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How To Unlock Minnie Mouse In Disney Dreamlight Valley


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Unlocking Minnie Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be pretty daunting, but here’s how you can do it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulator that allows you to spend time with various Disney characters as you try to earn Star Coins through farming, mining, or foraging. During your time in the valley, you’ll look for a way to get rid of The Forgetting, and restore peace and happiness.

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There’s no Minnie Mouse without Mickey Mouse and vice versa. The game keeps true to this as Mickey will keep mentioning that he will get Minnie back in the valley as fast as he can. They can’t live without each other, and it’s your responsibility to reunite them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in early access, and all the information provided in this guide is subject to change.

Requirements To Unlock Minnie Mouse

Minnie is a special character, and so is the path to unlocking her. Usually, you’d unlock a character by interacting with them in the valley, or by bringing them back from their realm in the Dream Castle. While Minnie Mouse is already in the valley, she is in a different space and cannot be interacted with.


As soon as you talk to Mickey Mouse, he won’t be able to get her name off his tongue. As you raise Mickey’s friendship level, you’ll get closer to unlocking Minnie. Here’s everything you need after unlocking Mickey to get the quest that belongs to Minnie:

Quest Name Requirement Walkthrough
Hangin’ With Mickey
  • Friendship level two with Mickey
  • Plaza (unlocked at the start)
  • Peaceful Meadows (unlocked at the start)
  • Get the required White Daisies from Peaceful Meadows, Blue Falling Penstemons from Plaza, and Softwood from all around the valley.
  • Craft a Tall Birdhouse at the crafting table and place it anywhere in the valley.
Missing Minnie
  • Get the Royal Fishing Rod
  • Friendship level three with Mickey
  • Grow and harvest some Wheat and Carrot. The seeds for both of these can be found at Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadows.
  • After the quest starts, cook Fish Sandwich using any fish and wheat inside any stove.
  • Cook Crudités by adding one carrot inside the stove
  • Head over to the picnic spot where you’ll see a glimpse of Minnie Mouse for the first time.
Shadows and Bows
  • Talk to Mickey and choose the options Polka Dots and flowers. The options don’t matter here, but these are the correct answers.
  • Take Minnie’s bow from him and talk to Scrooge McDuck and Goofy regarding their memories of Minnie. This will power up the bow.
  • Talk to Mickey again before you head to the well right in front of Dream Castle. Here, you’ll see the shadow of Minnie once again.
  • This time, you and Mickey will be able to talk to Minnie, giving you more information about her current condition before she stops hearing you again.
  • Finish this quest to get the main Minnie quest.

After finishing the Shadows and Bows quest, you’ll be able to see the shadow of Minnie around the valley sometimes. To get the final quest, you need to reach friendship level eight with Mickey Mouse.

Apart from talking to them every day and giving them gifts, the best way to increase a character’s friendship is by assigning the Gardening task to them and constantly farming Wheat.

While this isn’t that good for the money, Wheat grows a minute after it is watered, allowing you to harvest a lot of it in a short period. This will boost your friendship EXP by a considerable amount.

How To get Minnie Mouse In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you reach friendship level eight with Mickey, you’ll be able to talk to him and start the Memory Magnification quest. He will tell you that he has talked to Merlin about bringing Minnie Mouse back for good. Being the wizard of the valley, Merlin had a solution for this.

Mickey tells us that we could already summon her, but we didn’t have enough power to make her stay. To do that, you’ll need to craft a Dreamlight Magnifier which will require a bunch of ingredients. Here’s everything you need for it:

Ingredient Required Amount How To Find
Memory of Minnie 1 Mickey gives this to you
Tinkering Parts 6 You can craft three of these with two Iron Ingots. Furthermore, Iron Ingots can be crafted using five Iron Ore and one Coal.

Iron Ore can be found by mining black rocks near the edges of every region except Plaza, Peaceful Meadows, and Dazzle Beach.

Hardwood 2 Can be found lying around in the same regions as Iron Ore.
Emerald 1 Has a low chance of dropping from the black rocks on the edges of Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust​​​​​​.

Once you have all the ingredients, head over to the Functional Items tab on any Crafting Station. You’ll be able to see the required item as it’ll have Mickey’s face at the bottom of it. Bring the Dreamlight Magnifier back to Mickey once it’s created.

Find Minnie’s shadow in the valley, which can be done by looking for her face on the map. Head over to her location with Mickey where you’ll be able to talk to her once again. This time around, she will mention that she’s tired and misses her bed.

After talking to her, you can talk to Mickey and ask him about her house. At this point, you’ll be able to place Minnie’s house anywhere in the valley. Once placed, Scrooge McDuck will charge 5,000 Star Coins to build the house.

Upon creating the house, Minnie will come back to her normal form. You can talk to both the mice to finally finish the quest. You’ll learn that Minnie doesn’t remember Mickey right now.

Minnie seems to have some bugs when you ask her to hang out after reaching friendship level two. While hanging out, she might just keep running far away. During this, you will still be able to get extra EXP for her friendship, but she won’t give the double items.

To fix this, you can simply restart the game and ask her to hang out again. After this bug is fixed, she will give you all the double items in one go.

Minnie Mouse Friendship Rewards

Once you unlock her, you will get a chance to upgrade her friendship up to level ten. This will unlock various quests, and a gift on every level to commemorate your friendship with her. Here’s everything you’ll get from Minnie Mouse as friendship rewards:

Friendship Level Reward
Level 1 Unlocks Minnie Mouse and her home
Level 2 Unlocks Classic Minnie Ears Headband
Level 3 Unlocks an overlay of Minnie’s bow which can be applied to your customized clothing
Level 4 Unlocks 500 Star Coins
Level 5 Unlocks Polka Dot Armchair
Level 6 Unlocks Mickey and Minnie balloon overlay
Level 7 Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins
Level 8 Unlocks Cute Bow Bed
Level 9 Unlocks a cacti Minnie Mouse overlay
Level 10 Unlocks Minnie Mouse’s signature dress

How To Help Minnie Mouse Remember Mickey Mouse

It is very disheartening to see Minnie have no memory of Mickey because of The Forgetting. Luckily, that is something you can fix. Here are all the quests you’ll need to finish to make the lovers truly unite:

Quest Name Requirement Walkthrough
The Language of Flowers
  • Friendship level two with Minnie Mouse
  • Unlock Forest of Valor
  • Unlock Dazzle Beach
  • First, you need to get six Blue Star Lillies from the Forest of Valor.
  • After taking the flower pot from Minnie, get four Red Bell Flowers from Forest of Valor and one White and Red Hydrangea from Dazzle Beach.
  • Make the required item and deliver it to Mickey.
On The Trail Of Minnie’s Memories
  • Friendship level four with Minnie Mouse
  • The areas mentioned above
  • Head over to the pond on the right side of Peaceful Meadows to find a shadow of a fishing rod. Get the Dreamlight Magnifier from Mickey.
  • Use the item to help Minnie regain her memories of fishing with Goofy.
  • Next, head over to Dazzle Beach and find a hat shadow to remind her of Donald Duck. This is near the bridge in the middle of the beach.
  • Finally, head over to the Forest of Valor to find the last shadow near the Pillar of Courage. This will finally remind her of Mickey.
  • Go back and meet Mickey along with Minnie, and you’ll be able to witness their sweet love talk.

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