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Marvel Strike Force Character Traits, Ranked


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Building a team in Marvel Strike Force requires a few key considerations. First, you have to think about what level of characters you have available in your roster. Second, learn which characters you are most comfortable with and know the most about. Third, you should understand the way the five characters you pick will work together.

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When considering how a group of characters will work together, you’ll want to look at their Traits to see who will carry the heavy load of fighting, and who will play backup. As with any party-style fighting game, a well-rounded team will consist of characters with individual talents that enhance the group.


5 Support

The characters in Support roles will be your medics and summoners. They have one or two decent one-hit moves that inflict medium damage, but ultimately you’re keeping them around for their core abilities. When you initially get one of these characters, you’ll want to sink some resources into them to train and level them up because they tend to be more of a team burden than anything in their lower levels.

Commonly favored Support members are the S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic, Groot, Night Nurse, and Yondu. Very early in the game, you will unlock the S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic and as you train her she will gain the ability to heal the team and potentially revive the most recently eliminated member of your party. Similarly, Night Nurse can heal teammates, and apply Regenerate which will last for a couple of turns. Groot does the same as Night Nurse, but if Rocket Racoon is also on your team, he will go the extra mile to protect him. Lastly, Yondu can summon extra team members to help out, though they have less health than your owned characters.

4 Controller

Controller characters will have one of two abilities: they control the weather, or they control other people. These characters act like Mages from other RPGs like D&D. Controllers have powerful moves, but they require longer to recharge after use, so you’ll want to time when you hit the enemy with the bigger moves. At their lower levels, these characters still deal decent damage with their basic move, but not enough to make them the captain of the squad.

There are plenty of options with the Controller role, but if you’re a fan of the MCU you’ll be drawn to the main four from the films: Loki, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Mighty Thor. Loki and Scarlet Witch can create illusions and take over targets to do their bidding, making them as strong as, if not stronger than, the strongest character on the opposing side. Mighty Thor (Jane Foster’s Thor) can manipulate lightning to concentrate a strike against a single target, or the whole team. Black Widow can use stealth to become incognito and can stun targets and take their positive effects for herself, among other advantages.

3 Blaster

Blasters have a medium cooldown period and strong single-hit blasts that will leave a target critical or knocked out entirely. They also have group hits that take a bit longer to recharge, but can cut your opponent’s health down by 25 to 50 percent, depending on the level you’ve trained your Blaster to, and the effects attached to targets.

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The Blaster Trait includes a wide variety of notable characters like Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Gambit, and Punisher. Iron Man and Punisher both offer single-strike attacks that will critically hit a target, and they both have a barrage move that hits all opposing characters. Winter Soldier’s moves are similar to Punisher’s, but he can only attack a primary target with the chance of hitting adjacent characters. Still, Winter Soldier’s attacks all leave critical damage. Gambit offers a mix of solo and group attacks with his card throwing, and he is capable of strong hits even at lower levels.

2 Protector

Protectors will take a lot of damage for the team, hence the name, when their shield is activated. They also have a chance of enacting a counterstrike whenever they’re hit by an enemy, and then on their turn inflicting high damage from any of their moves. Using your Protectors will keep characters that are in cooldown or are primarily Support teammates safe for longer periods of time.

Arguably the most beneficial Protectors to use are Hulk, Crossbones, Sif, and Luke Cage. You won’t be able to lead an entire fight with any of these characters, but having them as your secondary will do wonders. Crossbones and Luke Cage both have powerful single hits that take little energy, as well as strong hits that will attack multiple enemies at once but will require a lengthier cooldown period. Hulk has the best ability to take damage, and because of this, you will want to activate his shield as soon as possible. His moves will inflict maximum damage, but he’ll need a few turns to gain full energy back. Sif at her weakest will inflict 100 percent damage on a solo target.

1 Brawler

Brawlers always do well in fights because they need less time to recover than most others, and they can do medium damage per hit but offer rapid strikes. Training up your Brawlers will make winning fights a breeze, especially when you have them paired with a Protector and Support.

The Brawler Trait has some of the strongest characters from the Marvel world, including Gamora, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Ms. Marvel. Spider-Man and Wolverine are both scrappy and can target one or two enemies at once, allowing for their damage to spread out so that you can come in with a Blaster and take the targets out for good. Gamora at her lowest level has 90 percent damage, as well as 70 percent damage with her bonus attack when it’s triggered. She, like Wolverine and Spider-Man, can also create a chain attack as long as her targets don’t counter. Ms. Marvel does 80 damage at her weakest, along with a bonus attack that hits with 50 damage. On top of this, Ms. Marvel can heal herself, so she can act as her own Support if the team’s Medic gets knocked out.

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