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How to Split Screen on Mac in 2022


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We all work on multiple windows at once. You need information from the web to write something in a document or fill in a spreadsheet. Or you have to read a PDF of a report. The problem is that you might be on a website that has a small font so you can hardly read, or the website is all Flash based so you can’t even access it.  This blog talks about different tools to solve this problem.

For example, you might be writing a blog post (in a word processor) or you might be present in a video conference (with a browser). Or you might want to edit a spreadsheet (in a spreadsheet program) or glance at the latest sales figures (in a spreadsheet).

You might want to compare the numbers stored in two spreadsheets (in two spreadsheets). You might want to copy a link to a document onto your clipboard (in a browser). You might want to come back to a web page/article you found earlier (in a browser). You might want to search for a document.

If you work with multiple windows open at the same time, then you understand how the chaos of all the windows and information can become disorienting. This blog will look at different tools to help you how to split screen on mac.

How to enter split screen mode on a Mac

You’ll find three buttons on the upper left side of every Mac window: red, yellow, green. A pair of arrows appear when you hover over the green button. The window can be expanded to full screen by clicking this button or collapsed back down by clicking it.

You can also switch to split screen mode by pressing the green button:

1. Hold down the green button. You will see the window shrink. You are ready to enter split screen mode.

2. You will see your window move to the left side of your screen or monitor when you stop clicking.

3. On the right half of the screen, you can see the other windows you have open. Choose the window you want to view.

4. In the right-hand corner of your screen, you will see the second window appear. You can flip a window from one side to the other by dragging the window’s menu bar.

5. By clicking on the border between two windows, you can widen or narrow one of them. By dragging your mouse, you can make one smaller and one larger. However, both windows will fill the entire screen.

6. In this mode, your menu bars, including the red, yellow, and green dots, disappear. The menu bar appears over both windows as soon as you move your cursor to the top of your screen.

In split screen view, you can easily switch between two documents. As well, you can switch back and forth between your split screen and other applications. You can swipe left or right on your trackpad with a multi-touch gesture or use Mission Control.

When you’re ready to switch back, your dual screen pair will be waiting for you.

How to exit split screen mode on Mac

As soon as the green button appears at the top of the screen, you can exit split-screen and return to your 296 windows. Reduce the window size by clicking. After the split screen is reverted, the window will return to its original shape. Meanwhile, the other window will be made full-screen.

The second window can be reached by clicking the app, using Mission Control to show all your windows, or by swiping your trackpad to it. Once you have exited the full-screen view, you can resize your window again by pressing the green button.


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