How To Unlock The Pixel Spray In Overwatch 2


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Kill an enemy from at least 30 meters away by shooting her Dynamite

You will need a good bit of skill to get this spray, but once you get the hand of shooting her Dynamite you will find that this spray will unlock in no time.


Kill two enemies in each of his configurations

This means that you will need to get six kills in total. Two kills in his normal recon configuration, another two in his assault configuration, and then a final two with his ultimate.

The hardest configuration to get two kills with will be his ultimate, but this is something that will happen with enough time played as Bastion. Just keep your eye out for two enemies that are stuck in a tight spot to rain down your missiles on, and from there the other four kills will be easy enough to get as long as you stay with your team.


Get two killing blows with a single use of his Magnetic Grenade

This is a difficult spray to unlock. It can be made easier by combining with another ultimate that groups enemies together like Zarya’s, but even then, getting the killing blow on two enemies will be a challenge.

Other ways to make this easier would be to focus on enemies that stick together, such as a Damage hero being constantly healed by a Mercy or other support. Make sure to shoot them first so that they are low on health and then throw your Magnetic Grenade and hope for the best.


Get two killing blows with a single use of her Focusing Beam

This is another case of a spray that will unlock after playing as the character for a while, as, for the most part, it comes down to a lucky situation. You can aim to get this spray by damaging weaker heroes and then do your best to line them up with your beam so that they both die, but it will be difficult to do this yourself as the enemies will retaliate and Echo doesn’t have that much health.


Get two kills with a single use of his Deflection

This is a very difficult spray to get and will require a lot of skill and luck. Try to focus on abilities that you can deflect that deal high damage, like Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets, Ashe’s Dynamite, and most of Junkrat’s Kit. Even deflecting these attacks can be incredibly difficult with how fast they move.

Big pushes with your team will give you the best chance at finding two enemies on low health that you can get close up to.


Get three kills with a single use of his Storm Arrows

The best way to get this is to wait until a big team fight and shoot your Storm Arrows into the group, especially once the fight has gone on for a while and everyone is on low health. You have some time to aim and position yourself, so do your best to focus on the weaker enemies that have less manoeuvrability.


Knock an enemy into one of your Steel Traps

This is an easy enough spray to get, as there are plenty of ways to get it. You could put your trap behind the enemy team and throw your Concussion Mine into the crowd and hope that one of the enemies gets pushed back into the trap. You could lure an enemy into a tight room where you have placed a Steel Trap and then throw the Concussion Mine at them to push them into it.


Block 1000 damage with a single use of her Ice Wall

This is one of the easiest sprays to unlock as there are a lot of ways to block this much damage with her wall. However, the easiest way is to simply put the wall up to defend yourself against a D.VA ultimate and you should block enough damage to get the spray.


Get an environmental kill by knocking someone off the map with her Concussive Blast

This can be done easily on maps like Ilios and Nepal, which have points next to an area where you can push someone off the map. Ilios well is one of the easy maps to do this on as there is a massive hole in the middle of the point, and as it is on the point enemies will have to get close to it, which should give you plenty of opportunities to push someone off the map.


Get three solo kills with a single clip of his shotguns.

This can definitely be a challenging spray to unlock normally in a game. As, more often than not, your kills will not be solo kills as you are required to do almost all the damage. The other problem is getting three kills with one clip when he only has eight bullets to shoot before he has to reload.

For your first Solo kill, shoot at the enemy as many times as you need and before you land the killing blow reload so that you only use one bullet to get your first count towards getting the spray.

The best way to get this done is by dealing damage with your shotguns to three enemies grouped together without any of your teammates around and then using Death Blossom to finish them off, as getting kills with your ultimate in this way will count towards unlocking the spray. However, after Death Blossom finishes, your guns will reload and the count will reset.


Kill an enemy with a charged Railgun headshot whilst sliding

This is another spray that is down to skill and practice. Simply look for the weaker heroes with little manoeuvrability, do a little damage to them to charge up your Railgun, start sliding and aim for the head.

Soldier 76

Get two kills with a single use of his Helix Rockets

You can use Zarya’s ultimate ability to group enemies together but, unfortunately, this spray will just take luck to unlock.


Hack 15 enemies without dying

This will count by doing her ultimate, which can help speed this process up, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to get this spray. Simply place your Translocator by a health pack, find an enemy, hack them, return to the health pack, and repeat. Luckily, Sombra has a lot of abilities to get her out of trouble quickly so you shouldn’t be caught off guard and killed whilst trying to get this spray.


Hit an enemy with three beams simultaneously

If you play a single game as Symmetra, you will probably unlock this spray. All you have to do is put three of your turrets by a choke point or in a small room and as soon as an enemy walks past the turrets they will lock on and you will have the spray.


Absorb 500 damage with his Overload in a single life

As with some of our tanks, you will need to get in the way of damage, but as Torbjorn has much less health than the tanks, you will need to be more reserved when going out into the fight. Make sure that you have a way to escape, take as much damage as you can, and you should unlock the spray without too much trouble.


Recover 400 health using her Recall ability without dying

This can be done with enough patience. Go into a fight deal damage and take damage, then use your recall to pull yourself to somewhere safe. Keep on doing this and make sure your ability is off cooldown and you should be able to get this spray without too much trouble.


Kill four enemies with her Venom Mine in a single game

The most effective way to get this spray is by setting up a trap where someone walks into your Venom Mine and starts dealing damage revealing them to you, and then you shoot at their body enough to get them hurt and then let the Venom Mine do the rest of the work.

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