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Ideas to Improve Copperdale High School


Ideas to Improve Copperdale High School


9 Ideas To Improve Copperdale High School | The Sims 4 Guide

In this guide, you’re going to look at nine ideas to help make cooper dale high school more fun to play in. These ideas are just suggestions; you are welcome to pick and choose what you’d like to include in your high school.

1# Renovate the Gym

You can start with renovating the school gym. It’s located in the school’s basement and if your sim wasn’t very sad when they walked through cooper dale high school’s front doors. They will be when they enter the gym. 

It feels like whoever furnished it did it in haste. You should make the gym bigger and remove the awkward computer room or the strange chess room. 

It is nice to add solo cheerleading mats or even group cheerleading mats if you make the room big enough.

It will tie in nicely with high school activities.

You should also add punching bags, weight machines, and treadmills. Some music can be great too because everyone loves the option to have a bit of pump-up music going while they throw their punches.

2# Add a swimming pool

The next idea is to add a pool that closely mimics a lap pool. To get this effect, you can add lane markers inside the pool as well as a clock on the wall that looks kind of like the clocks they used to run swimming drills. And then adding change rooms can complement this well. 

3# Create Club rooms

The third idea is to create club rooms.

If you have the get-together expansion pack, then you can align these to actual clubs making spaces that are exclusive to those who are in a club. If you don’t have the get-together pack, then you can still make club spaces but they won’t be as exclusive. Now the options are almost endless but you can make a gaming space where sims who love buttons and screens can hang out and play online together. 

You could make a science or astronomy club.

4# Renovate tiles and floorings

One of the important things is giving the school a general aesthetic upgrade. The idea here is just to elevate the bland parts of the school.

The flooring is one of them. The cooper dale tiles have heaps of intricate trim options that are barely used throughout the school. You can add a lot more interest to every area and make your eyes happier through some creative flooring.

Likewise, the carpets are rather ugly and although that is realistic. Nobody here has looked at a school carpet and was astonished. But friends, let’s elevate a bit. Just because a lot of schools use ugly carpets, it doesn’t mean that you have to. You can be better, admittedly the sims team hasn’t given heaps of carpet options. You can try the honeycomb carpet from discovering university and the embossed carpet from the base game is a good option. On top of this, adding a few more seats and school banner stands to hallways can help bring the school scene to life.

Now there is a lot of dead space upstairs, you can add a little group study space sectioned off with half walls.

5# Debate room

The fifth idea is to create a debating room that will require the ‘discover university expansion pack’ and it can be as simple as popping down a debater’s podium set accompanied by a few seats. This type of room can bring debating as a school activity in life and it could even tie in nicely with a debate club that you could make if you have the get-together expansion pack.

6# Music room

On to the sixth idea which is to revamp and improve the music room. You can do a bit of rearranging the space and add a few more instruments, notably the Digi rad keyboard and a few guitars.

7# Cafeteria

Now onto the cafeteria, this space is a bit too big so you can give it a little section off with half walls, and also add in a few more tables. Because having just three tables for an entire school didn’t feel right, you can make the sectioned-off area a place to add some social games. You can use expansion packs here and add in foosball tables from get-together packs as well as the table tennis table from Discover university.

8# The study space

For the eighth idea, you need to revamp the school’s study space which is another one of the rooms that have been furnished in mere seconds. You can pop in a few extra bookshelves, desks with computers, and research machines from the discover university expansion pack 2 which ties in quite nicely.

On top of this a few chest sets.

9# Renovate Library

Making a larger school library is another option that can work very nicely, so you must definitely feel free to take this further and go beyond just a bit of an all-purpose study space.

The final idea is just to breathe a bit more life into the outdoor playground. To do this, you should add in a basketball ring as well as paint murals from the city living expansion pack.

Adding in a few footballs outside can make the playground more appealing and social and if you have discover university pack then soccer balls are a quick and easy win as well.


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