TechyHint Gaming How to play 32-Bit Unsupported Steam Games on Mac OS

How to play 32-Bit Unsupported Steam Games on Mac OS


How to play 32-Bit Unsupported Steam Games on Mac OS


In this guide, you will find out how to play 32-Bit / Unsupported Steam games on Mac OS Catalina. First, you have to download Play on Mac and then download Steam which includes some short simple other downloads. After that, you will be able to install your game and you can easily play it on your Mac.

Download Play On Mac.

The first thing you will need to open the following link It will take you directly to the download site of Play on Mac, it uses the wine emulation engine and it will give you a great user interface that is super easy to understand. To download this, you have to click on the Download button.

After the downloading, you need to exit the browser and then install Play on Mac.

Steam Installation

Once the installation of play on mac completes, open It by simply clicking on the icon and a little window will open up and you have to click on the Install program button on the left side. It will start updating, it might take a minute, so you have to be patient. After that, go to the search bar on the top and type Steam. Select Steam and then click on the Install button on the right bottom of the screen.

A new screen will appear and you just need to click on Next. After this, the Play on Mac installation will appear and you have to click on next. After that, select the memory that your graphics board has.

To find this out, you have to go to the Apple menu on the top left of your screen and then click on About this Mac. A screen will pop up telling you which type of Mac you have. Now you have to look at the graphics tab which will give you information about your graphics memory.

After seeing this, you have to select the memory and then click on Next. It will start creating the installation directories and then it will start downloading the Wine Gecko. Once the download completes, you have to click on Install to install the wine gecko as it will create your virtual drive.

Once the virtual drive is created, you have to click on Next and then install the Microsoft Fonts. For this, you have to click on Next and the Steam setup will open up. Now you need to click on the install button.

Once the installation completes, run Steam as it will start updating. After that, click on the Steam icon and then login into Steam; if you don’t have a Steam account then you can click on create new. Otherwise, you have to click on login using an existing account.

After logging in, you will find that it is not working properly, and it will show you a black screen. To solve this issue, you have to close Steam, then open Play on Mac again and select Steam. After that, click on Configure on the top and a new window will pop up, you have to go down to arguments and paste the code “wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist.” It will exit the browser and you will only get the games list.

Game Installation

After this, you have to open Steam and you will find now there is no problem, everything is working properly. Now you can easily find your games library and your friends list. You have to select the game from the library and then install this game. When you click on it, the installation menu will appear and you just need to click on Next and the installation of the game will start.

Once the download of the game is complete, go to the library, and then you have to select the game. Click on the Play button as it will start installing the game. After this, the game will launch.

First, you have to find an online server, and then your game will start. Then select the character and your weapon and you will see that your game is running smoothly. In this way, you can install any 32-bit game on your mac.


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