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How To Unlock Every Class In Soulstone Survivors


A collage of the Legionnaire, Paladin, and Death Knight in Soulstone Survivors.

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Roguelikes offer excellent opportunities to try different strategies, see the characters, and develop your skills. Soulstone Survivors offers plenty of classes to make it a fun experience while letting you choose between many different classes.

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However, you only start with the Barbarian, so what if you want to play the Hound Master, the Spellblade, or anyone else you prefer? Each offers different stats that make them unique while giving them access to varying skills. You’ll want to know how to unlock them as you go through the game. You’ll want to utilize some key strategies to make the process easier, so you won’t waste time or take too long to get everyone.


This game is currently in early access. As such, some of the classes, costs, and requirements may change as the game receives updates.

How To Unlock Every Class

Each character has different requirements for you to unlock them, so you’ll want to review the requirements, costs, and tips to make every class available.




Tips to Unlock


You start with this class.




Eliminate a single Lord of the Void in the first area.

5,000 Minor Soulstones

This is one of the easiest classes to unlock. You’ll unlock this one after you beat your first boss fight, so it only takes a few minutes.

Hound Master

Finish a match in under 25 minutes.

10,000 Minor Soulstones

Most matches will only take 20 minutes to finish unless you do challenge runs, so you’ll most likely get this one when you complete your first run. If you find it difficult, focus on building up your damage early to get a lead and aim to complete one boss every five minutes.


Kill a total of 10,000 enemies.

3 Vile Soulstones

10,000 sounds like a lot, but you’ll unlock this class in about four completed runs. Just keep playing, and you’ll get it sooner than expected.

Arcane Weaver

Defeat 50 Lords of the Void.

3 Wicked Soulstones

You’ll have to complete multiple runs and boss fights to unlock this class. You’ll need to play at least 10 runs to get it, but you’ll likely unlock it before you reach the other classes.


Destroy 100 elite enemies.

3 Hateful Soulstones

You’ll naturally get this as you keep playing the game and focus on the other classes. You should unlock it rather quickly.


100 percent five maps.

5 Vile Soulstones

You have to play through each map once. If you find any of them difficult, focus on defense upgrades to keep yourself alive since they don’t require you to finish them in a certain amount of time.


100 percent cycle two of the Overlord mode.

5 Wicked Soulstones

You’ll want to play the Paladin to win. First, focus on completing the area in under 12 minutes to gain access to Overlord mode. Once you access the Overlord mode, utilize the tips below to complete two cycles.


Complete a match with all curses from tiers one through four on the Whispering Grove map.

5 Rogue Soulstones

Check the tips below.


Defeat 100 Lords of the Void.

5 Hateful Soulstones

You’ll naturally get this class as you play the game.


Finish a match in under 10 minutes.

8 Wicked Soulstones

You’ll want to focus on damage and AOE to secure this class. You should use the Barbarian, Paladin, or Death Knight and get the Bladestorm ability. Go to the first map and make your way to the right or left side. Doing so will help you kill enemies as they spawn.


100 percent the second cycle of Endless mode.

5 Vile Soulstones

This one takes a ton of time to do properly. You’ll want to choose a class with decent defense, like the Barbarian. You must finish a stage in under 14 minutes. Once you do so, you can enter the purple portal to start Endless mode. Prioritize defensive stats, so the later enemies won’t one-shot you and end the run. If you find this difficult to get, commit more points into the blue section of the skill tree and complete achievements to gain defensive runes.


Finish a match with all the curses from tiers one through three on The Dungeon of Despair map.

8 Hateful Soulstones

Review the tips below.

Death Knight

Complete a match with all the curses from tiers one through five on The Frozen Wastelands map.

8 Rogue Soulstones

Look through the tips below.

You can check your progress on any classes requiring a specific amount of a certain currency. Go to the Achievements tab, select the ‘characters’ icon, and check them for more information. You’ll see bars and numbers letting you know how much more you need to unlock each class.

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Additional Tips To Help With Higher Tiers

The Paladin utilizes his Bladestorm ability to fight five Lords at once in Soulstone Survivors.

As you play Soulstone Survivors, you may find it difficult to unlock the characters and meet some of these challenges. However, applying some crucial tips will make it easier to unlock the harder-to-obtain classes. The higher tiers can pose challenges, so you’ll want to remember some points to make the process easier.

Balance Your Damage And Defenses

You’ll need to balance your defenses and damage to survive in the higher tiers. Generally, you’ll want to get the damaging bonuses from level-ups while grabbing the defensive ones when you come across the legendary and epic upgrades.

Circle The Enemies While Dealing Damage

As you damage enemies, circle around the map to avoid attacks. You’ll want to start with smaller circles around a piece of terrain, then move to the map’s perimeter if you have three or more Lords fighting you.

As you build your range and AOE, you can fight enemies from a distance without letting them get close to you.

Take Out Pillars Of Despair

As you reach the fourth tier, you’ll have pillars of despair spawn every minute. You’ll want to rush over and focus on them whenever they appear.

However, if you don’t deal enough damage to take them out in under a minute, you should ignore them and entirely focus on the Lords. Doing so will make the match harder to complete, but you won’t keep up with the pillars of despair if you don’t deal enough damage.

Fill Out The Skill Tree

You should go through the skill tree and try to fill it up. Doing so will give you all the bonuses you can get, which you’ll need to survive the higher tiers. If you don’t know where to start, try to unlock the additional dash from the red section while going for the two auto-revives in the blue section. They’ll help you survive longer and get out of difficult situations.

If you don’t know which class to use, try the Barbarian, Paladin, Elementalist, or Chaoswalker. The Barbarian and Paladin work best for survivability while focusing on AOE. The Elementalist and Chaoswalker help you deal decent AOE while having good single-target damage. However, they won’t live as long as the Barbarian and Paladin, especially if you secure the Exorcism ability as the Paladin.

It comes down to your preferred playstyle, so see which approach you like as you tackle the higher tiers.

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