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MCU Queerbaiting, Beavis And Butthead, And Red Dead Online




Happy Sunday, folks! Feature roundup lovers will know this isn’t our usual day, but consider it a sign that your days of relaxing should be given exclusively to TheGamer.

Gaming companies clearly didn’t get the memo that Summer is supposed to be quiet, as it’s been yet another busy week, which means there’s lots to talk about. Some of the key topics this week include Thor: Love and Thunder’s queerbaiting, Red Dead Online’s death, and the return of everyone’s favourite idiots, Beavis and Butthead.

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Beyond that, we also have pieces on a grown man grappling with the identity-warping situation that is playing Roblox regularly and a look back on Lego Bionicle and how anything can be a roguelike if you try hard enough.


We Need To Stop Letting Ourselves Be Queerbaited By The MCU

Thor: Love and Thunder released a few days ago to some starkly middling responses, with many finding that it focuses a little too much on the comedy and doesn’t push the story far enough. Lead features editor Jade King had a bigger issue with it, however – it continues the MCU’s habit of queerbaiting. Although there are some good LGBTQ+ moments within Love and Thunder, it’s far from being “so gay” as it was promised to be during the film’s marketing. The MCU needs to do better.

It’s Good That Red Dead Online Is Officially Dead

One of the most surprising bits of news to come from this week is that Rockstar has more or less confirmed that Red Dead Online is officially dead, with no more big updates planned for the game. TheGamer’s editor-in-chief Stacey Henley argues that’s a good thing as it means that small community that was still waiting for updates can move on to something else while Rockstar does the same in preparation for GTA 6. Hey, at least now we know it’s dead.

Beavis And Butt-Head Do The Universe Is One Of The Movies Of The Year

Praise Cornholio, Beavis and Butthead are back and this time they’re doing the universe. Features editor Andy Kelly gave the new Paramount+ film a watch and concludes that it’s the same brilliant stupidity that the infamous duo have always been known for, but taken to a whole new level, even managing to give both characters a bit more of an arc than we’ve known them for in the past. Grab your TP and nachos because this is a revival well worth watching.

Oh No, I’m A Grown Adult Who Can’t Stop Playing Roblox

Despite Roblox being a platform that’s mostly known for having a boatload of terrible games and being generally exploitative, evergreen specialist Harry Alston has found that he simply can’t stop playing it. Circumstance may have made Harry the de-factor Roblox expert here at TheGamer, but that doesn’t quite explain why he’s spending so much of his free-time playing it. Pour an oof out for Harry, folks.

Remembering Lego Bionicles, My First Ever Roguelite

Speaking of blocks – Lego Bionicles. To end this week’s roundup, features editor Ben Sledge takes a look back at his childhood with Lego Bionicle: Quest for the Toa and how it managed to be his first ever roguelite thanks to the combined power of renting from Blockbuster and not being able to keep a single save. Ben reminisces on what was largely considered to be a mediocre action platformer, but to a Lego Bionicles fan like him was something that he just had to have.

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