How To Play Warrior Priest Of Sigmar Saltzpyre In Warhammer: Vermintide 2


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The Warrior Priest of Sigmar is Victor Saltzpyre’s fourth unlockable class, available for purchase as DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. This Career has Saltzpyre become the vessel of Sigmar’s fury, slaying rats with the combined might of melee weapons and holy tomes.

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The Warrior Priest is one of the few melee-only Careers in Vermintide 2. However, where this Career lacks ranged weapons, it more than makes up for in melee power and support abilities. Let’s take a look at each of the Warrior Priest’s weapons and talents, and how to build this Career.


Career Overview

Career Skill – Shield of Faith
  • Saltzpyre covers himself in a holy shield that makes him immune to all damage for 5 seconds. When the shield expires, it explodes in a small area, damaging enemies. The shield can also target allies.
Passive Ability – Righteous Fury
  • When enemies die near Saltzpyre, he builds Fury. At 100% Fury, Saltzpyre enters Righteous Fury, and his attacks smite enemies, dealing an additional hit equal to 20% of the weapon’s damage. Fury slowly depletes while out of combat.
Perk – Enemy of Chaos
  • Deal 30% more damage to enemies with Super Armor.
Perk – Incorruptible
  • Entirely resist the Curse status effect.
Perk – Implacable
  • Reduce damage taken by 20%. In addition, 20% of incoming damage is instead spread out over 3 seconds. This damage over time can not bring Saltzpyre’s health below 0.

General Gameplay

As a Warrior Priest, your place is on the frontlines, damaging enemies while protecting yourself and your allies with Shield of Faith. Through his talents, Saltzpyre gains access to powerful party-wide healing utility.

Through careful decision-making, you’ll need to determine when to activate Shield of Faith, and who your target will be. You can apply the Shield to yourself before pushing ahead into a horde, or save it for an ally that is overwhelmed by enemies.


Victor Saltzpyre in his premium career, the Warrior-Priest of Sigmar, for Warhammer Vermintide 2

Melee Weapons

The Warrior Priest of Sigmar is a melee-only class, and can use the following weapons.

  • Flail and Shield
  • Holy Great Hammer
  • Paired Skull-Splitters
  • Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome
  • Skull-Splitter and Shield
  • Skull-Splitter Hammer

When deciding a weapon, you must also take into consideration the Warrior Priest’s first talents, Eternal Vigilance and Slayer of the Wicked. Overall, Slayer of the Wicked provides more temporary health than Eternal Vigilance, making weapons with better cleave potential stronger overall.

However, because the Warrior Priest can still equip two melee weapons, you can use a low-cleave, high-damage weapon in your second slot for high-health single targets.

The Paired Skull-Splitters have good cleaving ability and are great for clearing hordes of enemies, while any of the Hammer weapons are better for single-target attacks.


warrior priest talents

An example Warrior Priest build for general playstyles.

Level 5 Talent

Eternal VigilanceSlayer of the WickedBlessed Hands
  • Staggering an enemy with a melee attack generates temporary health, proportional to the strength of the stagger.
  • Damaging multiple enemies with a single strike generates temporary health, proportional to the number of enemies hit.
  • Healing yourself with medical supplies also heals nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health.

As mentioned above, Slayer of the Wicked provides more temporary health generation than Eternal Vigilance, making this a better talent to choose. Additionally, Slayer of the Wicked allows for building temporary health off of high-health enemies like monsters and bosses, which is much more difficult to do with Eternal Vigilance.

Level 10 Talent

Unstoppable ForceRising JudgementSigmar’s Executioner
  • Damaging 3 enemies with a single strike reduces the cost of pushing for 4 seconds.
  • Hitting enemies grants a stacking buff that increases the power of the next charged attack by 8%. Maximum of 5 stacks.
  • Gain 5% increased critical strike chance for 12 seconds upon slaying an elite enemy. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Rising Judgement is a good overall damage-boosting talent, provided you weave charged attacks into your normal melee attacks. Doing so will drastically increase the damage of your charged attacks, letting you kill enemies quicker.

Unstoppable Force can be good when paired with the level 20 talent Divine Excoriation, as it will let you continuously unleash shockwaves while knocking enemies back. However, when Righteous Fury is not active, this talent becomes less useful.

Level 15 Talent

SmiterMainstayEnhanced Power
  • The first enemy hit with a melee attack always counts as a stagger. Staggered enemies take 20% more damage, and each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Enemies suffering more than one stagger take 40% more damage.
  • Staggered enemies take 40% more damage, and each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Enemies suffering more than one stagger take 60% more damage.

Of these three talents, Smiter provides the highest damage increase, providing 20 percent additional damage against the first enemy struck, thanks to the guaranteed stagger. This also helps when using weapons with lower stagger damage.

Enhanced Power can be viable as a general-use talent for increasing your power, but lacks the utility of Smiter.

Level 20 Talent

Divine ExcoriationEmpowered SmiteFrom Fury, Fortitude
  • While Righteous Fury is active, pushing enemies will send out a shockwave that staggers nearby enemies.
  • Smite’s additional hit now triggers after 1 second, but has increased stagger strength and deals 40% damage, up from 20%.
  • Enemies that are slain while Righteous Fury is active restore health to nearby allies, proportional to the health of the slain enemy.

From Fury, Fortitude is an extremely powerful talent that can provide tons of permanent health for your party, as long as Righteous Fury is active. You will need to play more aggressively while Righteous Fury is active to take full advantage of this talent, but the health restored to your allies will more than make up for the danger you endure.

Level 25 Talent

Prayer of VengeancePrayer of MightPrayer of Hardiness
  • Increases all allies’ critical strike damage by 35%.
  • Increases all allies’ stagger strength by 25%.
  • Increases all allies’ maximum health by 15%.

The Warrior Priest’s level 25 talents all provide flat stat buffs. Of these three, Prayer of Hardiness will make the most impact, as it will let your team survive more attacks, especially in more offensive-oriented teams that don’t have dedicated tanks or supports.

Prayer of Vengeance or Prayer of Might can work when you do have a dedicated tank like Ironbreaker, helping to increase your party’s damage. Prayer of Might pairs especially well with Careers that want to stagger as much as possible.

Level 30 Talent

Unyielding BlessingUnited in PrayerThe Comet’s Gift
  • Shield of Faith lasts for 3 seconds longer. The target of Shield of Faith can now run through small enemies.
  • Shield of Faith activates on Saltzpyre as well as his target.
  • Shield of Faith now heals damage taken during the last 3 seconds. Shield of Faith can now also revive allies.

Finally, your level 30 talent choice comes down to your preference and playstyle, as each of these talents are incredibly strong in a variety of situations.

Unyielding Blessing will let the target of Shield of Faith play much more aggresively, allowing them to run through enemies and stay protected for longer. This talent is perfect for players that favor taking advantage of openings and charging ahead.

United in Prayer makes Shield of Faith activate on Saltzpyre and his target, doubling the effectiveness of the ability and increasing the total amount of damage mitigated. As such, choose United in Prayer if you prefer to play defensively.

The Comet’s Gift provides substantial utility, allowing you to heal and revive allies from afar. The healing effect provided from this talent is based on the three seconds before you apply the Shield, allowing you to restore chunks of damage lost to high-damage special, elite, and monster attacks. Choose The Comet’s Gift if your playstyle involves supporting your allies.

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