Maxis Match Eyes: Sims 4 CC (List)


Maxis Match Eyes: Sims 4 CC (List)

Have you ever wanted to create unique and realistic Sims? Checkout these cool eyes, you can replace your character’s eyes with these.

Dawn Default Eyes by Gerbitshi

These eyes are perfect for Sims 4 and will give your Sims a unique look that they will love. Experience The Sims 4 game with a new style with this CC.

Moony Eyes by Miiko

These beautiful eyes are sure to make any Sim feel like a superstar. With their bright, cheery colors, Moony Eyes are perfect for any mood or outfit.

LUZ Eyes by simandy

These unique eyes will add an exciting new level of realism to your Sims’ appearances, allowing you to explore more creative and stylish eye styles.

Aqua Trigger Eyes Unnaturals by Miss Ruby Bird

With their mesmerizing colors and captivating designs, Aqua Trigger Eyes Unnaturals will make your Sim look like a true beauty.

Whisper Eyes by DangerouslyFreeJellyfishCC

These eyes are sure to excite your Sims with their vibrant colors and exciting tone. The link below is perfect for spicing up your Sims 4 experience.

Dog Days Default & Nondefault Eyes by simulationcowboy

These awesome new eyes add an exciting new look to your Sims 4 creations. Whether you’re looking for an updated look or just want to show off your creative side, these eyes are perfect for any Sim fan.

Dazzle Eyes by Eva Zetta

Dazzle Eyes is a new and exciting eyes mod for Sims 4. This mod adds new, colorful eyes that will transform your Sims’ looks dramatically. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new style or just want to add some personality to your Sims, Dazzle Eyes is perfect for you!

Eyes_02 by stretchskeleton

Whether you want to give your Sims a more exotic look or just make them seem more awake and alert, Eyes_02 has the right style for you.

Crybabies’ Crystal Eyes Recolor by solstice-sims

Crybabies’ Crystal Eyes Recolor is the perfect way to update your Sims’ eyes and look super fashionable at the same time!

Agate Eyes by emmibouquet

This unique shade is a beautiful turquoise color that will add a touch of luxury to your Sims’ eyes.

Quartz Re-Sclera’d as Contacts by noodlesims

Yume Eyes V2 by simandy

With Yume Eyes, your Sims will be able to explore and express their emotions in new and exciting ways.

In Your Element: The Sequel by LaruLaro

If you want to try something cool in your Sims 4, try In Your Element: The Sequel.

Felicity Eyes by Aveira

Felicity Eyes is the perfect CC for Sims 4 players who want to enhance their game experience! These eyes add an exciting new element to your Sims’ appearance, giving them a more expressive and lively look.

Impact Eyes by ratboysims

These eyes bring realistic eye detail to your characters, giving them a more lifelike appearance. With Impact Eyes, you can now become the envy of all Sims players everywhere!

Halo Eyes by Miiko

These eyes bring excitement and energy to your Sims’ faces with their bright colors and striking designs. Whether you want to add a splash of color to your character’s outfit or take their appearance to the next level, Halo Eyes are the perfect accessory for any Sims fan.

Elche Eyes V2 by Solistair

These colorful eyes add a splash of life to your characters, and are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Still Feel Eyes by baieyu

These eyes allow your Sims to feel emotions and express their feelings in new ways. Experience The Sims 4 game with a new style with this CC.

Soft Eyes by squeamishsims

This exciting new CC is perfect for Sims 4 users who want to achieve a more natural look. Want to have this in your Sims 4 game? download the link below to try it.

Beetle Eyes 2 by squea

Beetle Eyes are the perfect accessory for your Sims 4 character. With these realistic eyes, they’ll look like they’re starring in their own horror movie!

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