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How To Make Money And EXP In Sailing Era


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Sailing Era covers many aspects associated with sailing, including the upkeep. You can have all the skill and strategy in the world, but without resources to back your decisions, they’ll only get you so far. You have to keep your supplies stocked and your boat in good condition as well as hire new crew members and boats.

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Money can help with a lot of this and EXP can help make your main characters more efficient. The good news is that are many lucrative activities available that can provide both lots of money and XP for you to spend as you need.

Expand Your Fleet

Simply put, the more ships you have, the more you can cover. You’ll be able to take on more demanding tasks and carry far more valuables. This is definitely an expense, but it’s worthwhile to actually invest toward more rewards in the long run.


By visiting the Shipyard of any port that has one, you can upgrade your current ship or buy a new one. Their stock will change over time, as will their prices depending on the port’s Contribution level. The sailor Abdullah even has a special ability that allows you to recruit ships that surrender to you after a battle.

You’ll also gain credit for expanding your fleet and buying more boats so that you can also expand your crew and recruit more high-profile characters. This will lead to more story quests which typically involve reaching certain ports or making specific discoveries and deliveries. Completing them can net tens of thousands of coins and thousands of EXP.

Make Discoveries

Sailing Era The Librarian

No matter what kind of vessel or fleet you plan to captain, you’re still out there exploring and learning about the world. This includes chasing up leads about historically or culturally significant locations.

Since the game is based on the real world, you can try to make the discoveries yourself based on where they appear on a world map, and therefore save yourself some time. You can also go to the Library to translate texts and get new leads.

Once you hear about them from an official source or from a fellow sailor, you can make efforts to find these spots. By using the Lookout feature in the designated areas, you can make important discoveries that can teach you some important facts. In terms of gameplay, reporting your discoveries will yield hefty rewards.

Collect Bounties

Sailing Era Government Official At Royal Palace

After you’ve been sailing for a short while and proven that you can stay alive for more than a few minutes, a new area in certain ports will open up. This is a government building where you can talk to officials about elements threatening the empire, kingdom, etc. Go to the Royal Palace and talk to the official in order to get a list of active bounties complete with location, danger level, and reward.

These commonly involve pirates in some way that are messing up trade routes in certain areas. Take your pick and aim to hunt them down within the time limit and take their flag. Return your proof to the government and collect your payment.

Watch The Market

Sailing Era Talking To The Market Watcher

Sailing Era is educational in many ways, with one of the most important being economics. Without going into too much detail, the game covers the idea of trading different kinds of goods to different parts of the world. You can tell what is commonplace by going to a port’s market and seeing what they have for sale.

Whenever there’s a spike in a certain product, upgrade your storage or buy more ships at the Shipyard in order to carry as much as you can.

In a more informative way, you can check the market values of all sorts of goods in order to determine what you should stock up on and where you should take it. Use the money you gain from trading to expand your storage space, so you carry a greater quantity and diversity of goods for greater profit.

Take Tavern Quests

Sailing Era A Merchant At The Tavern

No matter the RPG setting, there’s always a chance that taverns are going to be involved in some way. With Sailing Era, Taverns are facilities that almost every single port has for you to visit. It’s a place where you can treat your crew members to drinks as well as look for new hires.

Sometimes there will even be a merchant who can offer deals on rare goods and equipment, so there’s no harm in checking his stock.

More importantly, you can talk to interesting characters passing through to learn more about the surrounding waters. Some will give you leads on spots to check out while others will make requests for your fleet. Fulfil them for quick, but solid, rewards that will build on top of each other.

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