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How To Play As Tang Xuan In Dislyte


Dislyte Tang Xuan build and relics


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In the early stages of your Dislyte journey you’ll be given a few specific Espers as part of the tutorials. First it will be Brynn and Mona, and shortly afterwards your first legendary Esper – either Li Ling or Tang Xuan. Some players prefer to reroll at this stage if they get Tang Xuan, as Li Ling is seen as more versatile. But Tang Xuan has many of his own strengths, and is fun to play.

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The truth is there are many types of battle in Dislyte, and you’ll need a host of different Espers to get you through all of them. While not the basic powerhouse Li Ling can be, Tang Xuan can be an absolute handful – just in a more complex, interesting, and random way. Read on to find out how to use him most effectively.


Tang Xuan’s Abilities And Strengths

Tang Xuan (or Sun Wukong) is credited as being a Fighter class Esper, meaning he is all about dealing damage. He’s a Green Esper, meaning he’s stronger versus Purple enemies while being weaker versus Orange. He has three attack options:

  • Shattering Dream (cooldown: 3-4 turns depending on skill level): Gives him three Enchantments – Scorch, Death and Shackle (see below) – for two turns. The ability then attacks all enemies twice for 60 percent of his ATK value on each hit. The Enchantments’ effects are added to the attack.
  • Enchanting Dream* (cooldown: 2-3 turns depending on skill level): Tang Xuan absorbs all his current Enchantments, before hitting his target for up to 200 percent (depending on skill level) of his ATK as damage. For each Enchantment absorbed, the attack ignores 25 percent of the target’s DEF.
  • Righteous Anger (basic attack): Hits one target for up to 120 percent of ATK value (depending on skill level) and two random enemies with up to 50 percent ATKs. Just before the attack, he gets either Scorch, Death or Shackle as a random Enchantment, which is added to the attacks (as are any other current Enchantments).
  • Captain Ability: Increases all ally ATK by 30 percent (any battle).

* When you Ascend Tang Xuan to Phase Three, using Enchanting Dream also grants him a Shield for two turns (or until it is destroyed).

Tang Xuan’s enchantments can have multiple uses, helping Enchanted Dream ignore DEF when hitting a single target – or causing multiple extra effects when using his other attacks:

  • Death: Does bonus damage (five percent of target’s HP, but only up to 50 percent of Tang’s ATK value).
  • Scorch: Inflicts Disease for two turns, meaning the target cannot be healed.
  • Shackle: Has a 40 percent chance to inflict DEF Down for two turns.

This can cause absolute havoc against teams without Immunity, especially as his special abilities are on shorter cooldowns than most other Espers.

Resonance: Which Statistics Should I Increase?

You’re unlikely to be able to Resonate Tang Xuan, as he is a rare legendary Esper. But if you can, as long as you’re running with a healer in your squad, there is no reason to overcomplicate this decision – ATK, ATK, ATK. All his abilities are purely based on his ATK value, and he is a DPS through and through, so give him all the ATK you can.

Which Relic Sets Are Best For Tang Xuan?

As he’s all about dealing damage, ATK and CRIT values are king. However, you can improve these a lot through Relic sub stats – so there is also potential to get creative with the set bonuses:

  • War Machine (Una): Boring? Perhaps. But effective. A full set grants a 30 percent ATK bonus.
  • Fiery Incandescence (Mui): A pair here will give Tang a 25 percent bump to his C.RATE, giving a higher chance to land those killer blows.

If you want to have a little more random fun – which seems to fit with this character – you could go with Sword Avatara for your Mui set. This gives Tang 25 percent chance to counter when attacked, which can really make those Enchantments sing. If you’re finding him a bit squishy, also consider taking Hades over War Machine. This will heal you for 30 percent of the damage you do.

Also remember, no matter the Esper, SPD is important. It’s only available as a main stat on your Mui II Relics, so if you can find one in the right set that has it – perfect. Remember, if he gets to attack before the enemy can buff, there will be no immunity up to get in the way of his first Shattering Dream.

Relic Sub Stats

Again, alongside SPD, improving ATK and both C.RATE and C.DMG are key to making Tang Xuan as effective as possible. Earlier in the game you’ll find straight stats are best (ATK, DEF, HP etc.).

However, once you start getting six-star relics and advance up to level 50, you’ll find you’re normally getting more value from ‘BONUS’ effects. Keep experimenting by swapping Relics in and out to see how they affect your stats. Once they tip over into favouring BONUS, they won’t go back.

Also remember that, for the debuffs to stick, he’ll need to have relatively solid ACC when you’re getting towards the end game. This is often an overlooked stat, but if you find his debuffs aren’t landing, this will be the reason.

How To Play Tang Xuan

For Tang Xuan to be truly effective, he needs to be landing those big Enchantment-fused hits on enemies that don’t have Immunity up, so that Scorch and Shackle can land. So, he works well in a debuffing or speed squad.

However, he is a solid DPS no matter the squad you build – just be careful to use your attacks as effectively as possible by noting all the buffs on your enemies. With Enchanting Dream upgraded so you get the Shield, and with a Hades Relic set equipped, he can also be self-sufficient.

You’ll often see Tang in Point War squads and other PvP content. While he is a solid squad member throughout the storyline, as well as in the Cube Miracle and Infinite Miracle. Basically, anywhere he can land those crafty bonus debuffs.

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