Inscryption: 9 Beginner Tips


Puzzle box, ouroboros card, and scale

Inscryption is a game that can be hard to understand until you’ve had enough practice with it. At first glance it may seem challenging, but the more you play it, the easier it gets. There are multiple obstacles that you will have to overcome. It’s all about building the perfect deck that will allow you to win. Sometimes you don’t always get it right, but the game lets you experiment.

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If this is your first time playing, it might be overwhelming. There are a few things that you need to understand before you play the game. Here are some things that every beginner should know.


9 It’s Not Just A Card Game

This game is mainly centered around deck construction, however, there’s more to it than that. There are puzzles that you will have to solve along the way. In Leshy’s cabin, there is a puzzle chest and many other things to explore. You will have to use your head to solve how to escape.

The game will give you small hints along the way, but you have to pay attention. You can interact with almost anything in the cabin and in Po3’s lair. Some things will give you hints on how to win.

8 Always Be On The Defensive

While playing offense is nice, sometimes it’s better to be on the defensive. Some cards deal more damage than others. Sometimes you might not do as much damage as needed. You might run out of items and need to sacrifice cards to keep yourself afloat.

This might mean having to sacrifice a squirrel to make sure that you can get some damage in order to tip the scale in your favor. Moles or the Mole Man cards are good to have in your deck to save you from damage.

Dealing extra damage will award you golden teeth for every extra point of damage you deal. These will come in handy when you run into the Trapper. The Trapper will trade you pelt cards for teeth. Golden pelts are the best. The more teeth you have, the more pelts you will be able to buy – simple.

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When you run into the Trader later down the road, you can exchange pelts for cards. If you give the Mycologists two golden pelts, you’ll get something special when you visit the Trader, so start dealing the damage asap!

6 You Have To Fail A Few Times To Succeed

Dying is all part of the gaming experience. If you advance too quickly in the game, Leshy will play more powerful cards on purpose. When you die, you get to make a death card. Your death card will be determined by what cards you have in your hand at the time of your death.

Leshy will pull cards from your deck and let you choose the cost of the card, the health, power, and any sigils. If you’re lucky enough, you could make a powerful card. The more you lose, the more death cards you get to make, so don’t worry too much.

5 Don’t Rush Ahead

Rushing headfirst into a game might leave you losing over and over again. Take time to think about your next move. Take into consideration which cards will move on your opponent’s next turn. Pay attention to the cards on the back of the board because they will move down on the next turn.

Think about where to move on the map, and be sure to look ahead to see where you’ll end up. Take the extra time to think about your next moves before continuing.

4 The Ouroborus Is Your Best Friend

The Ouroborus might look like a useless card at first glance. When you first see the card, it starts with one damage and one health. Many players overlook this card because they don’t think anything good can come from it. This card bears the unkillable sigil meaning if it dies or is sacrificed, it will return to your hand.

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What you may not realize is that it gains one damage and health every time it returns to your hand. If you play your cards right, you can level up your Ouroborus and make it the most powerful card in your deck.

3 Touch Everything You Can

There are a lot of hidden hints all around Leshy’s cabin. For example, the combination to the safe is located on page twenty-two of the sigil guide. In this game, it is best to touch everything you can. When you have to start over again after losing, try snuffing out the candles on the shelf in the back.

Look at the painting on the wall and try to match up the cards. There are ways that will help you win. Lots of objects in the cabin have a purpose.

2 Pelts Are Very Useful

Pelts are useful for many things. Not only can you trade them for cards with the Trader, but they can be sacrificed in times of need. If you can’t take four hits of damage, try throwing down a pelt to take the damage instead. Extra damage dealt will not count towards you. Pelts are also helpful for death cards.

If you get lucky, you might get to choose the cost from a pelt card (which is always free). Choosing a pelt for the cost will allow you to have a card that is free to place.

1 Pick Your Cards Carefully

Sometimes you’ll land on a spot that will allow you to choose from three cards. After each boss battle you will also get a choice of three. When presented with these cards, make sure to choose carefully. Think about the power and health as well as the sigil.

Think about the altar where you can sacrifice a card to put a sigil on another one. Make sure to also think about how useful that card can be in battle, but remember, things aren’t always what they seem.

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