TechyHint Gaming Mistakes That Can Get You Banned in GTA 5 Grand Rp

Mistakes That Can Get You Banned in GTA 5 Grand Rp


Mistakes That Can Get You Banned in GTA 5 Grand Rp

This guide will provide you with 20 Mistakes that can get you banned in Grand Theft Auto 5 Grand RP

Now as Grand Theft Auto 5 Grand RP serves as a very versatile and vibrant server, it is one of the strict servers as well. Players don’t tend to stick around for long and eventually get themselves banned. Therefore if you want to stick around for a long time, you have to follow the rules.

There are some rules if you violate them. you’ll get jail time or just be muted for a while but there are some rules which can get you banned for 30 or 60 days or in violation of some rules, you’ll get permanently banned.

In this guide, the most important rules will be discussed which will help you avoid any unwanted circumstances.

It is debatable whether the rules are fair or not but if you want to play in Grand Rp you have to follow them.

Ban in Grand RP

Now if you don’t know, these bans will be imposed on the hardware level meaning you just can’t go around these bans by making any other account on your pc rather it will ban your PC. So no account from your PC will be allowed to play in Grand RP.

General Rule 1.1

Created account is the property of the creator, your account cannot be shared or traded. Violation of this rule will initiate a PERMANENT BAN.

General Rule 1.3

Any fraud against players is prohibited and it will impose a PERMANENT BAN but the game does not compensate for lost money.

Now some people may sell an item worth of 1million for 10 million by fraud. Such things fall under the criteria of these rules.

General Rule 1.4

It is forbidden to have more than 1 additional account (TWInking) otherwise it will impose a Permanent Ban on all accounts except the main account. The main account will be banned for up to 60 days.

In RP only, one main and one twinking account is allowed, not more than that. If you have more than one twinking account then all those twinkling accounts will be permanently banned and also your main account will also be banned for 60 days.

General Rule 1.8

It is prohibited to interact between your man account and your twinking account. Any transfer of property or money will lead to a PERMANENT ban on both accounts.

Now some people make a twinking account where they could play differently but any transfer of money or property between the main and twinking account is prohibited.

General Rule 1.5

It is forbidden to have more than 1 business, including additional accounts.

1 person = 1 business. Otherwise, a ban of 30 days will be imposed on each account.

Now you have to have the same business on both accounts, the main and the twinking account. You can’t have different businesses on those accounts.

The significance of this rule is that if this rule was not in effect then the most wealthy person in the game would buy all the businesses and it would be monopolized.

General Rule 1.7

It is forbidden to transfer property as a gift (including neon shoes),

whose total amount exceeds $5,000,000(You are allowed to receive 5,000,000$ and transfer 5,000,000$ per day.) (It is allowed to withdraw/deposit money from/to family balance.). Violation of this rule will impose a ban for 60 days.

You can’t gift, someone, cash, or property worth over 5 million. Gifts will also be considered by dragging items from one inventory to another and also using the pass the money feature.

General Rule 1.9

It is forbidden to evade our systems of selling/ buying. If you evade TAX(e.g. selling/ buying/trading house/items/cars/clothes for 1k and then taking money) a ban for 60 days will be imposed.

Now if you sell anything in the game the game takes 10% of the sale price. So to avoid this some people do under invoicing i.e they sell an item worth 100,000$ for 1,000$ and then pay 10% of that which is 100$ and after that transfer the remaining balance i.e 99,000$ as a gift in any other way. So this practice will get you banned for 60 days.

General Rule 1.6

The attempt to sell/buy game property for real money is prohibited and violation of this will impose a permanent ban.

Now some players may trade a property in-game in exchange for real money in real life such practice is also prohibited.

General Rule 4.1

The players must not have any kind of software that gives any advantage. (Disabling drug’s effect, hacks, bots, etc.) if found a ban of 60 days will be imposed.

Simply put, hacking software and practices are forbidden.

General Rule 6.23

Any kind of bug abuse is forbidden. Violation will impose a permanent ban.

You cannot take advantage of the glitches in the game.

Event Rule 1.22

Parachutes are forbidden (counts as bug abuse). Flying into red zones using a parachute will impose a ban of 1 to 30 days.

General Rule 6.3

It is forbidden to empty the warehouse of the organization for personal purposes. Violation of this rule permanent ban will be imposed.

Now some players when they’re going to leave an organization tend to steal the items from that organization, so much practice will get you permanently banned.

General Rule 6.22

It is forbidden to sell/buy family businesses or withdraw/deposit money on/from family balance without fam leaders’ approval, as well as taking from warehouse and family cars (It falls under the rule of scam 1.3)

When in a family you can’t deposit, withdraw money or take property such as cars from the family warehouse. Without the approval of the family leader.

Event Rule 1.7

All participants of all events under all spheres must record POV and hold it within 48 hours otherwise a ban of 30 days will be imposed.

When participating in an event you have to record your POV, in other words, called gameplay, and retain it for 48 hours because if an admin asks you for it and you failed to present that then you’ll be banned for 30 days.

General Rule 6.17

It is forbidden to use OBS and any other similar software for recordings. All overlays must be recorded otherwise a ban of 30 days will be imposed.

Software such as obs is banned for recording gameplay because with their help you can edit and hide unwanted things from your gameplay which is banned so you only have to do raw recording so make sure you use built-in recording features of your graphics card drivers such as Nvidia shadow for Nvidia users.

Event Rule 1.10

During the purge, it is forbidden to use weapons of any organization. All warehouses must be closed at 11 pm otherwise banned for 30 days.

On purge nights when certain rules are waived off temporarily and all the players are free, there are some other rules in place such as you cant use organization weapons, and also the organization warehouses should be closed by 11 pm before the start of the purge. Otherwise, you’ll be banned for 30 days.

Event Rule 1.10

The player is fully responsible for his account. If the administration of Grand RP to the account is lost (e.g being hacked), your account will face the same punishment.

So make sure your account is not hacked because if a hacker gets your account banned. You can’t give the excuse that your account has been hacked.

Now, these are the most important rules to follow in Grand RP, which have the most severe penalties, if violated.

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