonna be just south of the Elysian pool. You’ll need to look for a chimney.

There is a nice tip, in general, if you’re looting houses, you don’t need to forget to check the chimneys. Often the chimneys will have some of the best-stored items.

So it is something you need to check out but in this case, it’s just a chimney in the middle of a field. Grab it and you will find a gold nugget inside.

Location 4

You can find a black sheep wandering around and this black sheep is going to have a gold ring attached to it.

You can sell this gold ring for a lot of money. The game technically calls this a merino sheep. You have to kill it to get the gold ring which you can take to a fence and sell it.

It is located sort of northeast of the heartland overflow so it’s a place really really close to where you’ll be at the start of the game so a nice easy spot to get.

Location 5

The next location is going to be the whiskey tree, it’s a tree with these hanging glass whiskey bottles on them and if you use Eagle Eye, you can find the bottle that has a gold nugget in it.

It should be pretty easy to identify. It’ll be the one that’s glowing. Shoot it and the nugget will fall to the ground and you can pick it up.

There are also a couple of other goodies there like bottles of whiskey and elixirs that you can take.

It’s west of Dewberry Creek which is a pretty easy place to get to.

Location 6

Moving to the next location, it is the cabin at Lackey which is sort of in the swamp just north of saint-denis.

These cabins are full of potent snake oils and also gold nuggets as well as cigarette cards too.

So you need to check them out, they’re cool. It is a little bit tougher to get here, especially at the start of the game. You’ll need to watch out for like gators and stuff like that and also watch out for random strangers that want to invite you into your home because they’re gonna do some really weird stuff to you and you’ll end up sort of blacked out passed out and then you’ll wake up and then all your cores will be empty. That’s something to keep in mind as well but those cabins at Lac have some good stuff in there. So it’s worth it if you have the time to go check them out.

Location 7

The next location is the burnt forest just north of Horseshoe overlook. It’s pretty easy to find what you’ll be looking for is a lockbox next to a wagon and that lockbox is actually going to contain a gold nugget. It has some other stuff as well like miracle tonic, and ground coffee.

This one’s amazing because it’s the first camp you set up. It’s literally like three steps from that so if you’re looking for something at the very very beginning that is a very easy way in which you can get some gold.

Location 8

The next location is the burnt sheriff station in limpine. This is a burnt town that is sort of just south of horseshoe overlook and if you go to the burndown sheriff station. There’s a gold bar that sells for five hundred dollars underneath the desk.

Location 9

Location number nine today is going to be at Dodds bluff cabin which is located just south of Window Rock and there’s definitely been some tussle there but what they left or maybe what they were fighting over was a gold nugget because you’ll find one sitting on the table.

Go there to investigate what happened. You can look for all the clues and whatnot.

Location 10

The final location is northwest of Owanjila Lake and northwest of strawberry. You need to look for an overturned wagon on the side of the river and you’ll actually see that three golden nuggets are sitting in a lockbox which is a lot. Get these gold nuggets because they’re just all sitting right there right next to the wagon.

That right there are ten easy money locations that you can find in Red Dead Redemption 2.


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