How to Run a Successful Bakery


How to Run a Successful Bakery

In this guide, you will come to know how to run a successful Bakery in The Sims 4. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to run a bakery.

Creating a bakery requires a Get-to-Work expansion pack, which will unlock retail stores and baking skills. Cupcakes and some other cakes require your regular cooking skill, but some dishes require gourmet cooking skills, which will be unlocked at level five of the regular cooking skill, as shown in the image below.

For baking, you require some specific goods that will cost you less money until you reach a higher level, so you will not make money until you reach a higher level. You will also need to buy retail lots, and for the initial start, it will cost you upto ten thousand game credits. In this lot, you will get a basic start-up, a register, two baking displays, and a cupcake factory.

The baking displays are very useful because placing food in them will extend the time it takes them to expire up to twenty game days; the timer for these doesn’t go down unless you are on the retail lot. Dishes that require higher levels have a higher base price, and their markup is based on percentages which will increase your profit margins and overall profit.

The dishes which require higher levels have a higher base price, and their markup is based on percentages which will increase your profit margins. The dishes which require level five have a base price of fifty to a hundred Simoleons,  and the dishes which require level ten have a base price of five hundred Simoleons, as shown in the image below.

You will not have any base price for baking goods until you sell an item and find the restocking price of that item. If you make good-quality dishes in the cupcake factory, you will have the option to sell them to the local bakeries and get a base price. If you have extra time in your day while customers are around, you can spend more time making items in the cupcake factory, selling them to local bakeries, and getting profit, as shown in the image below.

For the display, you first have to work on a cupcake display which requires cooking skills in the cupcake factory, so on the first row, you have to display high-level cupcakes, and you also need to add minty mocha, red velvet, and pink strawberry cupcakes in the display. You also need to add some variety of donuts from the cupcake factory, and these are level nine baked items with good base prices, as shown in the image below.

For the cake display, you need to add good level cakes, and most of the cakes will be made using kitchen appliances, so you have to add lava bunch cake, fruit cake, and rainbow gelatin cake for variety; you can also add some low-level cakes on display. You can make Thai and black and white cakes from gourmet cooking skills. Banana bread can be split into bread and pie separately.

There are two perks: large restocking and instant restocking, which will help you run the store efficiently, and also, it will speed up the interactions, giving you more perk points. A cheaper restocking perk is also very useful because it lowers the restocking cost by twenty-five percent, directly translating restocking savings into profits. While selling the item, the serious shopper and curious shopper perk will also increase sales.

If you want to hire staff, you need to hire one with a high work ethic. Otherwise, the staff will do nothing all day; you can also assign them to clean your store at the start of the shift because backing displays get dirty quickly; cleaning them will not give you any perk points, as shown in the image below.

You will also need to choose your markup, if you want to work on cooking and training skills, you have to set markup higher, and if you want the perk points, you have to make the markup lower, which will also increase your sales. If you have fifteen hundred satisfaction points, you can buy the marketable trade, which will increase the price of the products you made, and the base price will be three times higher than the previous price, as shown in the image below.

You will also need to have a fresh chef trait which is the reward of completing the master chief aspiration, and it is very hard to get; the main task for completing the master chief aspiration is to get to level eight of the culinary career, and also you need more money to stimulate your business. The food you make will be good quality food, and it will never expire; you don’t need to sell food in baking displays, as shown in the image below.

Once you complete the aspiration and get the trait, you have to quit the job and pay attention to your business. You need to sell all the items in your bakery on one floor; you will also need to get high-quality appliances and upgrades in your kitchen because it will increase the quality of your food.

Few items require specific ingredients, so you have to buy starter seed packets that will cover the wide range of additional ingredients. If you have a small stuff pack, then the artwork that comes with the pack has three hidden swatches which will give colorful cupcakes paintings, and you can use them to decorate your store, as shown in the image below.

You also need to add a sign to your store, and then you have to upgrade it, which will attract more customers; if you have a city living expansion pack, then you can also give chef’s kitchen trait in your bakery retail lot, which will give you a small boost for cooking and gourmet cooking skills. When you have high-level quality items, you have to use your cupcake factory to make a few more dishes and sell them to any local bakery during the opening hours of your store.

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