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How To Romance Leano In Potion Permit


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Potion Permit is a role-playing simulation game that puts you in the shoes of an alchemist from the Capital who has just moved to the island and small town of Moonbury. As an alchemist, your job is to brew many potions to heal the townsfolk.

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You will also be able to explore around to gather ingredients, befriend the villagers and even date some of them if that’s what you want. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about dating and how to romance Leano, one of the six dateable characters in Potion Permit.

Who Is Leano?

A few moons ago, Leano was a formidable pirate; she even has a hook for a hand to prove it! Nowadays, Laeno has settled for a more peaceful lifestyle in Moonbury, where she runs the local fishing shop (located on the beach north of the town) with the help of her trusted assistant, Ottmar.


As you can expect, Laeno has a thing for fishing, and she is the one who gives you your first fishing rod so you can start fishing around town. If you want to date this retired pirate, you will need to become her friend first, so keep reading to learn how to win Leano’s heart.

How To Date Leano

Just like in real life, you will need some sort of connection with a character before you can start to date them.

To date Leano, you must get her friendship to level 3 and complete all of her character’s quests. After completing all three of her quests, buy a Moon Brooch and gift it to her. Doing so will trigger a special cutscene, and afterward, you will be able to take Leano on dates once per day.

You will only be able to date one character at a time, so make sure you think it through before giving the Moon Brooch to someone.

How To Become Leano’s Friend

Before you can even think about dating Leano, you will need to be her friend first. There are two ways to level up your friendship level with characters in Potion Permit — you can talk to them and gift them Moon Cloves.

Talking with someone is a low-cost way of filling up their friendship bar. All you have to do is find the character you want to talk to, interact with them, select the chat option, and watch your friendship meter go up afterward.

Leano is usually at her shop Primerose Sail (located on the beach in the town’s northern area). However, if you want to find her faster, interact with your dog and choose the “find” command so it can find her for you.

Remember that you can talk to a character as often as you wish. Still, the interaction will only increase the friendship bar once per day. This means that if you’re pursuing a particular character, you should try to talk to them on a daily basis.

There is another way to increase Leano’s friendship level: Moon Cloves.

Moon Cloves are great because they will fill up a huge chunk of Leano’s friendship bar if you gift them to her. The downside is that these items are a little hard to come by, as you will get them after successfully healing a patient in the Clinic or as a reward from certain quests.

All Of Leano’s Quests

After maxing out one of Leano’s friendship levels, you will be able to complete a quest for her which will unlock the next friendship level and so on. There are four quests in total: one for every level, and a final one that unlocks dating for this character.

You won’t be able to keep increasing Leano’s friendship until you have completed the quest associated with the friendship level you are currently on.

Before starting any of Leano’s quests, we suggest you upgrade your cauldron to the second level, so you can use more ingredients when crafting the items Leano asks for.

Leano’s Quest #1 – “Competitive Fishing”

  • Requirement: Max out Leano’s friendship bar
  • How to trigger it: Go to Primerose Sail from Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00 and 16:00

After maxing out Leano’s friendship bar, a notice will appear on the Bulletin Board asking anyone who wants to fish to join Leano at Primerose Sail. You can also trigger the quest without reading the Bulletin Board, so don’t worry too much about that.

Get to Primerose Sail and watch the cut scene. Afterwards, you will be tasked with catching 20 pieces of White Meat to bring to Leano.

Before going out and trying to catch something, you will need to buy bait at Leano’s shop. The cheapest one costs 5g a piece.

After gathering the 20 pieces of White Meat, go back to Leano to complete the quest and unlock her level 2 friendship bar.

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Leano’s Quest #2 – “A Beloved Sword”

  • Requirement: Max out Leano’s friendship bar for a second time
  • How to trigger it: Go to Primerose Sail from Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00 and 18:00

After maxing out Leano’s friendship bar for a second time, pay her a visit at the Primerose Sail from Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00 and 18:00.

Once there, you will watch a cut scene involving Leano, Ottmar, and Leano’s rusty sword. Your task this time will be to craft something that can help with Leano’s sword condition, like the Metal Rust Gel.

To craft the Metal Rust Gel, you will need to fill 16 slots in the cauldron, and you won’t be able to use any Earth materials.

Craft the gel and bring it back to Leano to complete the quest, and unlock her third and final friendship level.

Leano’s Quest #3 – “Back to the Sea”

  • Requirement: Max out Leano’s friendship bar for a third time
  • How to trigger it: Go to Primerose Sail from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00

Once again, you will need to max out Leano’s friendship level, so keep talking to her daily and gifting her Moon Cloves until the bar is finally full.

Afterward, go pay her a visit at Primerose Sail from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00.

There, you will see a cutscene where Leano reminiscent about her life in the sea and how much she misses it, so she wants to go back to sailing.

Before she leaves, she asks you to craft her Gunpowder, so she can defend herself in case she needs to.

To craft Gunpowder, you will need to fill up fifteen squares in your cauldron using only Earth materials.

After crafting the Gunpowder, go back to Leano and give it to her to end the quest.

Leano’s Quest #4 – “Love’s Anchor”

  • Requirements: Complete all three of Leano’s Quests
  • How to trigger it: Give Leano a Moon Brooch

Now that you have completed all of Leano’s quests, you can buy a Moon Brooch from Silky Stitch Tailor to gift to her and seal the deal. This item costs five Moon Cloves, so keep that in mind.

Go find Leano and gift her the brooch — but wait, there’s more. To “tie the knot” with Leano, you will need to catch a rare fish called the “Flying Dragon Fish” which, according to the pirate, can’t be caught in normal places.

You need the Advanced Fishing Rod, Hyper, or Super worms to catch the Flying Dragon Fish. After getting those, head to Glaze Grotto, a cave that’s north of the cable car.

Once there, use the fishing spot in the middle to fish the Flying Dragon Fish. Now, all you have to do is head back to Leano, give her the fish, and you will finally be able to take her on dates.

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