JD Gaming v. T1 — Semifinals Preview Worlds 2022


JD Gaming v. T1 -- Semifinals Preview Worlds 2022

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship is moving into Semifinals series starting tomorrow (Oct. 29). The stage is set in Atlanta, Georgia for China’s JD Gaming to face off against Korea’s T1 at the State Farm Arena. These teams were expected to make deep runs in this tournament, as the first seed LPL representative and the second seed LCK representative. Only one will qualify into the Finals for a shot at a Worlds title. Here are some of the storylines for these two teams.

First Semifinals v. Seventh Semifinals

T1 has been in six previous World Championship Semifinals, with Faker being a part of every single one. This organization has made it to Semifinals every time they have participated in Worlds, and won three of them. Meanwhile, JDG is playing their second World Championship and first Semifinals. The mismatch in organizational history at this event is drastic.

Top Lane Behemoths

Zeus and 369 lead most stat categories among top laners at Worlds 2022

So far at Worlds 2022, JDG and T1’s top laners have performed in the top of their role by quite a bit. Zeus averages 1016 gold ahead at 15; 369 averages 740. 369 carries a 3.7 KDA; Zeus’ KDA is 3.1. Zeus’ damage per minute is 693; 369 deals 609 dpm. Outside of the stats, Zeus and 369 have shown some of the most dominant performances at the tournament. Zeus’ Gangplank against Edward Gaming and Aatrox against Cloud9 put his opponents in the dirt. 369′ Aatrox versus Damwon and Renekton versus G2 proved he is on another level. Finally, these two get to face off in a high stakes best-of-five.

Youngest Supports at Worlds

JDG and T1 have the youngest support players in the Main Event. Keria is 20 years old–the youngest of the field of supports. Missing is 21 and barely edges out Kellin as the second youngest. Overall though, T1 is a team of babies compared to JDG. T1’s players add up to 103 total years. JDG’s players total 109. Keep in mind, Faker is 26, the ninth oldest in the tournament.

Give and Inch, Take a Mile

Among teams at Worlds 2022, JDG and T1 have the highest average kills per game, highest damage per minute, and the highest gold differential per minute. These teams tend to maximize their advantages and turn them into snowballing leads. You can see this on display in their Quarterfinals series. T1 won 3-0 over Royal Never Give Up with a 26-minute game three win. JDG took down Rogue 3-0, including multiple 29-minute wins. Both have a 100 percent win rate when ahead at 15 minutes–pure dominance with their leads.

A Premier Matchup

JD Gaming versus T1 may end up being the most competitive series of the 2022 World Championship. These two teams have brought their A-game so far, and they will be pushing for this win to move forward into the Finals. Either winner will likely be the favorite to win the title. With young supports, bloodthirsty top laners, and snowballing prowess, JDG and T1 will fly sparks this Saturday. Will the new org on the block win its first Semifinals series, or will the old guard stand strong and further cement its legacy as the best League of Legends organization of all time?

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