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How To Upgrade Abilities In A Plague Tale: Requiem


a plague tale requiem how to upgrade abilities

A Plague Tale: Requiem continues the bleak story of Hugo and Amicia de Rune. Once again with the world against them, Amicia tries to protect her brother against new and old enemies in the hopes they can simply live quietly and peacefully together. Amicia uses a wide range of weapons and abilities to keep her and her brother alive throughout the game.

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All of her equipment can be upgraded at workbenches scattered throughout each chapter, and will help in several areas like improving sneaking around enemies and crafting alchemical projectiles. Amicia also possesses a variety of passive abilities that she will gradually master as you play the game, which will also pay dividends as you progress. We break down all of Amicia’s upgrades and which are the most important to surviving A Plague Tale: Requiem.


How To Upgrade

Through Amicia’s travels, the young protector will find Tools and Pieces that she can use to upgrade her equipment. She can only upgrade her weapons and gear on workbenches, which are located sporadically throughout each chapter. However, Amicia can learn how to upgrade her equipment without workbenches with the Traveller Tools upgrade.

There are also locked workbenches that can only be accessed with a knife, and you’ll find a treasure trove of resources, Tools, and Pieces. Otherwise, Amicia can find Tools and Pieces mainly in chests. Having the Unbreakable Tool perk will allow Amicia to upgrade her equipment without needing to satisfy the tool cost.

What To Upgrade

  • Softened Cords: By softening the cords, Amicia makes less noise when she uses the sling.
  • Double Cradle: By adding a second cradle to the sling, Amicia can shoot a second time before reloading.
  • Elongated Cords: By extending the cords, rocks shot with the sling are more powerful and stun enemies longer.
  • Flexible Limb: Choosing a softer metal for the limb of the crossbow will enable Amicia to reload it much faster.
  • Bigger Quiver: With a larger quiver, Amicia can carry additional bolts.
  • Reinforced Bolts: By reinforcing the crossbow bolts, Amicia can recover them from enemies’ corpses.
  • Hidden Pockets: Sewing new pockets on her gear will help Amicia carry additional alchemical ammo.
  • Strong Fire: Amicia improves the alchemical ammo, which enables her to kill enemies by throwing a jar combined with an Ignifer.
  • Unstable Reaction: Amicia improves the alchemical ammo to make Odoris explode on contact with fire, killing unarmoured enemies.
  • Ringed Belt: A new ring on her belt will help Amicia carry an additional jar.
  • Bottomless Bag: Amicia can carry additional alchemical resources thanks to a new pocket on her bag.
  • Belt Cases: Adding cases to her belt will help Amicia carry additional knives and additional Pyrites.
  • Recycling Tool: A recycling tool is helpful for breaking jars, knives, Pyrites, and bolts into Pieces if Amicia has no more room.
  • Traveller Tool: With traveller tools, Amicia can upgrade her equipment anywhere without using a workbench.
  • Unbreakable Tool: Amicia can use an unbreakable tool to upgrade her equipment without tool cost.

Amicia has five categories to upgrade in the game: Sling, Crossbow, Alchemy, Gear, and Instruments. Within each category, there are three levels to unlock that give Amicia new perks and abilities. The first tier requires one Tool and 30 Pieces, the second tier requires two Tools and 65 Pieces, and the third tier requires three Tools and 90 Pieces.

While it might be tempting to unlock Flexible Limb or Softened Cords first to gain an upper hand in combat, opt for Hidden Pockets, Ringed Belt, or Recycling Tool. Having these abilities unlocked early will make it easier for Amicia to be well stocked with alchemical ammo, and quickly build up Pieces from extra resources Amicia finds. Sacrificing Amicia’s killing abilities for crafting and inventory will pay dividends in the early game.

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Passive Skills

  • Light Footstep: Amicia makes less noise while moving, and so is less noticeable by enemies nearby.
  • Nimbleness: Thanks to a better sense of balance, Amicia moves faster when crouched.
  • Throwing Stance: Amicia improves her body positioning to throw items farther.
  • Armour Piercer: Amicia can backstab armoured enemies with a knife as she can now spot their weak points.
  • Grappler: Being conscious of her surroundings, Amicia can push enemies into fire or rats when she attacks in melee, killing them instantly.
  • Recovery: Keeping her calm when she is attacked, Amicia recovers faster from blows.
  • Vital Points: Knowing their vital points, Amicia strangles enemies with her sling faster and more quietly.
  • Quick Fingers: Being more dexterous, Amicia reloads and uses her weapons much faster.
  • Alchemy Knowledge: Thanks to a better knowledge of alchemy, Amicia crafts alchemical ammo faster.
  • Nothing Lost: Optimizing her alchemical craft, Amicia has a chance to save one resource she uses when she crafts alchemical ammo.
  • Material Divison: Being more meticulous, Amicia obtains Pieces when she crafts alchemical ammo.
  • Pure Product: Perfecting her art, Amicia crafts one more alchemical ammo with the same resources.

Besides upgrading Amicia’s weapons and gear, she also has three sets of passive skills that affect her movement, offer new attacks, improve her crafting, and reload her weapons faster. Amicia’s skills are divided into Prudence, Aggressive, and Opportunism, and each set has four abilities for Amicia to learn throughout the game.

Successfully avoiding guards and not raising alerts will increase Amicia’s Prudence skills. Although it’s best to avoid using knives, the last upgrade, Armour Piercer, lets Amicia backstab armoured enemies, making her extremely deadly. Electing to kill guards will impact her Aggressive skills, giving her faster reloads in Quick Fingers, and the ability to push enemies into fire or rats in Grappler. Crafting alchemical projectiles increases Amicia’s Opportunism skills, which will greatly impact crafting and lets her obtain additional Pieces when crafting in Material Division.

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