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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a remake of the classic Wonder Boy 3. It’s an incredible platformer in its own right, that will charm you with its beautiful art style and game world full of secrets and adventures.

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However, danger lurks everywhere, and venturing unprepared is not a good idea. You should upgrade your gear as soon as possible, so you can access better weapons that’ll increase the amount of damage you deal. Below you will find every weapon in the game, what they do, and where to find them.

How To Get The Ivory Sword

  • Location: Default equipment after transforming into the Lizard-Man
  • In-Game Description: Cheap ivory sword. Probably illegal.

After defeating the Meka Dragon and transforming into the Lizard-Man, you will be in the village with the Ivory Sword as your only available weapon.


While the Lizard-Man can’t use a sword (or a shield, for that matter) to deal damage, this sword still adds extra attack points to this and other forms. For example:

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Mithril Sword

  • Location: Sold in the village shop for 15 gold
  • In-Game Description: The best sword you can afford.

The Ivory Sword is not the only sword you will have access to at the start of the game. Once you get some coins, go to the village shop and purchase the Mithril Sword.

This sword won’t add that many attack points, but it is an undoubtedly better option than the Ivory Sword.

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Shogun Blade

  • Location: Available at the jungle shop for 225 gold
  • In-Game Description: Reliable. Made in Japan

This sword will only be available after defeating the Mummy Dragon and transforming into Mouse-Man. In this form, you will be able to stick to checkered blocks, allowing you to go inside the jungle area.

To get there, stick to the blocks on the left side of the village and keep moving left until you reach a maze-like area made of checkered blocks. Go inside and keep moving left to reach the jungle area. The shop will be right below you.

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Crystal Sword

  • Location: Available in another village shop for 2,980 gold
  • In-Game Description: Crafted out of fashionable Red Tourmaline.

The Crystal Sword will also be in the village, but not in the same shop where the Mithril Sword was. To access this other shop, you will need to be in Mouse-Man form.

Go inside the windmill in the village, walk up the checkered wall, and open the door to head inside the shop.

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Gallic Sword

  • Location: Available in a secret village shop for 2,017 gold
  • In-Game Description: Striped. Stock up on magical items.
  • Special Ability: Increases magical item drop rate (such as fireballs and boomerangs)

You will only be able to get the Gallic Sword towards the endgame, as you will need all six Charm Stones located in The Unknown.

There’s one Charm Stone for each of the forms, and they all are in different areas of The Unknown. For example:

  • The Lizard-Man Charm Stone is in the underwater section of the desert.
  • The Mouse-Man Charm Stone in the underground area.
  • The Piranha-Man Charm Stone is underwater in the beach area.
  • The Lion-Man Charm Stone is also found underwater in the beach area.
  • The Hawk-Man Charm Stone is in the canyon area
  • Finally, the Hu-Man Charm Stone is in the village, in the post-game.

After obtaining all six Charm Stones, go to the village, break the blocks left of the windmill, and drop into the water. In this new screen, walk to the left until you see a random block in the air, break it, pick up the item that dropped, and enter the door to head inside the shop.

While you can access this shop anytime after being able to break blocks with your sword, the Gallic Sword will only appear after collecting all six Charm Stones.

FormAttack Points

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How To Get The Magical Saber

  • Location: Hidden room in the village
  • In-Game Description: Utterly Magical. Turns stars into rocks.
  • Special Ability: Turn star indents into breakable blocks in the foreground

This one will be in the same area we described above. So, you need to break the blocks left of the village windmill, drop down into the water, walk left and drop down the first hole you see. You will land on some jumping blocks, so use the momentum to go back up and stick to the ceiling. Now walk to the left and drop down the first hole.

Open the door to fall into a new area. Once there, stick to the checkered blocks on your right and start breaking all the blocks before you to keep moving forward.

After clearing the path, break the last block on the left, and a door will appear. Open it. You will be now in a room with a chest; open it to get the Magical Saber.

To exit the room, equip the sword and use it on the stars in the room to turn them into blocks and use them to reach the door.

You will need to have unlocked the Mouse-Man form before being able to find this sword.

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Lucky Sword

  • Location: Available in one of the village shops for 310 gold
  • In-Game Description: Get lucky.
  • Special Ability: Increases the amount of gold enemies drop

This sword is sold in another one of the hidden village’s shops. There are two ways to get to the shop, and what you do will depend on your available forms.

If you have Piranha-Boy, open the door below the village shop, drop down the well, go right, and then swim up the first opening you see. You’ll exit another well. Now all you have to do is break the blocks to your right to access the shop door.

If you have the Hawk-Man form, fly over the wall next to the church and keep flying until you see the shop (it’ll be the second one you see in this area), break the blocks, and open the door.

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Muramasa Blade

  • Location: Available in a secret village shop for 800 gold
  • In-Game Description: Forged in the 16th century.

This one will be in the same shop as the Gallic Sword. All you need to do is break the blocks left to the village windmill, drop down and go to the left.

In this area, break the random floating block and pick up the item that drops to open up the door to the shop.

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Tasmanian Sword

  • Location: Available in a hidden shop in the underground area for 1,480 gold
  • In-Game Description: Possessed by animal spirits.
  • Special Ability: Change between forms at will

The Tasmanian Sword is arguably one of the most useful swords in the game, not only due to its attack power. When you equip it, you will have the option to change into any form you have unlocked so far, allowing you to explore using more than one form — and therefore being able to reach new zones.

To use the Tasmanian Sword, equip it and press the Jump, Attack, and Up buttons simultaneously.

To find this sword, go to the underground area and keep moving left, passing the lava area. You can use the Lizard-Man form here to avoid damage if you fall into the lava.

To get to the underground area, break the blocks to the left of the village windmill and drop down, then walk left until you find four different holes. Go through the holes in the middle to fall to an area with a door. Walk left until you reach the underground area.

Once the lava area is over, jump to the ledge from the picture above (the one with the sunflower) and keep moving left until you reach an empty area that’s closed off. Press the Up button until a hidden door appears, and open it to go inside the shop.

FormAttack Points

How To Get The Legendary Sword

  • Location: Inside the Meka Dragon’s castle
  • In-Game Description: The stuff legends are made of.

The Legendary Sword is one of the best you can get, due to the amount of damage you can deal regardless of the form you’re playing as. You will start the game with the Legendary Sword, but lose it as soon as you defeat the Meka Dragon.

To get it back, you must go back to the Meka Dragon’s castle. Once inside, retrace the same path from the beginning of the game to reach the dragon’s lair, where you will find a chest with the sword.

To get back inside the castle, change into Hawk-Man and fly over the wall on the right side of the village. Keep moving forward until you reach the Old Castle.

FormAttack Points

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