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How to Make a Good Clan in the Survival Game


How to Make a Good Clan in the Survival Game

This guide will help you to make a good Clan in the Survival game. You must follow all the steps mentioned in the guide to do so.

The first way to have a good clan is by creating a clan, so you need to click this red flag icon that can be seen over here on the side of the screen.

Click Create Kingdom, and then Customize. Now, if there is no icon over the colour, it means it is not taken, so you can do red, dark blue, or any other. You may choose red; then, you need to move the icon. Pick the Dragon one, and alter the colour of the Dragon. After that, put some good clan names of your choice.

Type your name in it and create a Kingdom, then load this menu where you can manage your kingdom. It will give everybody some suitable roles by pressing Manage.

You may also add it to Invite-only. Now one of the most important things inside this guide is knowing what type of Clan you want to have; you can build a giant castle, make farms, get a lot of resources to go to war, and stuff like that. Then you can be an offence, so you need to build a boat, and then you must go and raid people for resources and get rich.

Now you need to unlock iron armour which isn’t the best armour, but with this, you can go and raid people to get a bunch of steel if you all know those are really good resources. But you need to decide if you want to be the one with the giant Kingdom, and people maybe rage against you, and you can take their stuff if they fail and then have nights and stuff, or you can be Raider that raids other kingdoms for a resource.

You need a member to make a Clan, and as it was suggested, make it open to that; everyone can join and besides from invite-only.

Then you must go on right over here, as seen in the scenario. Actually, the Blues clan is being raided, and they just actually survived it, which is good.

So as you can see, a clan over here with this guy probably sees he has nothing. So if you let that guy in your clan, he wouldn’t help at all, and he would just be there.

Now if you had this guy in your clan, he could try to attack you. Then both of you could probably be very strong together. Because he had the same armour as you, and now his other clan members may be chasing you down.

But you should have good people in your clan. You don’t want to have a clan with all noobs, and no one who has any loot because then, you have no power in your clan people will just kill you for no reason. If you have no Loot and you can’t defend yourself, then you’re not powerful, and you’re not a good clan to be a good clan, you need to get members with really good armour such as iron steel, blue steel, and all that stuff to have actual power and be able to defend yourself.

Now that you know all these things about clans, there are more things to owning a kingdom. Then, if you’re with the clan that wants to own a kingdom. If you want to own a kingdom with tons of nights and good armour, you have much power over the server.

You need an actual Kingdom. It is suggested to unlock stone gates and stuff like that if you want a good clan to be like your base is Invincible with stone.

It is suggested you go ahead and unlock the stone because it can be helpful. You need to make a little base.

If you have three members, you don’t need your base to be giant, but you don’t want a small space. This is probably a quarter. You probably would make a small area and put some towers and all that good stuff, and one thing with making your kingdom is to ensure your placement is right.

Now one last thing for if you’re building a kingdom is having a good food source and getting some farmers; he doesn’t have to be a good farmer, no matter if he is good or bad. You must get a low-level to be your farmer, give the farmer rolling and get him to farm tons of wheat, and then anytime you need food, he can give you food so you will never run out of food as it is a basic thing inside this game.

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